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【 Rich Gang 】【 2013-07-23 】

Album songs:

2.Million Dollar


4.Dreams Come True

5.We Been On

6.Bigger Than Life

7.50 Plates

8.100 Favors



11.Burn The House

12.Panties To The Side


14.Paint Tha Town

15.Have It Your Way

16.Fly Rich

Album Intro:

Deluxe edition includes three bonus tracks. 2013 release from this Hip Hop collective. Birdman is a hustler at heart. Before partnering up with Universal Music in 1998, Baby built his Cash Money brand as an independent juggernaut, and none of the success that he's experienced over the past 15 years has softened his stance. Enter Rich Gang, Birdman's new rap collective that includes Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Future just to name a few. 'First it's based on hard work, a grind,' the Cash Money CEO began to explain of the crew when he appeared on RapFix Live on Wednesday. 'I've been doing this half of my life, 22 years of my life - I'm 44 years old and I think it's just a symbol of hard work and it pays.'