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Trey Songz


Trigga [5x]
Unh (Bang!)

I know just what you want girl (Unh hunh)
I can see it in your mind
When you hopped inside
And it's bad cuz I came for your homegirl
So we, play it off
(We) Never talk
(We) Say it wit our eyes
Girl, it ain't ya fault
(No we) Won't get caught
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(We), Just give it a little time
We can slip away
(And She) Can never say
(We) More than some fun times

Don't feel bad cuz you want me baby (Don't even trip)
I want you too (Forreal)
I see you lookin' (Seen you)
Tell me what it do (Wassup)
She ain't my girl (Nope)
I swear we cool (Yeah)
We might've fucked (So What)
But she ain't my boo

I want you now (Want you now)
Don't be scared to get down
You, want me don't ya?
Girl, let's do some freaky shit
Girl, let's do some sneaky shit

Girl, let's do some sneaky, sneaky, freaky shit [3x]
Sneaky shit (Sneaky shit) Sneaky shit, Some sneaky shit

Oh (oh) Oh (oh) Oh (oh)
Some sneaky, Ohooo
Oh (oh) Oh (oh) Oh (oh) - Oh! Oh! Oh!

I feel like you
Need me inside you
P-P-Put ya number in my phone while she ain't lookin' (Unh hunh)
Sittin' next to me, while I'm touchin' on ya pussy (Unh hunh)
Grab that shit, You can have that shit
Dope dick doctor, I'ma give you a prescription

(Unh hunh) It's such a good night (good night)
And I'm leavin' in the morning (Uh ooo)
I could put you on a flight (on a flight)
That's if you really, really want it
(She don't) have to know nothin' (Ooooh)
(You know) I'm bout to have you cummin'



Now we been partyin' hard
Drinkin' a lot
She don't even notice
I'm thinkin' of how
I wish she was you (She was)
I wish she was you (I wish, I wish, I wish)
And we been partyin' hard
Hop out the car (Hop out that car)
She said she see me tomorrow (See me tomorrow)
Can I text your phone, like 'Come on' (Come on)
I wish she was you (Come on [3x]) (Oh)
I wish she was you (I'm just sayin')

Girl, I want you now (Now)
Don't be scared to get down (Don't you be scared)
(Baby, you) want me don't ya? (Don't you, baby)
Girl, let's do some freaky shit (Let's do some freaky, freaky shit)
Girl, let's do some sneaky shit


Freaky, deeky, freaky, freaky, sneaky shit
(Don't you feel bad, now)
Some sneaky, freaky, deeky shit

Baby, they ain't even gotta know
We can do it all on the low
And it feels so right
That it gotta be wrong
Girl, I wanna make ya body go (Oh!)
Ain't my fault who you're friends wit
Girl, that ain't none of my business
Your body's on my wish list
Baby, come and get this, girl


R-R-R-Rubbin' on ya body
Not-Not- We not tellin' nobody (No!)
Now I got you actin' naughty
You and I doin' sneaky, freaky, deeky shit

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