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【 The Greatest Hits[真愛無敵] 】【 2002-10-29 】

Album songs:
1.Swear It Again (Rokstone Mix)

2.If I Let You Go(Radio Edit)

3.Flying Without Wings

4.I Have A Dream(Remix)

5.Fool Again(2000 Remix)

6.Against All Odds

7.My Love

8.I Lay My Love On You

9.Uptown Girl(Radio Edit)

10.Queen Of My Heart(Radio Edit)

11.World Of Our Own(Us Mix)

12.Bop Bop Baby

13.When Youre Looking Like That(Single Remix)

14.Unbreakable(Single Remix)

15.Written In The Stars

16.How Does It Feel


18.Love Takes Two

19.Miss You Nights

20.Flying Without Wings

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Album Intro:

超越男孩 跨越偶像 叱吒歐亞第一情歌至尊
西城男孩 真愛無敵20首精選+新歌 領先全球發行
Bonus加收西城男孩與韓國玉女偶像BoA寶兒深情合唱Flying Without Wings