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Katie Tropp【 6 albums 61 lyrics 】
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Trippin On My Shadow
1.Watch the World Burn
2.Have a Smoke With Me
3.Crawling Out of My Skin
4.Trippin On My Shadow
5.Budinski Skit / Pray for Me
6.All That I Can Do
The Majority Leader Of The Insane
1.Psycho Babble (Intro) - Original Mix
2.No Time - Original Mix
3.Too Real For You - Original Mix
4.Your Worst Nightmare - Original Mix
5.Music To Kill Yourself To - Original Mix
6.Mind Fuck - Original Mix
7.The Majority Leader Of The Insane - Original Mix
8.Special Kind Of Krazy - Original Mix
9.Equal Opportunity Asshole - Original Mix
10.Dream Girl - Original Mix
11.Murderous Thought Of The Day - Original Mix
12.Never Settle - Original Mix
13.No Wedding Ring - Original Mix
14.America's Sweetheart - Original Mix
15.Conversations With Myself - Original Mix
Krazy Kracka
1.Shit Starter (Intro)
2.This Is How It Goes
3.Throw Your Hands Up
4.My Dealer
5.Party Song
7.Take Out the Trash
9.Trust Nobody
10.Katie Tropp
11.Hey Bitch!
12.Get Down
13.Krazy Kracka
14.Hip Hop Is My Soul
BlaQ on the Inside
1.BlaQ on the Inside (Intro)
2.Do What I Wanna
3.Ain't Nobody Else
4.Anger Inside
5.Out of Order
6.Expose You
7.Pop Tarts & Cereal
8.That's Gonna Be Me
9.Still Krazy
10.Why I Am the Way I Am
Austin Underground
1.Dead On Wax
2.Elevator Muzak
3.Take a Ride Wit Me
4.When the Weed Runs Out
1.Introduce Ya Self
2.All Roads Lead to Nothing
3.Take You On a Journey
4.A Way With Words
5.Kill Your Head Off
6.Get Out Your Mind - Original Mix
7.Just Startin
8.Let's Have a Session
9.Take Me Away
10.BlaQman Has All Control
11.Smokin' On That Green - Original Mix
12.Our Flow

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