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Future (rapper)( Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn )

Interlude (My Heart)

Yall brothers get this through your head, no other squad is spitting this flame,
And the bars are hot cause we rapping in Jesus name.
I know you suckers probably think it's a game,
Little dude gospel rapping, yo he got to be lame.
Well, I ain't your typical church boy,
Assumptions like that will have these church boys all up on your porch boy.
Laying hands and straight casting stuff out,
Step back like doggy, what was all that yapping about?, Nothing.
I'm like Hammer, you can't touch it,
I got a hammer and keep it tucked in.
Sixty six shells that'll literally knock the hell out of you,
Dazed and confused, that's what the power of God will do.
Talking to squads and crews and cliques and teams,
There's one way to the Father and that' through Christ, nah mean?
Brothers and sisters leave your reps behind,
Before you end up left behind.
Hear My Heart…

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