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SGT Dunson

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【 War on The HomeFront 】【 2012-06-12 】

Album songs:
1.Band Of Brothers

2.Black Soldier

3.War On Politics

4.Fighting Till My Death

5.G.I. Joe

6.Happy Veterans Day

7.I'm A Do It

8.In My Dreams

9.Go Army

10.Just Like You

11.Lord, Is There A Heaven For us Soldiers

12.One Shot One Kill


14.Soldier (I earned the Right)

15.War Crimes

16.War On the Homefront

17.When You Come Home

Album Intro:

1. Intro
2. Soldier (I Earned the Right)
3. Ptsd
4. G.I. Joe (feat. Rossianno)
5. War On Politics
6. Black Soldier
7. Happy Veteran's Day
8. Fighting Till My Death
9. Go Army
10. Just Like You
11. I'm a Do It
12. Band of Brother (feat. Soldier Hard)
13. When You Come Home
14. War Crimes
15. One Shot One Kill
16. In My Dreams (Niayla)
17. Lord Is There a Heaven? for Us Soldiers?
18. War On the HomeFront