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Iron Maiden

Black Bart Blues

Lyricist:Dickinson Paul Bruce, Harris Stephen Percy

What the fuck is that?
Hi, guys, are you in a band or something? I mean
I mean it would be so cool if you were in a band
'Cos you're driving a big bus with band on the front of it

Why don't you shut up and get on board will ya?
Wow! I have it here you got a stereo and a microwave
And, and, and you got a beer, I'd like a Heineken if you've got one
That's real cool, that's great, yeah, would you like to see Black Bart?
Who's Black Bart? Let me introduce you

Black Bart's seen it, Black Bart knows
Black Bart's done it, the Black Bart blues
Suspended in suspension, many evil nights in Tennessee and elsewhere
We all got to try the Black Bart blues

Black Bart's truckin' ain't what it seems
Black Bart's lookin', don't know where she's been
Maybe she's an acrobat, spends her evenings dancing on a pole
We all got to try the Black Bart blues

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Black Bart's tried it, most of anything
Black Bart liked it but he couldn't sing
So he asked me to tell ya, try it for yourself and you will see
We all got to try the Black Bart blues

What did you do that for?
I'm sorry, I just, I, I guess I'm not used to
Shut up and get on with it, will you?

Black Bart's livin' across the ocean now
The Black Bart's lookin' to come back somehow
So if you are a dancer, you could dance his pole in May
That's a Maypole

Black Bart's coming, now Black Bart's gone
Black Bart did it so I wrote this song
Whatever and however, in and out or several at a time, yes
We all got to do the Black Bart blues, here comes the guitar solo

We all got to try the Black Bart blues
Yowsa! Yowsa! Yowsa!

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