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Kool A.D.( Victor Vazquez )

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【 O.K. 】【 2016 】

Album songs:
1.V.I.P. (Feat. Killer Mike & Boots Riley) (Provided)

2.Prove It (Provided)

3.Cheap Joy (Provided)

4.Guest List (Feat. Dena) (Provided)

5.Youth Speaks (Feat. Loren Hell & Amaze 88) (Provided)

6.Free Palestine (Provided)

7.Warhol's Wig (Feat. Creature)

8.Wassup (Feat. Raheem Recess) (Provided)

9.Pop Ur Bubble (Feat. Beans & Sub Con) (Provided)

10.Daytona 900 (Feat. Big Baby Gandhi, Chaz Van Queen, Kassa, Tecla, Lakutis, Davito, Dvs & Iron Solomon) (Provided)

11.Classic Man (Feat. Safe) (Provided)

12.Party (Feat. Chairlift)

13.Dangereaux (Provided)

14.I Guess I'm Dum But I Don't Care (Provided)

15.A Ganglion Of Lightnings Dancehall Treemix (Feat. Ra Sekem) (Provided)

16.This Bitter Earth

17.The Pain (Provided)

18.Break Spinal (Feat. Well$ & Ness) (Provided)

19.Anything (Feat. Bill Ding, Kechphrase, Fat Tony, Big Baby Gandhi, Epic & Tre Dejean) (Provided)

20.Phony Rappers (Feat. Lakutis) (Provided)

21.Future Primitive Acupuncture Apprenticeship (Feat. Johnny Voltik) (Provided)

22.These Dayz (Feat. Cavalier & Safe) (Provided)

23.Bang Bang (Provided)

24.You Can't Win (Feat. Party Animal) (Provided)

25.Hypersensitive Jester (Feat. Bill Ding) (Provided)

26.Look At The Waves In Ur Hair (Feat. Lakutis & Ease Da Man) (Provided)

27.Good Old Neon Too (Provided)

28.The Actual (Feat. Talib Kweli)

29.Pacific Ocean (Provided)

30.Alice Coltrane Freestyle (Provided)

31.Testify (Feat. Haleek Maul & Shady Blaze) (Provided)

32.Reggae Shmop (Provided)

33.Time Uv Ur Lyfe (Feat. Issue) (Provided)

34.Maestro (Provided)

35.Or A Ladder That's Forever (Provided)

36.Dum Diary

37.Real Love (Feat. Cult Days) (Provided)

38.Freakin Out (Provided)

39.Prison Reform (Provided)

40.Falcon Punch (Feat. Chavis Chandler) (Provided)

41.Swan Gang Genesis Lost Tapes Who Cares Swag Swag (Feat. Chaz Van Queen, Lakutis & Dvs) (Provided)

42.B Alikes (Feat. Chaz Van Queen) (Provided)

43.Do U Like It (Feat. Chaz Van Queen)

44.Quit Ur Bitchin (Feat. Boots Riley & New Earth Creeps) (Provided)

45.Word Life Reality Peace God Immaculate (Provided)

46.Pacific Skreet Freestyle (Provided)

47.Sonic Reducer (Provided)

48.2 Rax Freeskyle (Provided)

49.Brobamian Algorithm (Provided)

50.Bye Bye (Provided)

51.Hello (Provided)

52.Hot Tub Rhyme Machine (Provided)

53.Knowledge Equality (Provided)

54.#Blackbrunch (Feat. Amaze 88, Kassa & Chaz Van Queen) (Provided)

55.Up Down Freestyle (Provided)

56.Faith Healing (Feat. Amaze 88) (Provided)

57.Jazzz (Feat. Kbob, Kassa, Loren Hell, Amaze 88, Aaron Cohen, Chaz Van Queen) (Provided)

58.U Like Dat (Feat. Amaze 88) (Provided)

59.Swoop Swoop (Provided)

60.Women B Shoppin (Provided)

61.450 Am (Feat. Chaz Van Queen, Kassa, Amaze 88, Aaron Cohen) (Provided)

62.Trouble Nap (Provided)

63.Chuy Gomez (Feat. Chaz Van Queen & Raheem Recess) (Provided)

64.Bwoy (Feat. Epic) (Provided)

65.O.K. (Provided)

66.Santeria (Provided)

67.No Parezco A Nadie (Feat. Mellow Man Ace) (Provided)

68.Games (Provided)

69.Game (Feat. Shady Blaze) (Provided)

70.Lsd (Provided)

71.Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen (Provided)

72.Huez Uv Lite (Feat. Plinio) (Provided)

73.2 Much (Provided)

74.Faneto Freestyle (Feat. Polo) (Provided)

75.Zup (Provided)

76.Pretty Bodies Fly (Feat. Yc The Cynic & Lakutis) (Provided)

77.Jackson Pollock (Feat. Maffew Ragazino) (Provided)

78.Life Of Pi (Feat. Raw Don, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire, & Michael Christmas) (Provided)

79.Thought So

80.Zonin (Feat. Issue) (Provided)

81.1989 World Series Freestyle (Provided)

82.Holy Sound (King Sterlz) (Provided)

83.Pain Killers (Feat. Little Pain, Lofty 305, Wiki & Antwon) (Provided)

84.2 Late (Feat. Toro Y Moi & Safe)

85.We Know (Feat. Niko Is) (Provided)

86.Nothing (Feat. Kassa) (Provided)

87.I Don't Want To Be A Player No More (Provided)

88.This Girl Is Rich (Feat. Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K.) (Provided)

89.Writing Leverage (Feat. Fat Tony, Lakutis & Nasty Nigel) (Provided)

90.So What (Feat. Raheem Recess) (Provided)

91.Hood Party (Feat. Fat Tony & Despot) (Provided)

92.Shotcaller Freestyle

93.Slack (Feat. Cult Days) (Provided)

94.Rap Olympics (Provided)

95.Future Primitive Art School (Feat. Big Baby Gandhi) (Provided)

96.Rapturez Deelite (Provided)

97.Bullshit (Feat. New Earth Creeps) (Provided)

98.35 – Jungle Fever Remix (Feat. Angel Haze)

99.Bohemian Grove Zeemix (Provided)

100.Go Supersonics (Provided)