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Avril Lavigne( Avril Ramona Lavigne )

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【 Sk8er Boi (CD Single) 】【 2002-12-16 】

Album songs:
1.Sk8er Boi

2.Get Over It

3.Nobody's Fool(Live BBC-Radio)

Album Intro:

The first track on this cd, 'sk8er boi' is the story of a skater, who falls in love with a popular prep. All of her friends look down on the guy, but secretly she likes him. Afraid of what her friends would say, she turns the guy down.

Five years later she is home alone and switches on MTV. There is the sk8er dude, he is a famous rockstar. she calls all of the friends who looked down on him when he asked he out, and they know all about him, and they all bought tickets to see his show. She goes with them, and looks up at him. Then she is told that he is with someone else, and that they are in love.

The whole story represents what happened to Avril while she was at school, the sk8er boi symbolises her. with rocking accompaniment, and a catchy tune, sk8er boi is definately worth getting.

Get over it is also another good song.

Nobodys fool live version is brilliant. The song is all about how she refuses to be changed by anybody, and that she is her own person. This song is pne of my favourites on the album, and the live version is even better!

This is a CD which is DEFINATELY worth getting in my opinion. A must for any Avril fan.