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Capone-N-Noreaga( C-N-N )

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Capone-N-Noreaga( C-N-N )

Gumar Oz Dubar

[Verse 1:]
See I remembered when the coke price raised up
When I was raised up i never been shot or blazed up
And all I had to do is rob the liquor store
When I ride a sling low out of section four
Met this man use to help us with pyrats
And all we use to do was catch direx
I use to know a fee name transam
You know transam white girl was crazy right
Say her on day on the ten speed
Fuck you both bitch you supposed to been leaved
And then after that we had the orange tops
Stop running the cook me had a normas rocks
Best product in the hood
The T Bone got killed and that wasn't good
Though kim said fuck i could but we ain't like that
Shout out canada say night and fight back
Me and leasy own the stage
Everybody moved away more everyday
They robbed c guy got locked up
Yea every week a new letter popped up

[Verse 2:]
That my brother so i wrote back
Bloody money that's what I'm on that's when i wrote that
Now I'm drinking grape juice cherry on the wall blue mall
All dugall yea many walls still we got many cars
Eating as sense of wah they say that I'm a star
That's right that who i are they looking at my support
They only shine them Rs tipped top to ya'll
Understand i had the green one ninety
I was not as not cultures walking with my gun
And i ain't even trying to hide it truston
Watching from the D's on the roof top
They blizz 78 cracks these are straight facts
Around the time when skins have the black crook
And every night A stack
B stake jump from the window on the fifth floor
Mohill burning from the hill store
Everyday is a movie another nigger bucking
With a handful of niggers in the paper touching
I had a makeshift trip use to whip it
And Johnny was the first one who thought me to flip it
Cause of raw tongue Mo shot himself in the leg
With the pound i hook the shots started to hustle down
And b more put it down and it was after the black beat
Trust be them vernon wars RIP black boxes who draw
If you don't like me nigger sue me
This the end of the movie