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Getting By

Kawaba, Kawaba, Kawaba
I know a girl, lives off the coast of Spain
Twenty one in the prime of her life
Friends are the most important thing she's got
And she don't need much to get by

It's been a long, long time since I felt that way
Maybe all the way back to high school
But lately I've felt like an old fat man
With her I lie and say 'I'm a young fool'

And we don't really care about much, no
We don't need to lie
We got nothing in common that I can see
We drink on, we drink on, we drink on
And get by

Well, she don't care too much for vegetables
And she hates rude American men
Questions if I'm balding and I deny
And she laughs and she laughs with her friends

Aw but, I don't really care too much, no
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I don't need to lie [I don't need to lie]
We got nothing in common that I can see
We drink on, we drink on, we drink on . . .

And get by [I get by]
Getting by [getting by]
We get by [we get by]
Getting by

Yeah, yeah, yeah
She don't really care about me, no
There's no reason to lie
We got nothing in common and we both agree
To drink on, and drink on, and drink on

And yeah, we don't really care about much
We don't really care too much
We don't really care about much
We drink on, we drink on, we drink on And get by
We're getting by

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