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St. Vincent( Anne Erin Clark )

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St. Vincent( Anne Erin Clark )

Teenage Talk

[Verse 1]
Katie kept the list of times[?]
Now that she'd really done it, done it
It's always swarmed like flies
Pretending that we weren't terrified

[Verse 2]
'Til we snuck out that night
Rolled the Chrysler down the driveway
But once we were inside
Couldn't figure out where we were off to

That was before we had made
Any terrible mistakes

[Verse 3]
That's just teenage talk
I don't think the past is better, better
Just cause it's cased in glass
Protecting us from our now and later

[Verse 4]
How do you see me now?
Now that I'm a little bit older, older
Nevermind the albatross
Smoldering on my shoulder, shoulder
Shoulder, shoulder