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Wiley (rapper)( Richard Cowie Jnr )【 16 albums 206 lyrics 】
Richard Cowie Jnr (born 19 January 1979), better known by his stage name Wiley and in his early career Wiley Kat, is an English hip hop recording artist, record producer and DJ from Bow, East London. He first tasted success as a member of UK garage crew Pay As U Go, with whom he had a top 40 hit, 'Champagne Dance' in 2001. In the early 2000s, he independently released a series of highly influential eskibeat instrumentals on white label vinyl, most notably the first in the series 'Eskimo' and rose to fame as a grime MC both for his solo work and for material released with his crew Roll Deep.

Wiley has continued to make grime music while also releasing mainstream singles, such as the UK Singles Chart top 10 hits 'Wearing My Rolex', 'Never Be Your Woman' and his UK number-one 'Heatwave'. A key player in the creation of grime music and often called the Godfather of Grime, he is considered a pioneer in the British underground music scene with a prolific work rate and a versatile music artist with many crossover hits.

Early Life

Richard Cowie Jnr was born 19 January 1979 in Bow, East London to two Jamaican immigrants. Cowie's father, Richard Cowie Senior was a reggage artist during Cowie's youth in the 1980s and introduced Cowie to early hip-hop such as The Sugarhill Gang. Cowie moved around London a lot as a child with his father before moving to Chatham, Kent to live with his grandmother when he was ten. Cowie spent a year in Chatham and described it as a bad time, saying 'I just wanted to go and live with my dad. I felt abandoned.' Cowie eventually moved back to Bow to live with his father when he was eleven years old.

When Cowie was a teenager in the late 1980s-1990s, he began to sell crack cocaine and heroin. Cowie was introduced to drug dealing from a DJ friend who was making a lot of money at the time. Cowie stopped dealing drugs when a local drug dealer who was much older than him began to threaten him and his friend. Cowie began producing music after he stopped dealing drugs as an alternative to making money. Cowie started as a DJ and eventually began rapping, incorporating garage music and drum and bass into his produced instrumentals which led to the creation of the first ever Grime beats such as 'Eskimo.'

Though Cowie stopped selling drugs, he still associated with criminal gangs and associated with people that took part in criminal activities. This led to Wiley being involved in many situations that were life threatening. One of these situations were when Cowie's friend had solicited money from someone following a drug deal though the money never was paid, Cowie argued with the person who owed his friend money and eventually Cowie was ambushed when attending a show. The confrontation led to Cowie being stabbed seven times. Several weeks later, the same people attacked Cowie outside of a sports retail store, which led to Cowie almost dying in a hospital in Hammersmith. Cowie has been stabbed twenty times in his lifetime and has been in numerous other life threatening situations including being chased by a man with a samurai sword and being shot at with shotguns.

Cowie's interest in music began when his father, who played in a reggage band, introduced Cowie to the drums. Cowie later became a DJ and began producing his music and putting them on pirate radios such as Rinse FM.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Raise Your Glass 2018-11
1.Raise Your Glass
Godfather II 2018-04
1.Merkers Intro
2.Been A While
3.I Call The Shots(Feat. JME)
4.Bar(Feat. Scratchy & D Double E)
5.Remember Me
6.Certified(Feat. Shakka)
7.Still Standing
8.Fashion Week
9.All The Time (Provided)
11.Over It
12.Over The Edge(Feat. Kyla And Wretch 32)
Remember Me 2018-03
1.Remember Me
Godfather 2017-01
1.Birds n Bars
2.Bring Them All / Holy Grime (feat. Devlin)
3.Name Brand (feat. JME, Frisco & J2K)
5.Back With A Banger
6.Joe Bloggs (feat. Newham Generals & President T)
7.Pattern Up Properly (feat. Flowdan & Jamakabi)
8.Can't Go Wrong
9.Bang (feat. Ghetts)
10.U Were Always, Pt.2 (feat. Skepta & Belly)
11.On This (feat. Chip, Ice Kid & Little D)
12.Bait Face (feat. Scratchy)
13.My Direction
14.Like It Or Not (feat. Breeze)
16.Laptop (feat. Manga)
17.P Money Remix (feat. P Money)
#8 2015
1.Wickedest MC Alive
2.25 MCs
3.Gotta Be Strong
4.Shredded Wheat
5.Lost Property
6.Send Me The Riddim
7.Cypress Hill
Snakes & Ladders 2014
1.Snakes & Ladders
2.Hollow Da Don – Bars
3.What's On Ya Mind (Provided)
4.Flying (Zdot Remix) (Provided)
6.Reel Off (Provided)
7.BMO Field
8.Lonely (Provided)
9.Grew Up In (Provided)
10.Step 21
12.Drive By
14.No Skylarking
15.From The Outside
16.On A Level
17.Snakes & Ladders (Part Two)
The Ascent 2013
2.Lights On
3.My Heart
4.Can You Hear Me
9.Hands in the Air
10.First Class
12.So Alive
14.Humble Pie
16.Broken Thoughts
Born In the Cold (Single) 2013
1.Born In the Cold2.Born In the Cold (instrumental) (Provided)
Evolve Or Be Extinct 2012
1.Link Up
2.Boom Blast
3.Welcome To Zion
4.Evolve Or Be Extinct
5.I'm Skanking
8.Can I Have A Taxi Please?
9.Miss You (Provided)
10.Money Man (Provided)
11.Customs (Provided)
12.Immigration (Provided)
13.Only Human
14.This Is Just An Album (Provided)
15.Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some (Provided)
16.Fire (Provided)
17.No Love Lost (Provided)
18.Cheer Up, It's Christmas
19.Life At Sea (Provided)
21.Confused (Provided)
22.Highs And Lows (Provided)
Chill Out Zone 2011
1.Music Is Calling Me (Provided)
2.If I Could
4.Walk Away
5.Don't Throw It Away
6.But I Did (We Clicked) (Provided)
7.Romeo (Provided)
8.She Might Holla (Provided)
9.Out The Box (Provided)
10.Get Up (Provided)
11.Pengting (Provided)
100% Publishing 2011
1.Information Age (Provided)
2.100% Publishing (Provided)
3.Numbers In Action
4.Boom Boom Da Na (Provided)
5.Your Intuition (Provided)
6.I Just Woke Up (Provided)
7.Wise Man And His Words
8.Pink Lady
9.Yonge Street (1,178 Miles Long)
10.Up There
11.Talk About Life (Provided)
12.To Be Continued (Provided)
13.One Hit Wonder
15.Music, Not The Money (Provided)
Race Against Time 2009
1.Headbanger (Provided)
2.Shes Glowing (Remix)
3.Eyes Of The Lord (Provided)
4.Hummer Activity (Provided)
5.Off The Radar (Provided)
6.The Olly (Provided)
7.I Was Like You (Provided)
8.Race Against Time (Provided)
9.Too Many Man
10.Where's My Brother
11.Out Of The Game (Provided)
12.Bang (Provided)
13.Zip It Up
14.Average Worker (Provided)
15.Time Flies By (Provided)
16.Music I Like (Provided)
Grime Wave 2008
1.Grime Wave (Provided)
2.Local Lad (Provided)
3.If You're Going Out I'm Going Out Too
4.Grime Kid (Provided)
5.It's A Par (Provided)
6.Badman Talking (Provided)
7.Where You Gonna Run Too? (Provided)
8.Anything Is Possible (Provided)
9.Living In London (Provided)
10.Fire Ain't Burning No More (Provided)
11.Sky Is Falling
12.It's Only Right (Provided)
Playtime Is Over 2007
2.Bow E3
4.Flyboy (Provided)
5.Baby Girl
8.Letter 2 Dizzee
9.No Qualms (Provided)
10.Johnny Was A Bad Boy
11.Nothing About Me (Provided)
12.Come Lay With Me
13.Getalong Gang (Provided)
14.Eski Boy
15.Playtime's Over (Provided)
16.Where's Wiley (Provided)
See Clear Now 2000
1.Wearing My Rolex
3.Step By Step (Provided)
4.Turn It Up (Provided)
5.Cant Stop Thinking (Provided)
6.I Am The Sea (Provided)
7.Ryder Intro
8.I Need To Be
10.See Clear Now (Provided)
11.Cash In My Pocket
1.Special Girl
3.Wot Do U Call It?
4.Never Be Your Woman
5.Stormy Weather
6.Take That
7.Angry Garden Gnome
8.Wearing My Rolex - Radio Edit
9.Lights On - feat. Angel & Tinchy Stryder [Benga I'm Just Tryna Live Mix]
10.Can You Hear Me? (ayayaya) - feat. Skepta, JME & Ms D
11.Chasing The Art
12.You Know The Words
13.Reload - feat. Chip [Pantha Remix]
14.From The Outside (Special Request VIP)
16.I'm Skanking (The 2 Bears remix)
17.Heatwave (Devolution remix)
18.Wearing My Rolex (Burns remix)
19.Electric Boogaloo (Find a Way) (radio edit)
20.My Mistakes (Accapella)
21.Carry Out Orders
22.Lethal B Diss Track
23.Reload (Feat. Chip & Ms D)
24.Numbers In Action (Sticky Remix)
25.Can You Hear Me? (Ayayaya)
26.Summertime (Radio Edit)
27.6 In the Morning
28.Reload - feat. Chip [Radio Edit]
29.Cash In My Pocket (Out of Office Club Mix)

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