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Future (rapper)( Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn )

My People

Announcements in apartments balling in the park
Ballers in the club who be balling after dark
For them project kids who jerseys living large
I gotta represent for my people
Even when your down when you on the ground
Gotta walk around with a smile
Gotta represent for your people
Gotta represent for my people

All I know is hustle, grindin, muscle shinin
So I ain't going home tonight
This for my own struggle making
Tussle just facing this what I call a hell of a life

A whole dollar worth of pennies cased up its a Penelope
Its sad to say my favorite auntie is a crack smoke
But I would serve it to her now im tryna shake off for it
I been a star to her rappin a Celia
I'mma set the record straight I promise we gone be ok
My auntie brinda use to bring me mad customers my people
Had my back no matter what I gotta fuck with them
My nigga quin we might as well be blood brothers
Swear to GOD I ain't lyin I love you just like my blood brother
I know you feel the same way on the GOD who judges us
Hit me with a text up online got my songs money can't buy
A real friends just wanna see you wrong come on

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Whatever girls do dont just show it at them
Everytime im bout to leave thats when my girl start fussin
So just give most of my time to her for her
I wanna be able to buy her some chillings and furs
I wanna be everything that your heart deserves
I need to get rich my grandma getting old and her
To see my old lady in pain I know her bones aching
I pray is meant for you to see your grandson make it
Marc told me I was destine for greatness
I took a negative and made a great situation
Im great at turning nothing to some you better act like
And even when you hungry

I put my hoodie on my head when im in the vocal booth
I scream lil mexico my real people holl it out to
I heard some dudes actin funny cause the kid gettin money
But im makin more for the same dudes that sound funny
I make my hood official true story I did it
We get respected in the streets like the mafia
Young future in the cut with tilapia
The feeling that you get to know your real niggas proud of ya
They know we hit them licks in the todium the pass for me
Spit that dog food on wax all they ask for me I can barely breath
When I was writing this I bet I go extra hard after reciting this

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