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Katie Melua( Ketevan 'Katie' Melua )【 25 albums 210 lyrics 】
Ketevan 'Katie' Melua (/ˈmɛluə/; Georgian: ქეთევან „ქეთი“ მელუა; IPA: [kʰɛtʰɛvɑn mɛluɑ]; born 16 September 1984) is a Georgian-British singer, songwriter and musician. She moved to the United Kingdom at the age of eight - first to Northern Ireland and then to London in 1999. Melua is signed to the small Dramatico record label, under the management of composer Mike Batt, and made her musical debut in 2003. In 2006, she was the United Kingdom's best-selling female artist and Europe's highest selling European female artist.

In November 2003, at the age of nineteen, Melua released her first album, Call Off the Search, which reached the top of the United Kingdom album charts and sold 1.8 million copies in its first five months of release. Her second album, Piece by Piece, was released in September 2005 and to date has gone platinum four times. Melua released her third studio album Pictures in October 2007.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2008, Melua had a fortune of £18 million, making her the seventh richest British musician under thirty. It was reported in 2009 that she may have lost millions as a result of the global economic downturn. As of May 2011, Melua could have a £12m fortune and she came second in the under 30 rich list.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
A Love Like That 2020-06
1.A Love Like That(Edit)
In Winter(Special Edition) 2017-11
1.The Little Swallow
2.River (Provided)
3.Perfect World
4.Cradle Song
5.A Time To Buy
6.Plane Song
7.If You Are So Beautiful
8.Dreams On Fire
9.All - Night Vigil - Nunc Dimittis (Provided)
10.O Holy Night
11.The Little Swallow(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
12.River(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
13.Perfect World(Live In Berlin)
14.Cradle Song(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
15.A Time To Buy(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
16.Plane Song(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
17.If You Are So Beautiful(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
18.Dreams On Fire(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
19.All - Night Vigil - Nunc Dimittis(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
20.O Holy Night(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
21.Belfast(Live In Berlin)
22.Bridge Over Troubled Water(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
23.Wonderful Life(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
24.Nine Million Bicycles(Live In Berlin)
25.Closest Thing To Crazy(Live In Berlin)
26.Satrpialo(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
27.I Cried For You(Live In Berlin) (Provided)
The Love I’m Frightened of 2013
1.The Love I'm Frightened Of2.Alfie
Ketevan 2013
1.Never Felt Less Like Dancing
2.Sailing Ships From Heaven
3.Love Is a Silent Thief
4.Shiver and Shake
5.The Love I'm Frightened Of
6.Where Does the Ocean Go?
7.Idiot School
8.Mad, Mad Men
9.Chase Me
10.I Never Fall
11.I Will Be There
12.I Never Fall (Strings Version) (Provided)
神秘交響曲 2012-04
1.Gold In Them Hills
2.Better Than A Dream
3.The Bit That I Don't Get
5.Forgetting All My Troubles
6.All Over The World
7.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
8.The Cry Of The Lone Wolf
10.The Walls Of The World
11.Secret Symphony
Secret Symphony 2012
1.The Bit That I Don't Get
2.Forgetting All My Troubles
3.All Over The World
4.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
5.The Cry Of The Lone Wolf
7.The Walls Of The World
8.Secret Symphony
9.Gold In Them Hills
10.Better Than A Dream
The House 2010-05
1.I'd Love To Kill You
2.The Flood
3.A Happy Place
4.A Moment Of Madness
5.Red Balloons
6.Tiny Alien
7.No Fear Of Heights
8.The One I Love Is Gone
9.Plague Of Love
10.God On The Drums,Devil On The Bass
12.The House
Pictures (Deluxe Edition) 2009-05
1.Mary Pickford
2.It's All In My Head
3.If The Lights Go Out
4.What I Miss About You
6.What It Says On The Tin
7.Scary Films
8.Perfect Circle
9.Ghost Town
10.If You Were A Sailboat
11.Dirty Dice
12.In My Secret Life
13.The Closest Thing To Crazy (Live)
14.Nine Million Bicycles (Live)
15.Piece By Piece (Live)
16.Thank You,Stars (Live)
If the Lights Go Out (CD Single) 2008-02
1.If The Lights Go Out2.Looking For Clues
What A Wonderful World(CD Single) 2007-12
1.What A Wonderful World2.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Mary Pickford(CD Single) 2007-11
1.Mary Pickford
If You Were a Sailboat(CD Single) 2007-09
1.If You Were a Sailboat
2.Junk Mail
3.Straight to DVD
4.This Year's Love
Shy Boy(CD Single) 2006-11
1.Shy Boy
2.Fancy (live)
3.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
It's Only Pain(CD Single) 2006-09
1.It's Only Pain2.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Spider's Web(CD Single) 2006-04
1.Spider's Web2.Cry Baby Cry
I Cried for You (CD Single) 2005-12
1.I Cried for You
2.Pictures on a video screen
3.Just Like Heaven
Piece By Piece 2005-09
1.Shy Boy
2.Nine Million Bicycles
3.Piece by Piece
4.Halfway Up the Hindu Kush
5.Blues in the Night
6.Spider's Web
7.Blue Shoes
8.On the Road Again
9.Thank You, Stars
10.Just Like Heaven
11.I Cried for You
12.I Do Believe in Love
Nine Million Bicycles(CD Single) 2005-09
1.Nine Million Bicycles
2.Market Day In Guernica
Crawling up a Hill(CD Single) 2004-06
1.Crawling Up A Hill2.Jack's Room
The Closest Thing to Crazy(CD Single) 2003-12
1.The Closest Thing To Crazy
2.Downstairs to the Sun
3.Thank You, Stars
Call Off the Search 2003-11
1.Call Off The Search
2.Crawling Up A Hill
3.The Closest Thing To Crazy
4.My Aphrodisiac Is You
5.Learnin The Blues
6.Blame It On The Moon
7.Belfast (Penguins and Cats)
8.I Think It's Going To Rain Today
9.Mockingbird Song
10.Tiger In The Night
11.Faraway Voice
12.Lilac Wine
The Katie Melua Collection
1.Nine Million Bicycles
2.What A Wonderful World
3.Piece By Piece
4.Call Off The Search
5.On The Road Again
6.Spider's Web
7.Thank You, Stars
8.I Cried For You
9.Crawling Up A Hill
10.Tiger In The Night
11.When You Taught Me How To Dance
12.Two Bare Feet
13.Toy Collection
14.Somewhere In The Same Hotel
15.Kozmic Blues
16.Closest thing to crazy
17.If You Were a Sailboat
18.Mary Pickford
Live at the O2 Arena
1.Kosmic Blues - Live
2.Piece By Piece
3.Kozmic Blues
4.On the Road Again
5.Nine Million Bicycles
6.Mary Pickford
7.My Aphrodisiac Is You
8.Kozmic Blues (Live)
9.Kviteli Potlebi (Yellow Leaves) [Live]
10.If You Were a Sailboat (Live)
B-Sides: The Tracks That Got Away
1.Sometimes When I'm Dreaming
2.Anniversary Song (Live)
3.Fancy (Live)
4.Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (live)
5.This Year's Love
6.Shirt of a Ghost
1.My aprhodisiac is you
4.God On Drums, Devil On The Bass
5.Sometimes When I Am Dreaming
6.Deep Purple
7.All In My Head
8.The Shirt of a Ghost
9.Crawling Up a Hill (live)
10.The Closest Thing to Crazy (promotional video)
11.Dreams on Fire
12.Fields of Gold (Official BBC Children In Need 2017)
13.A Happy Place - Danny Kirsch Mix
14.Nine Millions Bicycles
15.If You Werw A Sailboat
16.I Cried for You (Mary's Song)
17.A Happy Place (Sparks vs Melua version)
18.Feels Like Home
20.Joan of Ark & Jack the Lad
21.Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (live version)
22.Feels Like Home (The Secret Sessions)
23.Turn to Tell
24.Spider's Web (Album Remix)
25.Blowin' in the Wind
26.Just Like Heaven (Just Like Heaven)
27.9 Million Bycles
28.Crawling Up That Hill
29.Nine Million Bicycles / On the Road Again / Spider's Web / Thankyou, Stars
30.To Kill You With a Kiss
31.Wonderful Life
32.The Flood (Radio Edit)
33.Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (acoustic version)

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