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Apathy( Chad Bromley )【 15 albums 240 lyrics 】
Chad Bromley (born March 8, 1979), better known by his stage name Apathy (formerly 'The Alien Tongue'), is a rapper and producer from Willimantic, Connecticut.

His first major release was his debut album; Eastern Philosophy in March 2006 with guest appearances from Celph Titled, Ryu, and Blue Raspberry. His second album Wanna Snuggle? was released in 2009 and his third studio album Honkey Kong was released in 2011, both to critical acclaim. His fourth studio album, Connecticut Casual was released on June 3, 2014 and reached #41 in the R&B/Hip Hop Albums charts.

Apathy is known for his frequent collaborations with other MCs and groups such as Demigodz, Celph Titled, Doe Rakers, Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, Styles of Beyond, and the Get Busy Committee.
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Handshakes With Snakes 2016
1.Intro – An Army With Me
2.Moses feat. Twista & Bun B
3.Run For Your Life feat. O.C
4.Pieces Of Eight (Give Up The Ship)
5.No Such Thing feat. Spit Gemz & Nutso
6.Attention Deficit Disorder
7.Blow Ya Head Off feat. Marvalyss & Blacastan
8.Charlie Brown feat. Oh No & Kappa Gamma
9.Don't Touch That Dial feat. Ras Kass & O.C
10.Rap Is Not Pop
11.Amon RAW feat. Celph Titled & Pumpkinhead
12.Pay Your Dues
13.Handshakes With Snakes feat. Sick Jacken, B-Real & Mariagrazia
Weekend at the Cape 2015
1.Troubled Waters (Intro)
2.New England Royalty
3.Summer of Sin
4.Somethin' for the Bitches
6.How to Breathe Underwater
7.Block Island Sound
8.The Pendulum Swings
9.Ride Forever
The Black Lodge 2015
1.Suicide Music ft Ryu
2.Machine Ft Blacastan
3.Get Ridiculous ft Outerspace and Lawrence Arnell
4.Multisyllabus ft Danegurous and Diabolic
5.Colossal Beasts ft Swollen Members, Esoteric and Celph Titled
6.I Am That ft Freak Tha Monsta (Provided)
7.The Gusto ft The Alchemist, Evidence and Roc Marciano
8.Bad For Me
9.Life is Hell ft Hayze
10.Hip Hop Dummy ft Slaine and Bishop Lamont
11.Vengence ft Esoteric, Termanology and Trademarc
12.The Bottom Line ft Merkules and Celph Titled
13.The 45 Killer
14.Swine Flu Remix ft Baconomics (Provided)
15.By Popular Demand ft Illiam Child, Blaq Poet and Taiyamo Denku
16.Casino Royale ft Blacastan
17.Good Girl, Bad Girl (Provided)
18.Do I Belong ft Prime Element
19.Easy Like Sunday ft Born Unique and Shabaam Sahdeeq
20.Here We Come ft Motive and Esoteric
21.Shot Callaz ft Suicide Kings and Celph Titled
22.Cut A Check ft Suave-Ski and Jus Cuz
23.Forever ft Illus
24.Illegal Automatics ft Blacastan
25.Effortlessly ft Anti Citizens and Ras Kass
26.Gotta Be the Shoes ft Ape and Undu
27.Louie Aint Dead Yet
28.The Key ft Filth The Enabler
29.Half Dead ft Roc Marciano and Planet Asia
30.Tread Lightly ft Chris Webby
31.Wolves ft Meta P and Swann Notty (Provided)
32.Welcome To Assholeville Pt 2
33.The Dragon ft Blacastan
34.Treated So Bad ft Slaine (Provided)
35.Shoot Em Up ft Motive (Provided)
36.The Danger ft Celph Titled, Esoteric and Vinnie Paz
37.Sleep Walkin ft Spin 4th
38.When You Need Me ft Planetary and Vinnie Paz
39.I Gotcha Back ft Franc Grams
40.Barbarian ft Eddie Brock and Big Twins (Provided)
41.Black Snow 2 ft Sicknature, Celph Titled and Ill Bill
42.Norman Bates ft Taboo, Locksmith, Diabolic, Nino Bless and Coal
43.Whole Wide World Remix ft The Dopplegangaz (Provided)
44.Plan B ft Illus
45.Where The Wild Thingz R ft Bishop Lamont
46.Fat Kids ft Blacastan and Merkules (Provided)
47.Gentlemen Needs ft The Camp (Provided)
48.The Black Lodge ft Suave-Ski and Merkules (Provided)
Connecticut Casual 2014
1.The Grand Leveler
2.Connecticut Casual
3.Don't Give up the Ship feat. Kappa Gamma
4.The Grass Ain't Greener
5.Jack Ruby
6.Martha Moxley (Rest in Peace)
7.The Curse of the Kennedys
8.Locals Only! feat. A. Noyd (Provided)
9.Beefin' over Bitches feat. Kappa Gamma
10.Underground Chick
11.Money Makes the World Go Round feat. Hayze & Kappa Gamma (Provided)
12.Back in New England feat. Chris Webby
Beneath the Ashen Sky 2013
1.Leper Tides
2.The Burial Ground
4.Fear Me
5.Murder Sun
6.Amongst the Dead
8.Luna (Provided)
The Alien Tongue 2012
1.Galaxy Rays (Provided)
2.Mic Warz (Provided)
3.Alien Invasion (Provided)
4.Dark Holy Chronicles (Provided)
5.Mentalogical (Provided)
6.East Coast Stompin (Provided)
7.Lyrical Terrorist (Provided)
8.The Chosen (Provided)
9.The Big Hurt (Provided)
10.Voices In My Head (Provided)
11.We Get Down (Demo Version) (Provided)
12.Adam & Eve (Provided)
13.Fire In the Sky (Provided)
14.Head Nod Body Move (Provided)
15.Tell Me Why
16.Triumph Freestyle (Provided)
17.Enemy #1 Freestyle (Provided)
18.Last Days Freestyle (Provided)
19.Open Mic (Provided)
20.Secret Society (Provided)
21.A Real Emcee (Provided)
22.Study In Secrecy (Provided)
23.Launch (Provided)
24.The Alien Tongue (Provided)
25.Nights Like These (Provided)
26.Meanwhile On Mount Olympus (Provided)
Honkey Kong 2011
1.Honkey Kong
2.Holy Ghost
3.The Villain
4.Check To Check
5.Stop What Ya Doin'
6.The Recipe
7.Fear Itself
8.Who Got Da Juice? (Interlude)
9.It's Only Hip Hop
10.I Dedicate This To You
11.All I Think About
12.Never Say Never
13.Albino Gorillas
14.Peace Connecticut
15.Army Of The Godz
16.1.52 A.M.
17.East Coast Rapist
18.Squeeze (Provided)
19.Dear Lord
20.Make Alotta Money
21.Smoke Weed Everyday
22.No Rapper
23.Death To The Culture Vultures
Where's Your Album?!!
1.It Takes a Seven Nation Army to Hold Us Back (feat. Emilio Lopez)
2.Personal Jesus
3.The Janitor
4.The Lesson Freestyle
6.Same Ol', Same Ol'
Wanna Snuggle?
1.Money Orientated
2.Hell's Angel
4.No Sad Tomorrow
5.Shoot First
6.True Love
7.Guys & Girls
8.Gov't Cheese
11.I'm A Demigod
12.On And Off The Mic (Provided)
13.Back In L.A. (Provided)
14.Mind Ya Business
16.This Is The Formula
18.Run, Run Away
19.Rhode Island
20.What Goes Up
21.Hard Times On Planet Earth
The Bootleg CD
1.Just Begun
2.Battle Me
3.Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle
4.Chrome Depot Freestyle
5.Compatible (Reformatted remix)
It's The Bootleg Muthaf*ckas! Volume One
2.Just Begun
3.Ain't Nuthin' Nice
4.Chrome Depot Freestyle (Blade Mix)
5.Battle Me
6.Science Of The Bumrush
7.Earth Girls Are Easy
8.Don't Talk To Me
9.Every Emcee
11.Import Tuner X-Clusive
12.Live At The Playboy Mansion
13.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - Lost Freestyle
14.No Joke
15.PF Cuttin Freestyle
16.Public Execution (Demigodz Mix)
17.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - Rockafella Freestyle
19.Sureshot Affair
20.That Ol' Boom Bap
21.Y'all Ain't Good Enough
22.Well, Well, Well
23.The Smackdown
Hell's Lost & Found: It's The Bootleg Muthafu@kas! Volume 2
1.Live At The BBQ
Eastern Philosophy
1.1,000 Grams (Provided)
2.9 To 5
3.All About Crime
5.Can't Leave Rap Alone
6.Here Come The Gangstas
7.Me & My Friends
8.One Of Those Days
9.Eastern Philosophy
10.I Remember...
11.The Buck Stops Here
12.Doe Raker Check
13.Philosophical Gangsta
14.The Winter
Baptism by Fire
1.Chemical (J-Zone remix)
2.Buggin' Out
3.The Beautiful People
4.Fuck You
5.Ap Is Like...
7.Drive Slow
8.Welcome to Assholeville
9.One of Those Days (Dirty Love remix)
10.One Step at a Time
1.Love Lockdown Remix
2.Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle (feat. Rise, Gaston, Wiseguy, Wordsworth & Punchline)
3.That Ol' Boom Bap (Celph Titled Mix)
4.The Winter (Teddy Roxpin mix)
5.Hard Times on Planet Earth (instrumental)
6.That Ol' Boom Bap (remix)
7.Drive It Like I Stole It
8.The Villain (Instrumental)
9.Most Murderous Music
10.Swagger Like Ap
11.Connecticut Casual (Instrumental)
12.The Grand Leveler (Instrumental)
13.Come Sweet Death
14.It Takes a Seven Nation Army to Hold Us Back
16.Rappaz R.N. Dainja Freestyle
17.Lure of the Sirens
18.Regeneration (feat. Nas) [Remix]

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