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Future (rapper)( Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn )

Abu's Boomin

Is that's your abu's booming motherfucker?
Buddy love you nigga, look
Ay, but everybody look
Got all, got all
Look man, I got my one, my last nigga in the city with the clean
I ain't talk 'bout that ball, mother ball or Serene shit
That plastic hair drive RCO
With that glue top, nothing of that bullshit
So look, when we'll be going in
The only rule is: Don't say nothing to ABU!
He old school, you feel it?
Cut! Abu, could you cut that shit, please?
Free man, free man
Welcome back to my store!
Loyal costumer,
You see, my store still booming in the drown
Hm, me looking for some clean
Clean?! What the fuck are you drinking?
I though you like it dirty!
No, man! Hell no!
I got eighty two hundred dollars for you right now man
We just need a plan
Just go and get the backup both
Let me have some cigarette rolling
And grab a couple of Sprite
Just for you only, I get an espresso brake
Get that number right where I need it
We goin', yeah bro I try to [?]
How the fuck is your friend? God damn
What the fuck are you talking 'bout my number?
Shit man, come on Abu, you over twenty four cents now man
Come on!
We said seven twenty four not twenty four seven

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