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Kanye West( Kanye Omari West )

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【 暫存2 】

Album songs:
1.Touch The Sky Ft. Lupe Fiasco


3.Spaceship (Featuring GLC & Consequnce)

4.Never Let Me Down (Featuring Jay-Z & J. Ivy)


6.Never Let Me Down - Ft. Jay Z

7.My Way Home Featuring Common

8.Late (Hidden Track)

9.Diamonds Are Forever


11.Crack Music Ft. Game

12.We Major (Featuring NaS & Really Doe)

13.We Major (Featurning Nas & Really Doe)

14.Diamonds From Sierra Leone Leone**

15.Heard 'Em Say Featuring Adam Levine Of Maroon 5

16.Wake Up Mr. West (Featuring Bernie Mac)

17.Ever Since

18.Breathe In Breath Out

19.We Major (f/Nas & Really Doe)

20.Bring Me Down (f/Brandy)

21.Crack Music (f/The Game)

22.My Way Home (f/Common)

23.Drive Slow (f/Paul Wall & GLC)

24.Heard 'Em Say (f/Adam Levine)

25.**Bonus TRACK**Diamonds From Sierra Leone

26.Heard 'Em Say Featuring Adam Levine

27.Spaceship (feat. GLC & Consequence)

28.Crack Music Featuring Game

29.Drive Slow Featuring Paul Wall & GLC

30.Drive Slow (Featuring Paul Wall & Glic)

31.Late Registration

32.Never Let You Down (Featuring Jay-Z & Saul Williams)

33.H.A.M (Hard As A Motherfucker)

34.Bittersweet Poetry (iTunes Bonus Track)

35.Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Edited)

36.Diamonds (Remix)


38.God Level

39.Only One (feat. Paul McCartney)

40.Dark Fantasy - Album Version (Edited)

41.POWER - Album Version (Edited)

42.All Of The Lights - Album Version (Edited)

43.Flashing Lights - Album Version (Edited)

44.Good Morning - Album Version (Edited)

45.Champion - Album Version (Edited)

46.Stronger - Album Version (Edited)

47.Can't Tell Me Nothing - Album Version (Edited)

48.The Glory - Album Version (Edited)

49.Big Brother - Album Version (Edited)

50.Real Friends/No More Parties In LA

51.I Wonder (intro)

52.Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Album Version (Edited)

53.Roses - Album Version (Edited)

54.Addiction - Album Version (Edited)

55.Hey Mama - Album Version (Edited)

56.Celebration - Album Version (Edited)

57.The New Workout Plan (remix)

58.When I See It

59.I feel enslaved

60.We Don't Care - Album Version (Edited)

61.Jesus Walks - Album Version (Edited)

62.Workout Plan - Album Version (Edited)

63.The New Workout Plan - Album Version (Edited)

64.Through The Wire - Album Version (Edited)

65.Family Business - Album Version (Edited)

66.Last Call - Album Version (Edited)

67.School Spirit Skit 1 - Skit 1

68.Stronger - Andrew Dawson Remix (Explicit)

69.The New Workout Plan - Remastered Explicit Version

70.Jesus Walks - Live Version

71.We Don't Care - Live Version

72.Touch the Sky (Radio Edit)

73.Gold Digger (AOL Sessions)

74.Bound 2 (SCRVP Twerk Remix)

75.U mad

76.Living In A Movie

77.Pinocchio story part 2 (live)

78.All day

79.Paranoid (Part 2)

80.Stronger (Diplo's Work Is Never Done remix)

81.Addiction (Terry Hunter & Kenny Dope remix)

82.I'm So Apalled

83.Love Lockdown (Ella Riot remix)

84.Amazing (DJ Yin remix)

85.Through the Wire (main)

86.Heard Em Say (clean)

87.Touch the Sky (dirty)

88.New Workout Plan (remix)



91.Heard 'em Say / All Falls Down / Gold Digger / Stronger / Diamonds From Sierra Leone / Can't Tell Me Nothing / Jesus Walks / Touch the Sky

92.A Million and One Questions

93.Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)

94.Homecoming (feat. Chris Martin)


96.A Million Freestyle

97.Weekly Shit

98.Blueprint Compilation