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Trey Songz

Absolute Heat

This is absoulutely insane mixing absoulte and mary jane absolute heat (2x)*
This is absoulutely insane mixing absoulte and mary jane absolute heat

Ay ok 5 main titles have already been taken but mister burn this motherfucker down is still baking he will not wait and he is not conplace he will not hate
But will stop the hatin still paper chasing still paper making hot like a wood stove hot like bacon still keep it hood though do not like faking 5 under the hood through
Cops might chase him but they get left like the rest of the losers run away love cause the track got abouser finna cut the braids get waves like luda women get way more way more looser
When you sing songs like songz I get them gone thy be on that con track come back run back
Run that once like let's get it on girl my sex be the bomb what you want I'm in love with the flow
Married to the beat I be digging in deep then I sleep in her throat creeped on her before honey beat on the low
Uh maybe you'll get that later but it was major run the blackberry like an 08 pager niggas need a hit you hit me on the hip real shit you the pip I'm bate area purple call me stepfon ya'll dudes is eriel spicy with the words like
Chicken what the jerk do he proboly sold verbs like nigga what do verse do I'm so versical the verse intivty really be having niggas every nigga feelin me this is the beginging see now to infinity I'm a get fly from now to the end of me producers want they tracks to die
They can send them to me monday to monday nigga gone fill in the week high ways and one ways niggas I'm killing the streets I raise the sun rate they say come here trey consider it a done day pop a beat in the head yeah it's gun play say what you won't say
Play if won't play we can get the gaming and once you get your frame split we can get the naming huh sometimes is changing cause niggas be conplaining more and most of the thangs what happen to the days from a mayne was to mayne is sometimes I wish I was rich without the famous
Niggas think the same shit different do same shit dudes do the same shit leaving dudes nameless different moves same flick some niggas is gangstas and some of them get to holding you downlike an anchor some of them can rhyme most of them ain't this so why skip skip skip all through they shit
I throw they disk out the window then I spit suck my dick it's songz