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John Mayer( John Clayton Mayer )

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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.Break Away

2.Everything Is Not Broken

3.Kid A


5.Man On The Side

6.Outside In The Underground

7.Spanish Castle


9.Tell Me What To Say

10.Typical Day

11.Why Did You Mess With Forever?

12.Neon 12:47am (Provided)

13.Waiting on the Day

14.Fool to Love You

15.Friends, Lovers Or Nothing

16.I'm On Fire


18.Somethings's Missing

19.George's Blues

20.A Break In The Clouds

21.Heart Of Life

22.I Dont Need No Doctor

23.Everyday I Have The Blues


25.City Love (RFS)

26.Old Love

27.John Mayer - Why Georgia (Album Version)


29.Why Geogia

30.John Mayer - Back To You

31.City Love (Acoustic)

32.Free Fallin' [Live]

33.John Mayer - 83

34.In Your Atmosphere [Live]

35.I Don't Need No Doctor (Live)

36.Everyday I Have The Blues [Live]

37.John Mayer - Neon

38.John Mayer - Great Indoors

39.John Mayer - 3x5

40.John Mayer - City Love

41.John Mayer - St. Patricks Day

42.John Mayer - My Stupid Mouth

43.John Mayer - Daughters

44.Neon (12:47 Am)

45.Man On The Side (Acoustic)

46.Bigger Than MY Body (Album Version)

47.Walk On The Ocean


49.Can't Take That Plane

50.By Nine


52.Route 66


54.Only Hear


56.Paper Doll (Single)

57.XO (Cover From Beyonce)

58.City Love (Live) [2016 Remastered]

59.Belief (Live) [2016 Remastered]

60.Free Fallin' - Live At The Nokia Theatre (Clean Version)

61.Wildfire - Live From Red Rocks

62.Who Says (From Sirius XM Session)

63.I'm Gonna Find Another You - Acoustic

64.Free Fallin' - Live at the Nokia Theatre

65.Back To You - EP Version

66.Comfortable - EP Version

67.Love Soon - EP Version

68.Victoria - EP Version

69.My Stupid Mouth - Demo Version

70.No Such Thing - Demo Version

71.Clarity - Acoustic

72.Daughters (Radio Version)

73.Heartbreak Warfare (Radio Edit)

74.My Stupid Mouth (extract)

75.Voodoo Chile

76.Empty Arms

77.Feels Like Rain

78.I'm On Fire (Bonus Track)

79.Don't Let Me Down (with Keith Urban)


81.This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday

82.Queen of California (Live)

83.Don't Let Me Down (with Keith Urban) (Live)

84.St Patrick's Day (live)

85.The Hurt

86.No Woman, No Cry

87.Waiting for the World to Change

88.Ain't No Sunshine

89.Come Out When I Call

90.Catfish Blues

91.Your Body Is a Wonderland (Live)

92.Why Georgia (live)

93.Half of My Heart (with Taylor Swift)

94.Half of My Heart (Edit)

95.Neon (live)

96.Come Back to Bed (live at C.W. Mitchell Pavilion)

97.Home Life (acoustic) (live at the Shoreline Amphitheatre)

98.Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Acoustic)

99.New Light