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Katie Melua( Ketevan 'Katie' Melua )

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【 Pictures (Deluxe Edition) 】【 2009-05-05 】

Album songs:
1.Mary Pickford

2.It's All In My Head

3.If The Lights Go Out

4.What I Miss About You


6.What It Says On The Tin

7.Scary Films

8.Perfect Circle

9.Ghost Town

10.If You Were A Sailboat

11.Dirty Dice

12.In My Secret Life

13.The Closest Thing To Crazy (Live)

14.Nine Million Bicycles (Live)

15.Piece By Piece (Live)

16.Thank You,Stars (Live)

Album Intro:

Katie Melua 凱蒂·瑪露俄羅斯人,成長於俄羅斯及英國。2003年底她的

首支單曲「The Closest Thing To Crazy」發行便強登英國金榜Top 10。



兼備藍調、民謠、爵士味道的Katie Melua,常被樂評拿來與諾拉·瓊絲相提


Eva Cassidy。而在被Mike Batt發掘的那天,Katie所演唱的正好就是受Eva

啟發而學下的創作曲「Faraway Voice」。此外,她也自承在音樂方面受到

Queen、Joni Mitchell、Bob Dylan和印度音樂及愛爾蘭民謠等多類樂風的影響。

Katie Melua was born in Georgia (former USSR) in 1984, growing up

under the communist regime in the capital, Tbilisi. The family

left Georgia when Katie was eight and moved to Belfast where her

father got a job as a heart surgeon. Katie didn't always want to

be a singer or songwriter. Her ambition when she was thirteen was

to be a politician or a historian 「I honestly thought I'd be able

to bring peace to the world…if I ruled it!)」 The family lived in

Belfast for five years before moving to South East London. At

sixteen, Katie joined the BRIT School for Performing Arts.

Composer/producer Mike Batt paid a visit to the school. Katie

signed to Batt's record label Dramatico, but stayed at the BRIT

School to complete her studies where she graduated with

distinction in July 2003.

Unable to secure a contract with a Major record company, Katie and

Mike decided to put her album Call Off The Search (containing the

song 「The Closest Thing To Crazy」) out on Batt's own, small record

label. After an appearance on The Royal Variety Show, 19 year old

Katie shot to the top of the UK album charts and became the

biggest selling female artist for the next two years. Her two

albums, (the second of which contained the hit 「Nine Million

Bicycles」) have sold more than 10 million copies to date. She and

her family took British nationality in 2005. In December 2007,

Katie topped the charts with a duet with her idol, the late Eva

Cassidy, entitled 「What A Wonderful World」, with proceeds from the

single going to support the UK work of the British Red Cross.

The past years have been quite extraordinary for Katie (now 24).

She has had a Dutch tulip named in her honor, met and played for

Nelson Mandela in South Africa visiting his Aids charity, has

become a hard working Ambassador for Save The Children, raced at

160mph around Grand Prix, flown a plane, learned to dive and

parachute freefall, set a Guinness World Record for deepest

underwater concert (19 miles under water on a gas rig in the North

Sea), and picked up various prestigious awards within Europe,

including a World Music Award, a Golden Camera Award, and two

German Echo Awards.

Katie's third studio album, Pictures, confirms Katie's status as a

unique and remarkable vocalist, and reveals the third chapter of

what is destined to be a long musical career.