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Count Basie( William James Basie )

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【 The Real Count Basie 】【 2015 】

Album songs:
1.Twelfth Street Rag (Provided)

2.Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

3.Easy Does It (Provided)

4.Jump The Blues Away (Provided)

5.Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie (Provided)

6.Goin' To Chicago Blues

7.I Do Mean You (Provided)

8.If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight

9.Feedin' The Bean (Provided)

10.Lonesome Miss Pretty (Provided)

11.Volcano (Provided)

12.Tickle Toe (Provided)

13.Baby, Don't Tell On Me (Provided)

14.Let Me See (Provided)

15.How Long Blues (Provided)

16.The World Is Mad Pt. 1 (Provided)

17.The World Is Mad Pt. 2 (Provided)

18.Jump For Me (Provided)

19.Live And Love Tonight (Provided)

20.I Never Knew (Provided)

21.Dickie's Dream (Provided)

22.Moten Swing (Provided)

23.Pound Cake (Provided)

24.Oh, Lady, Be Good!

25.The Apple Jump (Provided)

26.Louisiana (Alternate Take) (Provided)

27.I Want A Little Girl (Provided)

28.Love Jumped Out (Provided)

29.Super Chief (Provided)

30.Blow Top (Provided)

31.920 Special (Provided)

32.I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (Provided)

33.Love Me Or Leave Me (Provided)

34.I Left My Baby (Alternate Take) (Provided)

35.Rockin' The Blues (Provided)

36.The Jitters (Provided)

37.Miss Thing Pt. 1 (Provided)

38.Miss Thing Pt. 2 (Provided)

39.Lester Leaps In (Provided)

40.Stampede In G Minor (Provided)

41.Taxi War Dance (Alternate Take) (Provided)

42.What's Your Number (Provided)

43.Gone With What Wind (Provided)

44.Tuesday At Ten (Provided)

45.Nobody Knows (Provided)

46.Undecided Blues (Provided)