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Townes Van Zandt

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【 High, Low And In Between 】【 1996-10-01 】

Album songs:
1.Two Hands

2.Highway Kind

3.Blue Ridge Mountains

4.Greensboro Woman

5.High, Low And In Between

6.Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold

7.When He Offers His Hand


9.No Deal

10.You Are Not Needed Now

11.To Live Is To Fly

Album Intro:

Packaged as two albums on one disc, these are among the best of Van Zandt's erratic studio recordings. The first is often overlooked, but it has many songs of dark, marvelous realism, true and accurate as arrows. Kevin Eggers's production is never heavy or busy: he mostly lets the songs breathe beside piano and guitar. And the poetic heights of the title track and 'The Highway Kind' are remarkable by any standard. Late Great is important for a little known Guy Clark song 'Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You,' as well as an orchestrated 'Pancho and Lefty' and the sweetly simple 'Heavenly Houseboat Blues.' Both records show Townes's belief in the abracadabra of words, that their magic is as primary to being human as love and death and kindness and cruelty--those intense qualities that distinguish his work. --Roy Kasten

1. Two Hands
2. You Are Not Needed Now
3. Greensboro Woman
4. Highway Kind
5. Standin'
6. No Deal
7. To Live Is To Fly
8. When He Offers His Hand
9. Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold
10. Blue Ridge Mountains
11. High, Low And In Between
12. No Lonesome Tune
13. Sad Cinderella
14. German Mustard
15. Don't Let The Sunshine Fool Ya'
16. Honky Tonkin'
17. Snow Don't Fall
18. Fraulein
19. Poncho & Lefty
20. If I Needed You
21. Silver Ships Of Andilar
22. Heavenly Houseboat Blues