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Stefanie Sun【 8 albums 89 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
It's Time 2011
1.A Voice Within (Provided)
2.The Chase (Provided)
3.Time and Tide (Provided)
4.Thief of Time (Provided)
5.Sky (Provided)
6.Tomorrow's Memory (Provided)
7.180 Degrees (Provided)
8.Crazy (Provided)
9.Fool's Kingdom (Provided)
10.It's Time (Provided)
Against the Light 2007-07
1.In the Beginning (Provided)
2.Ni Guang
3.Meng You
4.Gugiggugi (Provided)
5.Wo Huai Nian Di
6.An Ning (Provided)
7.Piao Zhao (Provided)
8.Ai Qing Di Hua Yang (Provided)
9.Xuan Wo (Provided)
10.Xu Yao Ni
11.Guan Yu
12.Afterward (Provided)
A Perfect Day 2005
1.perfect day (Provided)
2.tears into poetry (Provided)
3.Invisible Man
4.street map (Provided)
5.The first day (Provided)
6.Honey Honey
7.wish (Provided)
8.other face (Provided)
9.Dream not fall (Provided)
10.Tomorrow Clear 10 (Provided)
To Be Continued... 2003
1.Shen Qi (Magic)
2.Wo Bu Nan Guo (I'm Not Upset)
3.Yong Yuan (Eternity)
4.Wei Wan Cheng (To Be Continued...)
5.Jie Xia Lai (Following)
6.Xue Hui (Learnt)
7.Nian Qing Wu Ji Xian (Youth Has No Limits)
8.Liao Jie (Understanding)
9.Xiu Zhi Fu (Full-Stop)
10.Mei You Ren De Fang Xiang (No One's Direction)
11.My Story, Your Song
Start 2002
1.Hey Jude
2.Silent All These Years
3.Gan Lan Shu (Olive Tree) (Provided)
4.Mei Shi Jian (No Time)
5.Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
6.Yuan Lai Ni She Me Dou Bu Yao (Actually You Don't Want Anything)
7.That I Would be Good
10.Tian Kong (Sky)
11.Jiu Shi Zhe Yang (This is the Way it is)
12.Up 2U
Leave 2002
1.Fight (Provided)
2.I do not love (Provided)
3.Sensible (Provided)
4.straight live (Provided)
5.true days (Provided)
6.Love to start from scratch (Provided)
7.different (Provided)
8.eyes (Provided)
9.I think (Provided)
10.LEAVE (Provided)
11.We Will Get There
12.Traveled together (Provided)
Kite 2001
1.Green Light
2.Kite (Provided)
3.Wayward (Provided)
4.Escape (Provided)
5.Really love me (Provided)
6.Really (Provided)
7.Exercises (Provided)
8.Love Dictionary (Provided)
9.Quizzes (Provided)
10.I (Provided)
My Desired Happiness 2000
1.On The Road (demo 1) (Provided)
2.W? Yào De Xìngfú (My Desired Happiness) (Provided)
3.Huài Ti?nqì (Bad Weather)
4.Líng Qu?di?n (Perfect) (Provided)
5.K?ish? D?ng le (Begun to understand) (Provided)
6.Zh?ngji?n Dìdài (Central Zone) (Provided)
7.Xi?ngxìn (Believe) (Provided)
8.Léizhui (Drag) (Provided)
9.Nándéy?jiàn (Only Chance) (Provided)
10.Hàipà (Afraid) (Provided)
11.X?ngq?y? Ti?nqì Qíng W? Lík?i N? (Leaving You on a bright Sunny Monday) (Provided)
12.On The Road (demo 2) (Provided)

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