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Future (rapper)( Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn )

Power Of That P

Today man we just gone use the 16th letter of the alphabet you know its The letter P, shit real easy man, nah mean

[Young Scooter]
Pledge allegiance to the plug (Power of that P)
For providing me with that product (Power of that P)
Check my pedigree partner (Power of that P)
I sold that P from Philly to Phoenix (Power of that P)
(Power of that P) Smoking out the pound
My niggas drink nothing but that purple or that pink shit
I never did a push up, All I do is pull ups and pick ups A1 FBG
(Power of that P)

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]
Paper over that pussy cause that pussy bring problems
Rather play with them pigeons clock them dollars with my partners
Couple hundred million what I see in my prediction
Just bought a 50 caliber (for what) little extra protection
So I could make that dough at home, I'mma post up in that pent house
Never talk on the phone less you want to end up in that big house
Stack that paper, pig out, go hard keep it loud
Never turn it down, go to bed press pause
Pack them pounds up in that plastic, powder and petroleum
Watch out for them punk ass po-po man they be patrollin' em
Man these niggas some peons they out here making' these peanuts
Married to the money still I make that bitch Pre-nup

[Hook: Young Scooter]
(Power of that P) Pfunk powder (Power of that P)
Pounds Pyrex (Power of that P)
Just left Puerto Rico on my way to Piru
(Power of that P) aye
Nothing like that Triple play
All I do is pick up a pen and a piece of paper and I get paid

[Verse 2: Future]
All these pretty girls I feel like I'm in paradise, (exotic)
Young Pluto, Young Pluto, I paper chase every day and night
I piss on yo bitch, yeah right after I lay the pipe
I tell her pick a pocket presidents in all of em'
Powder, Pills, Promethazine I done sold all of em'
Presidential rollie look like Paul Bunyan (shine)
Don't you piss me off young doolie got that P tatted on his face (Piru)
And he won't hesitate to knock you off
I'm making motion pictures sippin' on the purple
Yeah I'm too consistent, all these plugs in my circle
A product of my environment don't take it personal
I'm popping' tags nigga Porsche convertible

[Outro: Young Scooter]
Ay man I'mma take me to church na mean
I took a pyrex pot and some pure and i parlayed that into a profit then I pigeon packed, oh yeah I gotta ya up on the lingo
Nothing like that Triple play ya know
All I do is pick up a pen and a piece of paper and I get paid

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