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Unsaid Things (OST)

This girl that moved up the road from me,
She had the nicest legs I've ever seen.
Back then, she wrote me letters just to say she loved me,
But now her face is just a memory.

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Now seven years have gone,
And I've grown up but she's moved on,
and some how I'm still holding on to her!

I still got so many unsaid things that I wanna say,
And I just can't wait another day,
I wish she knew.
I still wait up wondering if she will remember me,
But there's no way for me to know.

Now she's got pregnant with a baby,
It feels like she's slipping away from me.
Now that she's getting married I'm in misery,
cos her fiance is so much bigger than me.

Cos he works out alot,
there's not much that he ain't got,
and right now im losing the plot, along with her.


And I want her to know, before she's married and has her baby, that I need her.



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