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Willie Nelson( Willie Hugh Nelson )

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Willie Nelson( Willie Hugh Nelson )

I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll

I ain't gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll
How 'bout your short'nin' bread
Oh, I wouldn't give you a piece a pie to save your soul
I guess that's what you said
My Ma told me today, when she went away
To buy groceries
To be a good boy, she'd give me a toy
'Cause I'm my Mama's pride and joy
There ain't no use of anyone to keep a hangin' 'round
Maybe I'm waitin' on your Ma
You don't know my Ma, she'd really put you down
Put me down
Ma's bakin' up a storm, and her oven is still warm
I know you want it, but you can't have it
And I ain't gonna give you none
You dirty boy!

I ain't gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll
Oh, such a stingy chap!
I wouldn't give you a piece a pie to save your soul
How 'bout a zuzu snap
Her cherry pie is fine, her layer cake divine
But I'm tellin' you twice, you can't get a slice
Unless you're extra special nice
Now, there ain't no use of you to just keep a hangin' 'round
Oh, pretty please
I love you but I hate to put you down
Yeah, my jellyroll is sweet
That it is!
It sure is hard to beat
Well, I know they want it
But, they can't have it
Yeah, ho-ho Miss Nelly, I mean my jellyroll

Dibs on the dishpan
I got seconds

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