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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.If You Knew What I Knew

2.Forces Of Nature

3.Song For The Unloved (Bonus Track)

4.Let The Music Heal Your Soul

5.The Unloved

6.Where Can We Go From Here?

7.If I Ever Fall In Love

8.Love Is

9.One Last Cry

10.Over Her

11.Tender Love

12.Color My World

13.Christmas Time


15.Tell Me That I'm Dreamin'

16.I'll Never Find Someone Like You

17.Give Me Your Heart

18.Don't Leave Me

19.If You Stay(P M Dawn)

20.Nunca Te Hare Llorar(I'll Never Break Your Heart Spanish Version)

21.I'll Be The One

22.Let The Music Heal Your Soul(Bravo All Stars)讓音樂治癒你的靈魂(群星聯盟)

23.Story Of My Life

24.Light On

25.Calling Your Name



28.Hot, Hot, Hot


30.What I Know Now

31.International Luv


33.Callin' Your Name

34.Answer To Our Life

35.Every Time I Close My Eyes

36.Let's Have a Party

37.On Without You

38.Betcha By Golly Wow!

39.By My Side

40.Children Need A Helping Hand

41.Children Of The World

42.Donde Quieras Yo Ire - Spanish (Anywhere For You)

43.Heaven In Your Eyes

44.If You Stay

45.I Got To Get It

46.I'll Never Find A Girl Like You

47.I Wanna Be Happy

48.I Want It That Way (Other Version)

49.I Will Be Yours

50.Non Puoi Lasciarmi Cosi - Italian (Quit Playing Ga

51.Nunca Te Hare Llorar

52.Nunca Te Hare Llorar - Spanish (I'll Never Break Y

53.Tell Me That I'm Dreaming

54.Where Can We Go From Here

55.Who Do You Love

56.You Are


58.Donde Quieros Yo Ire (Anywhere For You)

59.Lift Me Up

60.Nunca Te Hare Llorar (I'll Never Break Your Heart :Spanish)

61.Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (In Spanish)

62.Non Puoi Lasciarmi Così

63.Gotta Go

64.Mr. A

65.Donde Quieras Yo Ire (Anywhere For You)

66.Nunca Te Hare Llorar (I'll Never Break Your Heart)

67.Hey Mr. Dj (Keep Playing That Song)

68.If You Want To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad

69.Catholic School Girls Rule

70.Dream Of Me

71.Fly To Heaven

72.I'm Fool So Much

73.Let's Make A Toast To Our Love

74.No Goodbyes

75.Rail Road (Provided)

76.Our Favorite Friend From Space

77.Everybodyeverybody's Back

78.Hey Dj Keep Playing This Song

79.If You Want To Be Good Girlget Yourself A Bad Boy

80.Mary's Boy Child

81.What Makes You Different

82.I Did It For You

83.No One Comes Close

84.Baby I'm Yours

85.Brick House

86.Divine Intervention

87.Donde Quieras Yo Ire' (Anywhere For You Spanish Version)

88.Don't Stand So Close To Me

89.End of the Road

90.Every Breath You Take

91.Friends Never Say Goodbye

92.I Want it that Way (Original Version)

93.I Still Love You

94.Non Puoi Lasciarmi Cosi'

95.Open Arms

96.Papa Was a Rolling Stone

97.Shape Of My Heart (Dat's Mix)

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