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Jonathan Young

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.Escape From The City (Feat. BradyScott)

2.Crossing Field

3.The Day - Show Version

4.The Rains of Castamere

5.Your Love

6.Restless Heart

7.I'm Still Here

8.Eye of the Tiger


10.In the Dark of the Night

11.Zero to Hero (Savannah Stuckmayer)

12.The World (Death Note Opening 1) [English TV Version]

13.Stressed Out (Feat. K Enagonio)

14.Dinosaur Laser Fight

15.The Hero (One Punch Man Opening) English Version

16.Dark Horse & E.T. Katy Perry Mashup (Feat. Grace Bray)

17.Holding Out for a Hero (Feat. Savannah Stuckmayer)

18.California Gurls (Feat. Ahren Gray)

19.The Hero - One Punch Man Opening (Full English Version)

20.The Fallout 4 Song

21.Go Go Power Rangers! (Feat. FamilyJules7X & RichaadEB)

22.Honey, I'm Good

23.For the Dancing and the Dreaming



26.El Dorado

27.The Trail We Blaze

28.Let it Go [From Disney's 'Frozen']

29.On My Way (from 'Brother Bear')

30.Bang Bang


32.The Circle of Life (from 'the Lion King')

33.Blank Space

34.You'll Be in My Heart (from 'Tarzan')

35.I Want It That Way

36.Go the Distance (From 'Hercules')

37.How Far I'll Go

38.Under The Sea (feat. Travis Carte)

39.This is Halloween

40.Under the Sea

41.I Just Can't Wait To Be King

42.I Don't Fuck With You


44.Hello Kitty


46.You'll Be Back


48.Crossing Field (Full Version)

49.We Are Number One

50.The Crimson Bow & Arrow (Short Version)


52.Thinking Out Loud

53.It's Gonna Be May

54.Be Our Guest

55.Uptown Girl

56.Go The Distance (feat. Drew Hurst)

57.Be Prepared (feat. Drew Hurst)

58.Go the Distance

59.Be Prepared

60.When Will My Life Begin (Feat. Grace Bray)

61.Colors of the Wind & Riverbend

62.A Whole New World

63.Dark Horse / E.T.

64.Part Of Your World (Feat. Savannah Stuckmayer)

65.Part of Your World

66.I Won't Say I'm In Love

67.White Christmas

68.I'll Make a Man Out of You

69.You're Welcome

70.Unravel (Full Version)

71.Peace Sign

72.Poor Unfortunate Souls