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Mýa( Mýa Marie Harrison )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.Free - Single Sexy 'n' Sweet

2.Ghetto Superstar


4.Movin' Out

5.Somebody Like Me

6.Take Me There

7.Where The Dream Takes You

8.Best of Me(Holla Mayne Remix)

9.Telephone Games

10.Girls Like That

11.Movin' Out(Belly Soundtrack)

12.Pop And Television


14.Private Emotion

15.Scum Like Me


17.Hippies In The 60's

18.Don't Push The River

19.Under The Sun


21.Radio Radio



24.Regrets (I Have None)

25.Roses In December

26.Present Delay

27.Runnin' Hiding

28.Yellow Ribbon

29.Simple Days - Walking the Distance

30.It's all 'bout the money

31.Regrets (I Have None) (Swami Remix)

32.It's Too Late


34.All About the Money

35.Club Go Crazy


37.Go Hard Or Go Home

38.Full Service

39.Lie Detector

40.Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)

41.Lady Marmalade

42.Case Of The Ex

43.We're Gonna Make Ya Dance

44.No Tears On My Pillow

45.Again And Again

46.No Sleep

47.Anatomy One On On


49.Why Should I Believe You

50.Do You Only Wanna Dance

51.No Sleep Tonight (Single Version)

52.Moving On

53.Fallen -21st


55.Ghetto Supastar

56.Can't Belive

57.Mya - My Love Is Like...Wo

58.Still A Woman

59.Takin' Me Over (Featuring Lisa Left Eye)

60.Take Me There (LP Version)

61.My First Night with You (Ric Wake Mix)

62.Do You Only Wanna Dance (Mya)

63.Ridin (Clean Version)

64.Everything or Nothing

65.The Best Of Me (Featuring Jaddakiss)

66.My Love Is Like Whoa

67.Lights Go Off

68.Switch It Up

69.Grandma Says

70.Whatcha Gonna Do

71.Walka Not A Talka

72.My Love Is Like...Wo - Main Mix/Album Version

73.Real Compared To What

74.Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do) - Sovereign Remix Version

75.Elastic Heart - Bbop & Roksteadi Edit

76.Space (Extended)

77.Case of the Ex (Sovereign mix)

78.My Bra

79.Shy Guy (DJ Hasebe Remix)

80.Where The Dream Takes You (Soundtrack)

81.My Love Is Like Woah

82.Case of the Ex (What'cha Gonna Do)

83.Ready for Whatever

84.My First Night with You (Fernando G's Extended Mix) (Provided)

85.My Love Is Like

86.My First Night With You (video version)

87.You Got Me