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Rush (band)( Rush )

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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.Cygnus X-1 Book Ii: Hemispheres I Prelude

2.Ii Apollo: Bringer Of Wisdom

3.Iii Dionysus: Bringer Of Love

4.Iv Armageddon: The Battle Of Heart And Mind

5.La Villa Strangiato (An Exercise In Self-Indulgenc

6.The Sphere: A Kind Of Dream

7.V Cygnus: Bringer Of Balance


9.The Weapon (Part Two of Fear)


11.Animate - Live

12.Peaceable Kingdom

13.The Weapon

14.The Enemy Within

15.Ceiling Unlimited

16.The Weapon (Part Ii Of Fear)

17.The Stars Look Down

18.The Enemy Within (Part One Of Fear)

19.Secret Touch

20.Sweet Miracle

21.The Seeker - Live


23.Out Of The Cradle

24.The Rhythm Method (Provided)



27.2112 Overture

28.Big Wheel

29.Freeze -- Part IV Of 'Fear'

30.Anthem [Live]

31.In The End [Live]

32.Something For Nothing [Live]

33.Vital Signs (Live)

34.Spirit of Radio

35.The Trees (Live)

36.Freeze (Pt. IV of Fear)

37.For What It's Worth

38.Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage

39.Intro (Provided)

40.2112 (Live)

41.Limelight (Live)

42.Between Sun & Moon

43.Red Sector 'A' (Live)

44.Driven (Live)

45.The Larger Bowl

46.One Little Victory (Live)

47.The Spirit Of Radio [Live]

48.Mr. Soul

49.Cygnus X-1 Book II

50.Distant Early Warning (Live)

51.Ghost Rider (Live)

52.The Way the Wind Blows

53.Spirit of Radio (Live)

54.By-Tor and the Snow Dog (Live)

55.A Passage To Bangkok (Live)

56.Bravado (Live)

57.Seven and Seven Is

58.Dreamline (Live)

59.Bastille Day [Live]

60.2112: The Temples of Syrinx

61.2112: Grand Finale

62.2112: Discovery

63.Between Sun & Moon (Live)

64.Tom Sawyer (Live)

65.Resist (Live)


67.New World Man (Live)

68.Freewill (Live)

69.Heart Full of Soul

70.The Pass (Live)

71.Roll the Bones (Live)

72.Shapes of Things

73.Rush - Subdivisions

74.Mystic Rhythms (Live)

75.2112: I. Overture/II. The Temples Of Syrinx/III. Discovery/IV. Presentation/V. Oracle: The Dream/VI. Soliloquy/VII. Grand Finale

76.The Temples Of Syrinx - Retrospective Edit

77.2112 Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx

78.Spindrift - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

79.Armor and Sword - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

80.Between The Wheels - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

81.Circumstances - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

82.The Larger Bowl - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

83.Freewill - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

84.A Passage To Bangkok - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

85.Distant Early Warning - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

86.Mission - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

87.Entre Nous - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

88.Digital Man - Snakes & Arrows Live Version

89.Workin' Them Angels - Live

90.Between The Wheels - Live

91.Armor & Sword - Live

92.Subdivisions - Live

93.The Enemy Within - Live - Grace Under Pressure Tour

94.The Weapon - Live - Grace Under Pressure Tour

95.Summertime Blues (Live)

96.R30 Overture (Live)

97.Xanadu - Live