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NAS( Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones )

Hardest Thing Is To Stay Alive

So many niggas get fucked up in the game.
See thats where they get caught out there.
Cause its not no fuckin game.

When you hear shells comin at cha.
Hot Ones from a shotgun I betta nigga runs faster.
Loose a shoe to get away from a blaster.
Think about that casket you don't wanna be in that shit.
Quick to take his signin you takin everybodies package.
Money over Bitches was a loyal practice.
So you act is if money was no object.
Spinin 5 zues trips for your whole projects.
Epcot center linins for ya bitches roli's for dogs.
Now we in tha mall slayin by his bitches.
Everyday I reminisin how he was livin havin fun.
Cause any day could have led to prison.
Now for a short bid cause if the feds ever caught kid.
It be like 25 years conspiracy.
Another 25 for refeer snatchin up him and his people.
He had his jeep bullet proof with silencers on the desert eagle.
Flipin bricks in Gary Indiana.
He had it locked down from the streets to the slammer.
Only trusted Two things his trigger and his hammer.
Used to be a bumb till had a six month run.
Had a loss suit three G's the case was won.
Met with mexican hoya cop boya.
Bought barber shop named it after c shaday.
There where they found his body.
In a barber chair face down, bullets in his chest.
Sliced apart from the waist down.
Planned to sell his shop stick hoya for everything he got.
Take jewels and his 5.
Then his shoes where cemented.
Drop his body in the tide but hoya was wise.
Even when he ain't around he got ears and eyes.
Gotta stay a step ahead of this game to stay alive.

Chorus (X2)

Always wanted things always wanted cash.
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To Live fast get the girls with tha biggest ass.
Fuck her 9 to 5 gotta drive a 5.
Now that I got it the Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive.

Coke head Saundra she grew in Gruwana.
Her man was large and Saundra was his baby mama.
Stayed in drama Fightin with hood rats that he was fucking.
No job all day she did nothing.
They son was 7 years old, she really was a wifee.
First should she would transport blow overnight for a G.
He paid up front they layed up once.
She got pregnant she would dead it.
She had a boy, named her son infinite after his father who did dirt.
She didn't noses after would follow.
Capsules and bottles and crack in the back of his baga.
He let her drive while he drove the burgandy 5.
He often talked about how he wants to murder these guys.
>From off of burger street, had nat workin the street.
Lifestyle richest nigga from how he use to be.
Never thought he'd rock diamonds never took weakness for kindness.
Thats how he gradually grew.
Did a Favor for a favor now the nigga in with the crew.
And Now he live major house in dix hills next to Brook Shields.
With the cook and the maid shit was real.
Saved his first bill, maid, and his bodega.
Good Luck playa sign on the paper taped to the window.
Escaped from a would be kidnapp.
And slept and thought niggas fearless rep until he got wet.
Would had the world in his hands his girl did a scam.
The owners rich is bonin niggas to get rid of her man.
Welcome To The Game Baby.

Chorus (X2)

The Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive...
The Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive...
The Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive...

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