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Kottonmouth Kings【 20 albums 355 lyrics 】
Kottonmouth Kings is an American hip hop group from Placentia, Orange County, California. The band officially formed in 1996, describing their eclectic sound as 'psychedelic hip-hop punk rock'. Kottonmouth Kings are composed of Daddy X (singer of Humble Gods, X Pistols, former singer of Doggy Style), Lou Dog (drummer of Humble Gods and former drummer of Doggy Style), D-Loc, DJ Bobby B, and newest member/ vocalist, The Dirtball. The group first attracted mainstream attention with the song 'Suburban Life', which appeared on the soundtrack to the film Scream 2. The groups original lineup consisted of D-Loc and Saint Dog and Johnny Richter(Johnny left before the recording of Royal Highness) but later incorporated Daddy X and the Dirtball.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Krown Power 2015
1.Our City (Provided)
2.Kronitron (Provided)
3.Audio War
4.Permastone (Provided)
5.Pump Up Da Bass (Provided)
6.Sink Or Swim (Provided)
7.Fill Your Cup (Provided)
8.Don't Feel Down (Provided)
9.TBH (Provided)
10.Fuck Off (Provided)
11.Dope Thang (Provided)
12.Ganja Glow (Provided)
13.Good Time Zone (Provided)
14.Crack The Frame (Provided)
15.Life In The Kingdom (Provided)
16.Mary Jane (Provided)
17.Eternal Speed
18.Fuck Whatcha Heard
19.Walk The Line
20.1 More Body
21.Calling All
22.Burn It Down (Provided)
23.Digital Flow (Provided)
24.Let's Light It Up
25.Summer Lovin' (Provided)
26.Microphone Murdura (Provided)
27.Laughing (Provided)
28.600 AM (Provided)
29.Same Way (Provided)
30.Coming For You (Provided)
31.Intoxifaded (Provided)
32.Passion Hustling (Provided)
Buddah Shack 2014
1.Walk The Line Feat. C4mula (Provided)
2.Buddha Headz
3.Eternal Speed Feat.C4mula (Provided)
4.Jump Over
5.Fuck Whatcha Heard Feat. Saint Dog (Provided)
Mile High 2012
1.Pound 4 Pound
2.Hold It In
3.Roll Us A Joint
4.Got Some (Provided)
5.Packin' The Good (Provided)
6.Kottonmouth Bitch (Provided)
7.Get Out The Way (Provided)
8.Boombox (Provided)
9.Green Dream (Mile High)
11.High Haters
12.Honey Dip (Provided)
13.Mr. Cali Man
14.Watch Out (Provided)
15.The Addiction (Provided)
16.End Of Rope (Provided)
17.Judgement Day (Provided)
18.Fight For Your Life (Provided)
19.Rock Star (Provided)
Sunrise Sessions 2011
1.My Garden
2.Love Lost
3.Down 4 Life (Provided)
4.Kalifornia (Provided)
5.Boom Clap Sound
6.Back Home
7.She's Dangerous
8.Stay Stoned (Provided)
9.Stoned Silly (Provided)
10.Closing Time
12.Great To Be Alive
13.Be Alright
14.Said And Done
15.Ganja Daze
16.Back In Cali (Provided)
17.Life For Me (Provided)
18.Our Time (Provided)
19.I Don't Wanna Run
20.My Vibrations (Provided)
21.Defy Gravity (Provided)
22.Rise Above (Provided)
24.New World Stoners (Provided)
Long Live The Kings 2010
1.Reefer Madness
2.Long Live The Kings
3.Party Monsters
5.Great When You're High
6.Stomp (Provided)
7.Lucky Day (Provided)
8.At It Again
9.Make It Rain (Provided)
10.Party Girls
12.Black Smoke
13.Fuck The Police
14.Checkmate (Provided)
15.Kill The Pain
16.Mad Respect
17.Let's Do Drugs (Provided)
18.Let The Indo Blow (Provided)
19.Take It To The Top (Provided)
20.Simple & Free
Hidden Stash II: The Kream of the Krop 2009
1.All About the Weed
3.Brain On Drugs (Interlude)
4.Dying Daze
5.Family Trees
6.Killa Kali
7.Life Rolls On
8.My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
9.New Destination
10.On The Run
11.Paid Vacation
12.Tell Me Why
13.Things I Do
14.Welcome To The Suburbs
15.Grow Room Jam (Provided)
Hidden Stash 420 2009
1.Can Anybody Hear Me?
2.Take A Ride (Provided)
3.Evolution (Provided)
4.D Iz Who I B (Provided)
5.Got It, Get It (Provided)
6.Stoner Bitch
7.Late Night Call (Provided)
8.Lookin' Out My Window
9.Mushroom Cloud (Provided)
10.This Is 4 U
11.Pack Me Another Rip (Provided)
12.Purple Smoke (Provided)
14.Adventures Of This (Provided)
15.Superstar (Provided)
16.Sick Game (Provided)
17.Sacrafice (Provided)
18.Let The Music Play (Provided)
19.Runnin' Things (Provided)
20.Addict (Provided)
21.Wind Me Up (Provided)
22.New Vision (Provided)
23.Rebel Music (Provided)
24.We Can Smoke (Provided)
25.Spark It Up (Provided)
26.Grind (Provided)
27.Dank In My Brain (Provided)
28.Miss Smokey
29.No Future (Provided)
30.Keep It Movin' (Provided)
31.Dont Sleep On The Streets (Provided)
32.Bumpin' (Provided)
33.Tip Off (Provided)
34.Funky Ryme (Provided)
35.Endless Highway (Remix)
36.High Hopes (Provided)
37.Free Willy
Vol. 2-Xperience: Kosmic Therapy 2008
1.Intro (Provided)
2.Echoes And Spirit Guides (Provided)
3.Super Duper High (Provided)
4.Growin Ganja (Provided)
5.Keep Smilin (Provided)
6.New Weed Order
7.Smoked Out (Provided)
8.Down That Road (Provided)
9.Somewhere Between Nowhere (Provided)
10.Sunsplash (Provided)
11.Radical Habbits (Provided)
12.Still Ballin (Provided)
13.Dragon Slayer (Provided)
14.Ride Or Die (Provided)
15.Freedom Time (Provided)
16.Krazy Train (Provided)
17.Stoner Dub (Provided)
Fire It Up 2004
1.Johnny's gotta problem
2.Get Up
3.Underground Movement (Provided)
4.Eye Of The Storm
5.Bad Habits
6.Life Styles
7.Let's Fuck
8.Down 4 The Krown
9.Skunk One
10.Live To Day
11.Rip The Night Away
12.High Ridaz
13.Southern Cali Weather (Provided)
14.Fire It Up
15.In The House
16.Bring It On
17.Angry Youth
18.The Deal
19.Who's The Criminal
21.Leave Us Alone
22.Legalize Freedom
23.Ur Done
Rollin' Stoned 2002
2.Big Bank (interlude)
3.Built to Last
4.Endless Highway
6.Float Away
7.Full Throttle
8.Light It Up
9.Positive Vibes
10.Pot Head (interlude)
11.Pull, Pull (interlude)
12.Pushin' Limits
13.Rest of My Life
15.Strange Daze
16.Tangerine Sky
17.Walking Dream
18.Zero Tolerance
19.Living In Fear
20.Sub Noize Rats
21.Soul Surfin'
22.Magic Bus
Rollin Stoned 2002
2.Full Throttle
5.Positive Vibes
6.Zero Tolerance
7.Float Away
8.Pushin' Limits
9.Rest Of My Life
10.Living In Fear
11.Sub-Noize Rats
12.Strange Dayz
13.Tangerine Sky
14.Built To Last
15.Waking Dream
16.Soul Surfin'
17.Endless Highway
18.Light It Up
High Society 2000
1.King's Blend
2.The Joint
3.Peace Not Greed
4.The Lottery
5.We The People
6.Coffee Shop
7.Wickit Klowns
8.Face Facts
9.Round And Round
10.Size Of An Ant
11.Here We Go Again
13.First Class
14.Good As Gold
15.Daydreamin' Fazes
16.8-Dubb's Blend (Provided)
17.Anarchy Through Capitolism
19.Elevated Sounds
20.Kings Blend
21.Kona Gold Greeting
22.Wicket Klownz
Hidden Stash 1999
1.Pimp Twist
2.Three Horny Devils
4.Love Songs
6.Roll It Up
7.Freaks of the Industry
8.Shouts Going Out
10.1605 Life
11.3 Horny Devils
12.Front Line
13.Night Life
14.Old(Go High)
Royal Highness 1998
1.Me and My Skate
2.Play On
3.Psychedelic Funk
4.Bong Tokin' Alcoholics
5.Whats your Trip?
6.High Society
8.So High
9.Suburban Life
11.Life Ain't What It Seems
12.Dogs Life
13.Planet Budtron
14.Dirt Slang
15.Big Hoss
18.Dog's Life
19.What's Your Trip?
The Green Album
2.Blaze Of Glory
3.Rock Like Us
4.Pack Your Bowls
6.Don't Give A Fuck
7.Happy (Provided)
8.Where I'm Going?
9.Puff N Tuff (Provided)
11.Super Hero
13.What U In 4
14.Sex Toy
16.So Cal (Provided)
17.Green Grass (Provided)
19.Plant A Seed
Legalize It (EP)
2.My Garden (EP)
3.Rise Above (EP) (Provided)
4.Soon Come (EP) (Provided)
5.Ganja Daze (EP)
6.Defy Gravity (EP) (Provided)
Hidden Stash 5: Bong Loads & B-Sides
1.Boom Clap Sound (feat. Chris Webby)
2.Reefer Madness (smoked out mix)
3.Cruizin' (Sunsplash remix)
Greatest Highs
1.Dog's Life - Feat. Too Rude And Dog Boy
2.King Klick
3.Day Dreamin' Fazes
4.Peace Of Mind
5.Life Ain't What It Seems
6.Dog's Life
7.Where's the Weed At?
8.Life Ain't What It Seems
9.Dog's Life
10.King's Blend
11.Dog's Life (feat. Dogboy)
12.City 2 City (feat. Tech N9ne, Big Krizz Kaliko)
13.Positive Vibes - LP;
Cloud Nine
1.Proud To Be A Stoner
1.Bump (Remix - Radio Edit)
2.Pumpkin Carver
3.So High (Original)
5.Cupid's Dead
6.Sub-Noize Ratz
7.i am what i am
8.Make It Hot
9.Old (So High)
10.Put It Down
11.Bump (Rock Star remix)
12.Discombobulated - Featuring Too Rude/Dog-Boy
13.Jonny's Gotta Problem
14.Party Monster
15.B-Dubb's Blend (Provided)
16.What's Your Trip
17.Irie Feelin
18.Stick Together (remix)
19.Peace of Mind (Remix)
20.Let the Sun Shine
21.Where's the Weed At (Instrumental)
22.My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me - Album Version (Edited)
24.Keep it Kali
25.Live for Today

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