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Ricky Skaggs( Rickie Lee Skaggs )【 15 albums 214 lyrics 】
Rickie Lee Skaggs (born July 18, 1954), known professionally as Ricky Skaggs, is an American country and bluegrass singer, musician, producer, and composer. He primarily plays mandolin; however, he also plays fiddle, guitar, mandocaster and banjo.

Neotraditionalism and experimentation
Skaggs launched his own country career in 1980, achieving 12 #1 hits, 8 CMA awards, and 8 ACM awards. In 1982, he became a member of the Grand Ole Opry, the youngest to ever be inducted at that time. Guitarist and producer Chet Atkins credited Skaggs with 'single-handedly' saving country music. In the 1990s and 2000s, Skaggs went back to his bluegrass roots, and also experimented with new sounds. With his band, Kentucky Thunder, he is a perennial winner of Grammy Awards and International Bluegrass Music Association for best bluegrass album.

In 2000, he shared the stage with Vermont-based jam band, Phish. On March 20, 2007, Skaggs released an album with rock musician Bruce Hornsby.

In 2008, Skaggs released an album he recorded with The Whites on his Skaggs Family Records label.

In 2008, Skaggs recorded a bluegrass version of 'Old Enough' by the Raconteurs with Ashley Monroe and the Raconteurs. He played mandolin on the track as well as sharing vocals with Jack White, Brendan Benson, and Ashley Monroe.

In 2011, Skaggs with other Bluegrass musicians featured with Irish band, The Brock McGuire Band on their album 'Green Grass Blue Grass'. An exploration of the connection between Irish Traditional Music and American Bluegrass and Appalachian music.

Also in 2011, Skaggs contributed to Moody Bluegrass TWO...Much Love, a bluegrass tribute album to the British Progressive Rock band The Moody Blues. Skaggs sang lead vocal on the song 'You And Me'.

In 2012, Skaggs collaborated with Barry Gibb on the song, 'Soldier's Son' which was released on Music to My Ears.

In 2015, Skaggs toured with Ry Cooder, Sharon White and other members of The Whites.
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Hearts Like Ours 2014
1.I Run To You (Provided)
2.When I'm Good And Gone (Provided)
3.Forever's Not Long Enough (Provided)
4.If I Needed You (Provided)
5.I Was Meant To Love You (Provided)
6.It Takes Three (Provided)
7.Reasons To Hang On (Provided)
8.Hold On Tight (Let It Go)
9.No Doubt About It (Provided)
10.Hearts Like Ours (Provided)
11.Be Kind (Provided)
Cluck Ol' Hen 2013
1.The Dreaded Spoon
2.Intro: How Mountain Girls Can Love (Provided)
3.How Mountain Girls Can Love (Provided)
4.Intro: Toy Heart (Provided)
5.Toy Heart
6.Intro: Bluegrass Breakdown (Provided)
7.Bluegrass Breakdown (Provided)
8.Intro: Darling Corey (Provided)
9.Darling Corey
10.The Way It Is (Provided)
11.Intro: The Dreaded Spoon (Provided)
12.Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues
13.Intro: Sally Jo (Provided)
14.Sally Jo
15.Little Maggie
16.Intro: White Wheeled Limousine (Provided)
17.White Wheeled Limousine
18.Intro: Cluck Ol' Hen (Provided)
19.Cluck Ol' Hen (Provided)
Music To My Ears 2012-09
1.Blue Night (Provided)
2.Nothing Beats A Family (Provided)
3.Things In Life (Provided)
4.You Can't Hurt Ham (Provided)
5.Music To My Ears
6.What You Are Waiting For (Provided)
7.New Jerusalem (Provided)
8.Soldier's Son
9.Tennessee Stud - Tribute to Doc Watson (Provided)
10.Loving You Too Well (Provided)
11.You Are Something Else (Provided)
Country Hits: Bluegrass Style 2011-07
1.Cajun Moon
2.Country Boy
3.Don't Cheat In Our Hometown
5.Honey (Won't You Open That Door?)
Solo: Songs My Dad Loved 2009
1.Foggy River
2.What Is A Home Without Love (Provided)
3.Colonel Prentiss (Provided)
4.City That Lies Foursquare (Provided)
5.Little Maggie
6.Sinners, You Better Get Ready (Provided)
7.Pickin' In Caroline (Provided)
8.I Had But 50 Cents (Provided)
9.Green Pastures In The Sky
10.Calloway (Provided)
11.This World Is Not My Home (Provided)
12.Branded Wherever I Go
13.God Holds The Future In His Hands (Provided)
Brand New Strings 2004
1.Sally Jo
2.Sis' Draper
3.1st Corinthians 1:18 (Provided)
4.Enjoy The Ride
5.Lonesome And Dry As A Bone
6.Brand New Strings (Provided)
7.Spread A Little Love Around
8.Appalachian Joy (Provided)
9.If I Had It All Again To Do
10.Love Does It Everytime (Provided)
11.Why Did I Wait So Long?
12.My Father's Son
13.Monroe Dancin' (Provided)
Country Gentleman: The Best Of Ricky Skaggs 1998
1.I Wouldn't Change You If I Could
2.Highway 40 Blues
3.Crying My Heart Out Over You
4.You've Got A Lover
6.Don't Get Above Your Raising
7.You May See Me Walkin'
8.You Make Me Feel Like A Man
9.Ricky Skaggs - Cajun Moon
10.Angel on My Mind That's Why I'm Walkin'
11.Old Kind of Love
12.Lovin' Only Me
13.Restless (Provided)
14.From The Word Love
Comin' Home To Stay 1990
1.Woman You Won't Break Mine
Transatlantic Sessions 2
1.A Simple Life
Skaggs & Rice
1.Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow
1.A Work Of Love
2.Spontaneous Worship (Provided)
3.Someday Soon
4.Can't Shake Jesus
5.You'll Find God
6.Fire From The Sky
7.I'm Awake Now
8.Instead (Provided)
9.Make God First
11.My Cup Runneth Over
13.Return To Sender
14.Shepherd's Voice
Live In London
1.Uncle Pen - Live
2.Country Boy
3.Honey (Open That Door)
4.Cajun Moon
5.I've Got a New Heartache
6.I've Got A New Heartache - Live
7.Rockin' the Boat
8.Don't Get Above Your Raising - Live
9.Country Boy - Live
10.Heartbroke - Live
11.Highway 40 Blues
Country Boy
1.Something in My Heart
Bluegrass Rules
1.Rawhide (Provided)
1.Mansions For Me
2.Crying My Heart Out Over You (1982)
3.Don't Get Above Your Raising (1981)
4.Cajun Moon (1986)
5.Uncle Pen (1984)
6.You've Got A Lover (1983)
7.Somebody's Prayin' - Ricky Skaggs
8.Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
9.The Old Home
10.Can't You Hear Me Calling
11.I'm Tired
12.I Don't Care
13.Thanks Again
14.Get Up John
15.Have You Someone In Heaven Awaiting
16.Heartbreak Hurricane
17.Let It Be You
18.Away In A Manger
19.Little Cabin Home On The Hill
20.The Solid Rock
21.This Old House
22.Next to You, Next to Me
23.Same Ol' Love
24.Gone Home
25.Are You Afraid To Die
26.A Voice From On High
27.Remember The Cross
28.Somebody's Prayin'
29.Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
30.I Wonder If I Care As Much
31.New Star Shining - Ricky Skaggs
32.Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
33.He Was on to Somethin'
34.Walls Of Time
35.There's More Pretty Girls Than One
36.Uncle Pen
37.Somehow Tonight
38.I Hope You've Learned
39.Hold Whatcha Got
40.When You're Lonely
41.Love's Gonna Get You Someday
42.Why Did You Wander
43.The Old Crossroad
44.Cat's In The Cradle
45.I Ain't Never
46.Goin' Back To Old Kentucky
47.It's Mighty Dark To Travel
49.Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This
50.Lonesome Night
51.Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
52.On the Road Again
53.Think Of What You've Done
54.Give Us A Happy Home
55.Home Is Wherever You Are
56.You Don't Count The Cost
57.Talk About Suffering
58.Life's Too Long (To Live Like This)
59.Jacob's Vision
60.Lonesome Dove
62.You Can't Take It With You When You Go
63.Hallelujah I'm Ready
64.If I Lose
65.Cryin' My Heart Out Over You
66.Ridin' That Midnight Train
67.Another Night
68.Drunken Driver
69.Mother's Only Sleeping
70.Children Go (Where I Send Thee)
71.Rank Stranger
72.He Was On To Something (So He Made You)
73.Cry Cry Darlin'
74.Solid Ground
75.Little Bessie
76.Southern Moon
77.That Evergreen Shore
78.What Songs Were Sung
79.I Heard My Mother Call My Name In Prayer
80.Pig In a Pen
81.Two Soldiers
82.Say Won't You Be Mine?
83.Where the Soul of a Man Never Dies
84.One Way Rider
85.Lonesome for You
86.You Make Me Feel Like a Man (live)
87.Walkin' in Jerusalem
88.New Star Shining
89.We All Bow Down (Live)
90.I'll Take the Blame
91.Little Cabin on the Hill
92.A Night On the Town
93.Sheep Shell Corn
94.Simple Life
95.Waitin' for the Sun to Shine
96.When Life Hits Hard
97.Across the Rocky Mountains
98.Mandolin Rain

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