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Kirk Franklin( Kirk Dewayne Franklin )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.It's Rainin'


3.How Many Lashes


5.Gonna Be A Lovely Day

6.Melodies From Heaven

7.Caught Up


9.The Blood Song

10.Brighter Day

11.Don't Cry

12.If You've Been Delivered

13.Praise Joint

14.He Loves Me

15.Hold Me Now

16.Smile Again

17.More Than I Can Bear

18.Help Me Believe (Radio Edit)

19.My Life Is In Your Hands

20.Up Above My Head

21.Where The Spirit Is

22.The Night That Christ Was Born


24.Blessing In The Storm

25.I'll Be Satisfied



28.Lookin' Out for Me

29.Love (Remix)

30.Don't Take Your Joy Away

31.My Life, My Love, My All

32.The Moment Pt 2

33.Outro (The Blood)

34.Praise Joint (Remix)

35.Something About The Name Jesus

36.Throw Yo Hands Up

37.Whatcha Lookin' 4

38.When I Get There

39.Lovely Day

40.Try Me

41.the storm is over now


43.Brokenhearted (Reprise)

44.Let It Go

45.My Hands




49.Without You

50.The Appeal


52.First Love

53.Interlude #1

54.Keep Your Head

55.Don't Worry

56.Imagine Me

57.Are You Listening

58.Look At Me Now

59.When You Fall

60.O Come All Ye Faithful

61.I Love You, Jesus

62.Dont Take Your Joy

63.Thank You

64.Real Love

65.Night That Christ Was Born

66.Savior More Than Life

67.Kingdom Come

68.The Reason Why We Sing

69.He Will Take The Pain Away

70.Sweet Spirit

71.Imagine Me (Live)

72.Speak to Me (Live)

73.He Reigns

74.Anything 4 U

75.The Transition

76.Never Alone (Interlude)

77.Melodies From Heaven (Skate Remix)

78.Interlude: The Verdict

79.Melodies From Heaven - With Kirk Franklin Outro

80.Awesome God

81.Imagine Me (Radio Edit)

82.Still (In Control) (feat. Doug Williams & Melvin Williams)

83.Why We Sing (Live)

84.Interlude (2)

85.We Three Kings

86.Still Alive

87.Smile Again (Live)