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Disney Time

Puffin' again so happy with his friends
He can dance even in his car
Straight guys should know whatever is on his mind
He's got a reason for every season

Scared to be smart so far he's everything
If you're laughing he is laughing too
Just don't let him begin &cos in the end he'll win
He's got a reason ....

Hole in his head you always tried to
Never be lied to now you understand
That he's not your friend high class my ass
You always tried to never be lied to
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Now you understand that you have to
Seek someone else

Dreamin' again but he's not asleep his eyes are open
Starin' at you reads your mind through his pipe
And then he tells you that he's got a reason
Impressive you guess he couldn't show you less
But still you're snowbored like the funky bros
Life must go on and this is just a story i've got a reason.....

What's wrong with someone overweight
Big surprise he's coming after you with a reason