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1 4.40-16 Building r>4.40-16 Building That'70s heroin Heroin pressed on Teflon I got so many kids in the game it's like a gender revealing I got that feeling ... t designer with the Timbs wow They wanna run with my style40-16 building bussin''em down And the fiends was like employees bringin' customers'round Hurricane waters niggas had dreams of flooding t ... ling scorchin' handsomely how they gotta pay me Every recording off the head I'm in the studio lately I don't bang but I'm maki
2 15.Gold Roses ision You sayin' let you finish I ain't tryna hear it I'm all for spiritual liftin' but I don't fly Spirit I'm all for findin' happiness but d ... that's my new Achilles I know they love to rock a check but who gon' do it really? Really? My depositions never surface Tanenbaum know the logo on the jersey it's ... pensive purchase Trust when I say I'm never on the shit they assumin' I'm on Tales about me are like corridos in Culiacán Sashimi from Saito you know that man t
3 9.Phenom ongs yeah Bitch niggas say they love the gossip Whole time I don't know uh Now mud got me feelin' like a phenom Went to the plug I tell him need a read out Dri ... your feet up' Real hot nigga bitch I gotta heat up Real hot nigga get up out the spot Wanna take a flick when I step on the block Star ring on my finger baby'cau ... real still lately like LeBron they gon' flop uh I don't hear no haters lately'cause a nigga on top uh It's my time don't gotta watch uh to
4 2.I Need More t of them buildings My momma said boy you keep stressin' me out Too caught up in these streets ... oo caught up in these streets they gon' kill you And she put me right out in the streets When she said I would die no I ain't got no feelings Drop the top no I ai ... t my Glock when I walk in the building Got a bad bitch and she when I'm coming She know I'm one hundred she know I'm the realest I get a check she help me count it up All of these h ... n't give a fuck what y
5 1.Hustle ow it all Build it up and you're bound to fall Oh no-oh-oh don't try to hustle me(Don't try to hustle me) I spend my days tryna do you right B ... it won't do no good at all to say you're sorry now Your words they are falling on deaf ears And it won't do no good at all to try to work it out How can you replace all these years?'Cause now yo ... away The very thing you need Bitch please don't try to hustle me Don

6 9.Brother's Keeper(Feat. Pusha T) ften that they living what they speak Good pussy kept me entertained Money came then it went away Lord see over everything(Over everything?) Am I my brother's ... pe your niggas is true I hope they don't do you likeJudas I pray to God Pain wearing off sleeping while I talk Laid in the arms woke up at the top I wanna live on ... Push Am I my brother's keeper they still asking'bout the duo Applaud his finding salvation But I'm still rhyming'bout the you know It's hard to
7 14.Last Call what I'm sayin'? And then uh I remember Cole did it when did he do it? He was on Friday Night— Nah nah he did it on The Warm Up yo When he di ... Just a youngin' tryna survive they was hatin' on me I was working that nine-to-five I was waitin' homie I was bussin' tables fantasizin''bout cakin' homie Letting ... one that be tryin' me Know if they don't understand I'ma leave'em behind me Obviously I ain't got no time no no I said obviously I said I don't got no time no no ..
8 4.My Boy(Feat.J. Cole)(Freestyle) er hair I say congratulations your old lady renovated You niggas lazy my boy why you hatin' my guy? You bought her Commes des Garçons She come ... em was afraid of Now kill mo' say that now kill mo' say that But when your wheel is a fortune you ne'er gotta ... is a fortune you ne'er gotta say jack Don't be talking too much these niggas copy too much These niggas cardio crazy chasing clout must be tough Fuck it I wrote ... e niggas don't be no gangster they be p
9 7.Body ul in the buildin' Mally Mall And you know we smoke blunts to the face Because Everybody ... to the face Because Everybody sayin' up up away My girl cause the body weh yuh got worth more than'bout a billion Ayy ayyJust wanna feel ya Ayy ayy And get famili ... ice every time that we in the buildin'(ayy) Walkin' in with them Balmains out in the sun And I fathered all you niggas'cause rappers y'all my sons Don't care that ... ll my sons Don't care that if they catchin' you
10 8.BRACKETS ust wanna say something I make a so—fuck it's ridiculous But wait wait a minute wait a minute Hey if my father was alive today I would go home ... ive today I would go home and say'Dad I wanna tell you how much money I made' You know what he'd ... ey I made' You know what he'd say?'You's a lying motherfuckerJoe Louis didn't make that much money Come in here get your ass out the house Coming here with that b ... people wanna shoot for that I say'No no no chill it ain't
11 7.Disrespectful of y'all bitches ain't special(Nah) Keep your mouth closed little ... Keep your mouth closed little bitch I might bless you(Shh shh shhh) If Young Metro don't trust you I'm gon' shoot you Bentayga with the backseat table(Yah Yah) Ai ... we flooded out Take a project bitch and get her flooded out You can build a bear fuck it I'm finna build a thot Ice on a nigga nice lights out Nigga bad back on finna put a pipe out Got that40 with the dick nigga right now Ass was
12 6.For Real e Pockets they fat just like Kenan Told her I love her ain't mean it That's because her head the meanest You heard that I am from Mars I heard ... you was from Venus I met that bitch in a meeting I fucked that bitch from the meeting I been was planning to leave her So I just left it toJesus yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh Lil Vert like Gerald Told that ... l for real for real? Diamonds they wet like a seal Diamonds wet like Navy Seal Heard you drink lean crack the seal Everybody kno
13 12.MY PYT g strange they won't get off you Say you want a rider Well I got a ticket And later we can hide out You trying to get Missing Now I'm all up in your mind now Cool th ... ind I penetrate that physique Bitches I would delete Digging our chemistry No limit to me and she Come give me kiss on the cheek Pretty Thang[Hook: Sam Sneak+ Wal ... otta be my lunch Stay low and build with her Coachella chill with her
14 7.ROCKABYE BABY(feat. ScHoolboy Q) rip'cause they know I'm never lyin' Lookin' between the lines Feel like Ali in his prime As-Salaam-Alaikum alaikum salaam Peace to my Slimes a ... Crips Neighborhood police and they always on the shift Protect my Bloods look out for my cuz When it's all said and done we be the realest there was Who else if j ... ess that's just how it is And they still won't let the Black man live Feel the energy surge through my veins when I flow Mentally I can never be controlled No sym ...
15 1.On The Come Up o check a bitch yeah I check her Even though life's a game of chess'Cause I'm living play-by-play day-by-day No time for her honestly Unless h ... ein' down and out?'Til niggas sayin' you the best man Like your best friend walkin' down the aisle When you make it ... wn the aisle When you make it they gon' say I owe you and all kind of vowels When you makin' all kinda of thous I just want the Presidential Rollie black face Obama style T ... da style Boy this the D where
16 4.Good For It fuck that bitch I fucked her first so I might care Got these rappers stressin' out ... t these rappers stressin' out they growin' white hair I dumped that bitch sold her a dream I gave her nightmares ... a dream I gave her nightmares They talkin' shit from far away my.40 right here Shooter shoot like Steve Kerr I feel like Mike here Told that ... feel like Mike here Told that bitch I'm not Mike Tyson I don't bite ears My shorty21 she in her prime years I don't w
17 7.Big On Big ? If your bitch is a five my bitch is a ten How you gon' big on big? You drivin' aJag I'm pushin' a Benz How you gon' big on big? What you talkin' about? We done ... gon' big on big? How you gon' say you gon' driz? How you pour one up the seal? How you gon' do what I did? Nigga don't know how it feel How you gon' ... know how it feel How you gon' say you is real? Nigga lyin' sayin' he havin' act seal But we both know that ain't real Nigga lyin''bout a quarter mill
18 1.$Lay cking and they buyin' This for my niggas trappin' out them Hondas Tryna get designer Gucci ... ndas Tryna get designer Gucci they attire Walk in this building it's quiet I break a heart then I buy it I probably get her a Birkin I take that back shit I'm lying I'm on the jet when I' ... ack card80 of them burners if they counterfeit Seen the money and I know the sound of it It go(vrrrt vrrrt!) That's a lot of it Know that language that money mach ... e that money machine
19 4.Special lk in the building then it's time to put your ho up Promethazine we pour up Gasoline I roll up When I walk in the spot watch the whole club go ... lil nigga he special[x3] Bad bitches all in my section That lil nigga he special[x3] Bad ... lil nigga he special[x3] Bad bitches all in my section[Verse1] Hol up Hol up Hol up lean in my coca cola Wrist cold like Minnesota Smoking on that California Dic ... ifornia Dice gang high roller bitches say he bipolar When I
20 15.Mount Kushmore p in this bitch huh I never cruise I work to be the top gun And I'm a dog off the collar the marijuana globetrotters You got bud I holler Ayo ... high we high we high we high(say it again) Ayo this one nigga that roll up that smoke When I hit the weed spot my pockets go broke We high we high we high we hig ... high we high we high we high(say it again) It's the four horsemen call reinforcements We ain't looking for endorsements we absorb your portions We can roll the i ...

21 1.Ain't Nothing(feat. Wiz Khalifa& Ty Dolla$ign) like that bitch got on some skates Having dinner with Obama smelling like a pound of hay I might blow a pound a day smoking KK like a hippie I ... bottle like it ain't nothing Bitch I'll buy20 bottles for the club like it ain't nothing Drop a hundred thou' like it ain't nothing ... d thou' like it ain't nothing Bitch I'll go and buy a brand new car like it ain't nothing Buy a new crib like it ain't nothing ... ew crib like it ain't nothing Bitch I'll go and buy a????
22 3.Philadelphia Cop money and say'Can we get the check waiter?' While they bulldoze your favorite building in town and turn it into a fucking fruit shake maker You got the brains to be the next Norman Mailer You got the longevity ... after me And to all of you I say:'Oh my god you're a music journalist! Do you get to go to SXSW?''Yeah pretty much every year. I mean the magazine I work for sen ... job or shut the fuck up'Queen Bitch' is a cool David Bowie song And so is'Rebel Rebel'
23 11.Crown of Thorns ooters in buildings to coupes in the pavilions Play wealth keep your health and your heart first The belt that's been passed on the last car c ... n' at us I know you wanted my bitch but money won't attract it They trained pullin' pistols see the aims It's desert shark that blow apart flesh and bones when it starts The originator cuban linx ... ags of money get washed[Hook] They say Loyalty's golden and it will make you rich Well I'm royal my cloth is purple I neve
24 1.Campaign Speech torn and they're only bein' fed a portion Bed sores and sore shins Pregnant whores can get abortions Fetish for stickin' metal forks in self- ... box and*crash sound* Asked if they had a laughin' stock That was fuckin' stupid… You got it twisted all'cause I offered this ... sted all'cause I offered this bitch A doggie biscuit you call me misogynistic ... cuit you call me misogynistic Bitch get to massagin' this dick! Like spas in this ... this dick! Like spas in t
25 3.Holy Key ing on me they want me to nervous break These hoes showing fake love when I prefer the hate man Sheesh at least if you real then I have to res ... te rappers You know it's true bitch I need respect due Now or later either way I'mma take it just like it's fuckin' taxes No wonder I'm on fire I done been to hel ... I done been to hell and back bitch Lately I been living life in detachment I practice seven spiritual laws and cut off distractions We been all in the Hollywood ...
26 7.Pick These Hoes Apart n't wanna say it but I think I like you Certain shit I just gon' do because I'm prideful Let a nigga get a little close to you then inside you ... Real niggas wet your head and they shinin' hard Rolex today that Audemar tomorrow Sometimes you gotta pick these hoes apart One thing about that sack boy I'm a ru ... you the runner up Free credit say one bitch you know I got that sauce Really Gotti here he ain't got it I'm a motherfuckin' boss Cause I call when I call I ain't
27 10.Don't Ever Play Yourself sules now they love the plastics I ain't tryna get caught up in this thug-rap shit(never) Rather be bumper to bumper in drug traffic Cash on d ... don't sweat the small things they become drastic Next thing is cremation or a casket Fuck fallin' back I need all of that I need my name in the cocaine almanacJa ... smack Went to job interviews they ain't call us back Either way I ain't never evil Why do you think the streets love me? I ain't never leave'em Heart stops but t ...
28 6.Know Better(Kevin Gates) h it Some say I'm ignorant Mecca we touchin' September I'm making my pilgrimage(Allahu Akbar) Maybe I'm different Looked at you like you were ... you were special you not even build for this UFOs in the crush Gates So when it's up niggas goin' nuts Big shit tucked toolie on clutch Pockets on lump free my ni ... Room too expensive Motel6 and bitch quit trippin' Niggas in feelin's Wait don't wait forklift liftin' Brasi gon' fix the trap up vision You shoulda known when it ...
29 14.Just Like Us s out and say let's go out You mix that drank up that drank up And show all out You wanna scream and shout Ain't no turnin' down It ain't no m ... us up up up We gon' tear this bitch up who's with us us us? I done seen stars a million times And ... een stars a million times And they only come out at night How come they only shine bright at night? Uh Been around seen stars all my life ... around seen stars all my life They only come out at night They only co
30 1.MY PYT g strange they won't get off you Say you want a rider Well I got a ticket And later we can hide out You trying to get Missing Now I'm all up in your mind now Cool th ... ind I penetrate that physique Bitches I would delete Digging our chemistry No limit to me and she Come give me kiss on the cheek Pretty Thang[Hook: Sam Sneak+ Wal ... otta be my lunch Stay low and build with her Coachella chill with her
31 7.Untitled072014-2016 cash you bitch you You be in your feelings I be in my bag you ... r feelings I be in my bag you bitch you Santa's reindeer better have some ass you ... deer better have some ass you bitch you Everything I'm working gotta be the gas you ... working gotta be the gas you bitch you Shut your fuckin' mouth and get some cash you ... ' mouth and get some cash you bitch You be in your feelings I be in my bag you ... r feelings I be in my bag you bitch Santa's
32 3.Mama Aint Raised No Fool t's why I say my prayers before I moveJust don't ever get the shit confused Cause I got way too much of shit to lose I don't give a fuck what ... ownfall I got goonies with me they are hound dogs Pull up then hop out and spray them rounds off Shots for everybody nigga Mazel Tov I'm not with the games this a ... window Hauling sequence like they tryna' keep the tempo Snatch a bag ... Shh…there they go to plot tin' Momma never raise no[Hook:] Momma never raise no fool
33 12.Chasing New York m But she say'the fake fur don't taste the same' But your chips on your church and save your place But first make sure that that's the ace of ... e take the steering wheel but they don't hear me though I know that I could fly this ... I know that I could fly this bitch and if the bitch don't fly I'll build a pirate ship And when the bottle tips the model hits the ground But ... the model hits the ground But they love you whenever you're around[Ho
34 12.Black Owned Business kin' star bitch didn't you know? Can't you hear that applause for me? My brother Ib told me some niggas just wanna be safe And some niggas jus ... man this shit ain't for me to say I come I love until my heart can't bleed I'm on the road I guess it ain't meant for me to stay But I'm here with you[Hook] I'm h ... The fathers that didn't pass they all stacked in prisons But that shit don't get a pass no that shit don't get a grant Might as well go fill a bag Ridin' around ...
35 6.The New Cupid ty in the building And Mr. Southside I know they mention you got the wrong damn address[Verse1: BJ The Chicago Kid] Fuck your love motherfuck your love That's what SirJohn woul ... ove That's what SirJohn would say You can laugh all you want but he's right as hell Cupid's ain't around these days I've heard many stories about how he made peop ... now) Some people really think they in love But now without a love song Something's gone way wrong[Chorus: BJ The Chicago Kid] C
36 2.Hungry Ham the block they threw a couple bullets Warren Sapp Seen my nigga's family members bugging off the crack Your uncle smell like shit like he got ... kids is poppin' Percs because they claim it cool they nerves My crazy ass neighbors[?]HOO-HOO-HOO[?]was stirrin' smell like shit vomit urine When my ... like shit vomit urine When my bitches come over they have the look of concerning Like why he stand in the hallway with a milk carton and be lurking? Why he jumping for
37 3.Strive the block they threw a couple bullets Warren Sapp Seen my nigga's family members buggin' off the crack Your uncle smell like shit like he got ... kids is poppin' Percs because they claim it cool they nerves My crazy ass neighbors sprinkle HOO-HOO-HOO Street name was Sterlin smell like shit vomit urine When my ... like shit vomit urine When my bitches come over they have the look of concerning Like why he stand in the hallway with a milk carton and be lurking? Why
38 14.World Is Mine that shit Bitch you better the fuck out my face But I don't have half of what I want to achieve Na-na-na-na fuck is you ... hieve Na-na-na-na fuck is you sayin' I got to get it[Hook: Big Sean] She tried to tell me that the world is mine I know that ain't true And even though I want it ... ho turnin' so passionate when they battling motherfuckers But never get a crib up in Malibu motherfucker And I don't want to wind up like him He can't afford that ... muhfuckin' high as a k
39 3.Lost A Fan nd you're saying that because I don't like a handful of albums that have come out in the past few years I hate the entire genre? C'mon son[Int ... r real shit keep it fucking G They scared to say trill shit leave it up to me I heard about your drug dealing and all your turf wars But never about Dylan Roof walkin' through t ... e cops come I'mma show'em why they didn't make the last shotgun When them bigots got one[Hook](2x) I ... em bigots got one[Hook](2x) I say
40 8.Let's Go ft. Termanology nts? Real bitches love my shit do the arithmetics They don't fuck with your soft shit that's musical impotence Hell nah I don't fuck with y'all Glocks and them revolvers man I done t ... u get the ruger twisted Right they're wondering where that real rap was Nah Statik these niggas don't want to rap cuz And I got some bloggers I don't like at all ... teeth showing I'll run in the building where Darren Wilson live Wearing a Mike Brown mask and kill his pregnant ... wn m
41 4.Gang with Me(feat. Vic Mensa) rty Never say sorry Y'all know me MVP[Hook][Verse2: Vic Mensa] I got gang with me That meanJay with me'Yonce with meJust Blaze with me Save Mo ... he freebie Molly and the lean bitch This not Fiji[Verse3: Towkio] And I'm with gang So please be easy I do it for my city Do it cause ... do it for my city Do it cause they need me Sitting here I'm like'Feed me feed me' I gotta make sure that everybody eating At the plate it's squad on deck By my si ... off Ron Artest I don't wann
42 6.Talk Show d used to say real love can be the best illusion Because when you think it's there it's already moving And some feelings will leave before the ... . I promise butJhene you were saying something along the... ohh[Verse3-Jhene Aiko:] Yeah he's sweet I mean you know when he wants to be not all the time Let's not ... you wasn't fucking with them bitches Out here disrespecting me I mean you know I fucked up too Went through your phone you wasn't looking And I found out but if ...
43 9.Choir Practice you basic bitch? My crackle will leave a witch jealous swift penmanship Dismember this member your membershipJam jam weary to December head to ... to December head to Michigan Building with my fam' in this kitchen Don't front it's a non contest Rappers pack[?]not top chef Conquest mode coding all my concept ... What?[Hook: Verbal Kent]{x2} They say to keep it moving We say they slow us down They say they got it locked We say in who's
44 11.West End(feat. Germ) e See you building up violence You itching to murder itching to merk em You know what I gotta ... merk em You know what I gotta say Kill em all and get locked away Kill yourself and just end this pain You gonna burn in hell anyways Fuck the preachers and what ... s Fuck the preachers and what they say Grip the A to the K and and then let it spray Grip the Mac and just go insane Grab a ... Mac and just go insane Grab a bitch fuck her once and don't ever call Get
45 9.Blasphemy p in this bitch You and your bitches up in this bitch Oh my Mary Magdalene Be my savior for my sins I trust you my Bible With arms I can lie to[?] Da Vinci goddess Got an angel on ... aven girl you bring me heaven Say Mary[Hook] Blasphemy[Bridge] Me and my niggas up in this ... ] Me and my niggas up in this bitch You and your bitches up in this bitch Me and my niggas up in this bitch You and your bitches up in this bitch[Verse2] Thre

46 10.Air Bender t a silly bitch Tell the feds chill with the censorship Members only I'm the only member with a membership Trying real hard not to conversate ... hich crib Competition and the bitches got my name on they lips Takin' shots like187 is they favorite offense Real dawg should've came with a fence Smokin' tree baby I could pitch you a tent Alot of windows don't be self ... damage.(Too Real) You should build a room for the panic Switch my whole style up Capoeira fight d
47 2.Trillmatic(feat. A$AP Mob) ones that say we got this that you ain't alone As long as I'm here to pull out that glock9 and cocked it He mad you got rich but on the low yo ... with math Rappers never learn they lesson so I ain't lettin'em pass I ain't lettin'em brag I ain't lettin'em swag Bump swag just bein blunt while I'm pluckin my a ... l ain't up in my clash in the buildin It's A$AP Meth! Quick to kill'em that's an ASAP death[Chorus: A$AP Nast] Yo! I got a funky funky style with a funky swag I g ...
48 8.Let Me Explain(feat. Snoop Dogg& Erick Sermon) Hey! Hey!(SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST!)(LIL' ASS NIGGA!SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST!)[Erick Sermon& RL] Hey! Hey! Nigga look real quick! Hey! Hey! Nigga look real quick! Hey! Hey! Nigga look re ... nigga Snoop about to take yo' bitch With no hesitation or explanation Pimp![Chorus: RL(Sample from Kevin Hart)] Hey! Hey! Let me explain this Hey! Hey! Let me exp ... Let me explain this Hey! Hey!(SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST!)(LIL' ASS NIGGA!SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST!)[Erick Sermon& RL] He
49 13.Diamonds and Gold(feat. Cheeto Gambine) ett Tryna say Downtown when they tell you where they from Me I'm from the'burbs never had much I'm- White boy in black Hollywood representing Slum Yeah I got long hair I ain't ZZ T ... n a circle and puff Got these bitches they go twerking and sucking If you ain't got'em fucking then you probably ain't assertive enough Make your girl have a crush and I' ... a heartthrob Middle finger up saying fuck Paul Blart Cops got the K9 in the car lot Someone just got sh
50 13.I Was Born Poor w what Im sayin Yeah this a real celebration you feel me All my young niggas stand up you nam ... young niggas stand up you namsayin Worldwide man we made it out the struggle man You nah'mean Tell em get money ... ou nah'mean Tell em get money bitch we on top bitch[Verse1] All my young niggas that made it All my young niggas that died Swear to God I wanna cry but we just gotta shine Everyt ... I ain't tryna be a haterJust sayin' whats real We come from build(
51 25.Laugh Now Cry Later what I'm sayin Ain't no time to play games It's ya boy lil b Yeah uh[Verse1: Lil B] Got bricks in the floor bricks in the safe I can't afford ... get broke so I keep it smooth Bitch told me that so I play it cool Her dude locked up but she wanna fuck me Hit the pussy raw like a trick dummy(trippin) I don't ... ppin) I don't give a fuck the bitch don't love me Too young to be with me mind on her money My mind on myself so I'm fine dummy Only thing I'm worried about? Is m ...
52 12.World War6 ling kids They don't miss when they attacked only crime he was black This is World War6 We got ISIS around this ... War6 We got ISIS around this bitch Killing hundreds after hundreds with one hit This is World War6[Verse1] Maan You ain't seen the news? Laquan McDonald Chicago ... ten kids that's the devil man They say Bill Cosby raping people not theJello man Thugs killing thugs Bloods killing Bloods ... g thugs Bloods killing Bloods They ask lil' daddy w
53 1.Can't Ignore(feat.2 Chainz) icks like they building a fort But Margiela they cannot afford Loco what's whipping good? Said it click when you hit with the fork I'm true to Allah and I don't fuck with cops ... but we make it pour Ask them bitches bout me they say for sure How could I ever get bored? Her pussy good I could never get bored I got a condo I'm never gon' show her We gon' do tel ... tairs with cheddy No Benihana bitch go to the deli My life in a rush
54 4.Fuck It Up mpetition They sneakin' and dissin' don't care bout them ... dissin' don't care bout them bitches I had a dream of Beamers on6's Give me3 months and I swear I'ma get it oh Big money get in quick you know we ball out We do ... alls now Cause I'm up now And they do not want to see this girl shinin' Give a fuck now You just ... nin' Give a fuck now You just say that you bout it you lyin'[Hook: Kamaiyah] Fuck it up west side niggas know we fuck it up Dubs up how you know
55 8.Diddy Bop(Feat. Raury& Cam O'bi) hen their bitches like Raz-B B2K in the stereo we juke in the back seat Or juke in the basement in love with my KSWISS's This feel like jumpin ... s like'baby just ask me' Mama say she love love loved us When the lights was off we had to stay with cousins Granny at the BBQ with petty ass husband Summertime c ... dge: Noname] Run run run mama say come home before the streetlights do Ice cream on my front porch in my new FUBU and my A1's too Watching my happy block my whole ...
56 14.Hunter(V2) dest Like they so hot because they so blogged Like it wasn't their marketing dollars that paid for all it No-wait! Don't call it! Don't hate Tone! Play the game d ... soft on these a-holes dog I'm saying this shit from a place so honest there ain't no wrong in it– FUCK EVERYTHING When I wrote Politics I was a kid acknowledging ... burn a bridge is too lazy to build their own I'm obsessive compulsive- reps are what I know A perfectionist with a restraining order- can'
57 2.You Dead(Feat. Nacho Picasso& Mr. MFN eXquire) Life's a bitch you aim to please her Life's a bitch I'm a wife beater Blood speckles on wife-beaters Sold black tar wearing white sneakers Know white boys with wide peepers That' ... he thesis I'm cold as freezer They call me Caesar I'm so facetious Increase the peace or increase the pieces[Hook][Verse2: Sadistik] I'm inundated in a daze Out m ... dinner plates I'm dead awake they've been afraid My set of fangs may penetrate uh My limbs still feel dismembered that's if
58 8.Flying Coach host That bitch that do the most She like... ghost I can't love her'cause she do the most Oh! I can't love her'cause she do the most(lil bitty ... use she do the most(lil bitty bitch) yeah she do the most I gave her all I had and now she ghost(lil bitty ... d and now she ghost(lil bitty bitch) now she ghost Independent we been jumped up out the porch(lil bitty ... ed up out the porch(lil bitty bitch) jumped up out the porch We fly business; you mad'cause you flying coa
59 12.Fall Back She a bad bitch boss up Broke Bitch fall back[Hook: Quavo] Bad bitches boss up(boss up ay) Broke Bitches fall back(fall back ay) Rich nigga boss up(boss up ay) Broke nigga fall back(fall back ay) Longway hit for that(what you tel ... it for that(what you tell em' say) Longway hit for that(what you tell em' ... it for that(what you tell em' say) Longway hit for that(what you tell em' ... it for that(what you tell em' say) Longway hit for that(what you
60 5.Cant Go Out Sad p filming They calling me Bob the Builder Quavo Paul Pierce em' whip a ball Wilson Put my all in that bowl put my all in it I want all my dogs to win it I want all my ... g nigga looking for bae Got a bitch onJimmy and she do whatever hunchosay Her boyfriend wanna be me cause I keep that shit the gangster way I got to put you down Ay man these niggas goin' out sad I'm te ... t bad Naw'specially bout that bitch I'm not goin' out sad'Specially bout that ... ' out sa
61 31.Top In the Trash d turnips bitch I turn'em in the turnin' lane I'm always in a foreign whip My trap boomin' like Bloomingdale's A long line like you at the Rit ... te diamonds like I'm Liberace Bitch come here and kiss my fist I use Cristal for Listerine I brush my teeth with purp codeine I wash my face with bottled water Dr ... ocused'Bout to put me out the buildin' Cause I got some nosy neighborsSay I'm smokin' loud and they complainin''Bout the noise and fragrance Think I'm goin
62 5.Autonomic e? like a bitch fucking another guy waiting for her to bell me? nah' maybe when I was twenty but never be in my thirties this world has been t ... that? board meetings over now they look for where the puppets at you and me black and white pin stripe or truckers hat thinking we the suckers that forever sleepw ... do all the dying Politicians say their eulogy sippin' Scotch on a podium their wives flaunt their jewellery I'm ... es flaunt their jewellery I'm saying you ai
63 2.My Check d me when they said no You don't know what it did to me The way I've been putting in work I knew it would happen eventually The way that my se ... that my section is glistening They had to acknowledge the victory All of these bottles was sent to me You won't never ever hear me ... You won't never ever hear me say we ran out Even when I'm sitting at my table I stand out Got my back against the wall hit me with the rotation Ain't afraid to s ... ne number in my check I could (
64 19.Love Letters home and they won't ruin it easily Cause the wolf is gonna blow until he's blue in the cheek And me and you and the crew can go take a snooze ... We never let em through We'll build a levy Limit the river's level Steady the flood and begin with a pebble Lend me one syllable Come if you're ready to shovel Ru ... h glitter money And strippers they're selling as good shit It's nothing new up at the core though Everything same as it's always been only more so Of course so sa ...
65 5.Prosperity(Feat. Themind) it My dad says the Lord's blessings will rain down I pray I stay sane now Asking questions like'Am I lame now?' Because I'm still plagued by p ... lagued by peer pressure Craig says'survivor's guilt will probably still get ya' Time spent is still like the only real measure Of the four letter word I drip my e ... ip my ego in gold I wear that bitch like a fur The only protection from the coast is the moments that I rather forget[Hook: MickJenkins] Big bracelets Rollies big ...
66 9.1515 Washington no Nikes bitch don't make me laugh See how simple your whole life is in the palm of your hand[Bridge] Oh! The smoke will lead you home![Verse ... gs When I escaped the burning building? That silly feeling making your problems feel small While simultaneously feeling helpless and numb to it all Feel like a fu ... e shoes that I bought Knowing they all just turned to ashes When the laces all caught on fire All night I couldn't sleep a wink while looters broke in And picked ...
67 9.King of Hearts on niggas they be gettin' no dial They know a nigga goes in when I zones out You want a verse? Sorry no reception But you know I got Simz like a mobile I get gassy an ... un a proceedings of the party They say'how this girl be running shit? Nah it can't be' Nobody here can control or demand me Off niggas then holiday in Bali I been ... s then holiday in Bali I been building and now look what I made Ain't it amazing and now niggas wanna invade Are you'dey craze? Pa
68 36.Antisocial My momma say get from round me[Hook] I'm antisocial get from round me Tryna hit the top don't try and down me Four diamond rings on I pull of ... wasaki Man these niggas goofy they be Mickey Mousin' Runnin' with my tool like I'm ... Runnin' with my tool like I'm buildin' houses You wanna run up? Don't do it you won't make it out it Turn a rock to dead presidents just like a mountain Two door ... ? This right here? I got that bitch from what you call it These hoes thir
69 11.Still With It n my dick They will lock me up bail right out still be on that shit Still crispy[?] hoppin' blocks since the6th grade And I'm still shootin' a ... s myself'til this day Fucking bitches other niggas in love with So lick up a person to talk drug shit Still wylin' out on46th Still take a nigga pack and smoke th ... the jerks nigga got it nigga say the word Green light grab the pipe people got the night Still dumping in the streets still thuggin' it Still fuck a little ... uggin
70 19.Damn Right li in the building) Bitch alcohol music Don't get it twisted[Chorus] We some real hitta's(damn right) Trill hitta's(damn right) Got some bad ... ta's(damn right) Got some bad bitches(damn right) And they down to fuck tonight We drinkin'(damn right) We smokin'(damn right) Got some bad ... kin'(damn right) Got some bad bitches(damn right) And they down to fuck tonight[Verse1](damn right damn right) I'mma fuck you like want it damn right Is my stroke game100 d
71 3.Genocide killed a bitch Went and put that dome to her head My daddy done kill a you Don't feel a pull a part that man and Let me up! What it look like ... Murder(It's been a187 in this bitch!) Murderess murder listen hit a suburban whippin' Tinted windows ride at your wifey(Blah!) and I bet you miss her Reload the p ... to carry it So I married that bitch and swung down in that chariot Hangin' way to fuckin' close beware the barrier This is hub city nigga don't make us embarrass ...
72 5.All In A Day's Work this And they ask me how I do it Mothafucka just take a look around Best believe I'm in the ... round Best believe I'm in the buildin'I hear you mothafuckas talkin' and all that but No no don't mention me at all Yeah comin' live and direct And I know you fee ... your mouth I dare your ass to say somethin' I thought it was all good But now you mothafuckas crossed the line Kinda pissin' me off All the fans and all the fame ... gave everything to this game They still co
73 4.All Eyes On You All these bitches but my eyes on you Is you somebody's baby? If you ain't girl what we gon' do? If you ain't gon' need it baby Give it all up ... t We was the flyest up in the building We was countin' this money lovin' the feelin' Look at you now in love with a hitta But now it's all eyes on me and it all l ... n me and it all lies on me To say somethin' to your pretty ass Some hood shit like'what you looking at?” Cause I'm good for that Birkin bags I'm good for that Mig ..
74 6.R.I.C.O. yback's a bitch and you know that shit Y'all niggas gettin' too old for this Please don't think nobody notices I've been up for way too many d ... ve some millions to my people They gon' go Tony Montana and then cop them some Shaq at the free throws But ... e Shaq at the free throws But they're from the way fam there's not much to ... e way fam there's not much to say fam They told me to tell you you mans are some wastemans And stay in your place fam My dad is fr
75 1.Nasty Freestyle le Ya say Roro you know what it is right? Who is Riceky Wayne the mixtape Ya feel me? First let me hop out motherfucking Porsche Ion want ... Dash got so much wood I could build me a fort Had to many things i ain't done yet I'm the king of this shit Ground by the toilet I'm just barley getting started Y ... m the rap DerekJeter Let your bitch ride on me Like she was on a feeder If the pussy ain't good Then I prolly won't feed her Lil homie you can keep her Because I ...
76 9.B.E.T. Cypher e top now they want a third strike on my background But nah homie put the mask on when I slide on'em Put the cash in the safe and here's a ext ... t you You running to the cops saying'How we do?' Saying it's just rap and them lines ain't true So I just do Q fuck it a ménageà two or maybe trois Baby girl need a papa I be her da ... ies love us get a whiff of us They bones quiver heard some clown throwing stones at us Holding boulders champ once you hear that'YAWK' watch
77 1.Fade Away only way They gon' know my name until it fade away[Hook] Fade away fade away ... way[Hook] Fade away fade away They gon' know my name until it fade away(Way way way) fade away ... e away(Way way way) fade away They gon' know my name until it fade away[Verse1] I been there I done that done that this rap shit I run that Motherfucker this far ... ta get my son back Cause when they coming through that system don't give a fuck about you Everybody gonna die gonna go one da
78 11.Upgrade ded while they've waited Will they love it will they hate it Never fade it I evade it Cause I never really want to complicate it Think I've made it yes I did I'm giving them bars l ... ind it like a vid'Did he just say that?' Yes I did And they really wanna get it like I live God damn mother fucker what I gotta give Way back in DC I live On the way to that everlasting l ... to that everlasting life Will they rob you? Yeah they might Hold up wait a minut
79 5.Turn The Bass Up feat. Liquid Assassin is in the building rocking the party Hotboxing like we Bob Marley Smoking on some bomb with a blonde Barbie Shots of Crown you want to battle ... around getting naked shaking they ass Fuck being classy we go hard all night and party till we crash[Verse2–1 Ton] I'm a professional the microphone is my tool I ... e haters lurking just because they ladies twerking I'm up here working representing Potluck till it's curtains This is what we do this shit ain't nothing We alway ..
80 1.They Say Yeah (EP)1.They Say Yeah I walk with a doper bumper up in my swagger Can't fuck with you rappers all you rapper's actors I'm the total package I ... and jeans I can't trust these bitches I can't trust these hoes Focused on my digits gotta get my dough I can't sign that contract I can't sell my soul I've been o ... oad ten thousand dollar shows They say we were popping deep up in that new shit Like Mandela like2-Pac gon' ask me where the juice is OGs in my city I
81 4.Splash for me He say I done moved the whole thing couple rocks all I got on me I ... ouple rocks all I got on me I say yeah nigga it's go he say yeah nigga we on I said I be on my way break a brick down in all zones And I got work I got work And I got pills and I got purp ... t goons that's on my team And they gon' kill like I got murked I got a a bad ... ke I got murked I got a a bad bitch in my Chevy Selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo I got thatJustin Bi
82 3.Cargo Planes ke flakes they could scrape Eating off these fine rhymes like china plates Instrumentals in my Bentley on the interstate Millionares relate ca ... money My niggas on the grind say I talk for em Using this art as a talk forum To spark notions to start motion Hope for the hopeless Ain't know it when I wrote i ... shows to cop mo' Chevy2 Do's Build another house just for me to park those This is Curren$y in muthafuckin' boss mode Currently running that Pilot Talk code Now ...
83 11.Search Party ones keep building more shit Clown shit that I'm not feeling Too much cut that bullshit snuff ... much cut that bullshit snuff they dealings Mainstream got it all fucked up You want the real dope then you gotta come to us Underground niggas papered up Fuck th ... ard show Get'em tickets to my bitch like'y'all go' I gotta get these bars wrote that raw coke Musical key loads boat loads car loads Hollywood celebrity types and ... m other niggas fronting finna say fuck it
84 10.Reptables rds close they mouths until we gone Talking like they had a can of man Knock them down like a batteram For thinking that ... a batteram For thinking that they're bad to the bone Because losing ain't an option And failure is unacceptable Treat hip hop just like the block boy We Reptable ... n that Trickfingers is in the building[Hook: Crisis] The so called best we call them out Black Knights go hard don't stall them out Make cowards close ... l them out Make cowards cl
85 5.King No Crown day bring They say that truth hurts well half truth still sting If life is a ... ruth still sting If life is a bitch I'm still giving her a ring Never more sure this is where I'm supposed to be I'm the youngest out of four momma could have sto ... ls of China Pyramids of Egypt Build it destroy it pass it on then repeat it Above and beyond the[?]really need it The peak means nothing to us once we get to reac ... But when the blame is passed they don't wanna share
86 5.Livin Like(feat. Rapper Big Pooh) Burn this bitch down even if I got one fan Like You hear this you ears will sun tan I'm an army tank you're just one man And niggas talkin' bo ... e man And niggas talkin' bout they label offers Knowin' damn well them labels off ya You know you got it all wrong When you start equating your success with Drake ... ke[Verse2: Rapper Big Pooh] I say I'm livin' like the world can't hold me Mama can't scold me like a lawn chair niggas fold me Flow sounding moldy& dated Rap game ...
87 25.Run tha Show tain open they be yelling Ab-soul(Go'head) And if you didn't(Know what?) Then now you know(What's up?) Asshole Ab-Soul kick up flow I got you[ ... ar Fuck it though I'm in this bitch-- acting all hard But watch me turn impotent as soon as niggas trip and shit I only got one life and nigga I ain't risking it ... enty-six Smoke like a burning building never choke and if I do That's that killa meaning nigga that'll murder you That's the fire on my chest dude'Ab-Soul you smo ...
88 3.Verified take your bitch My niggas been with the shits boy watch your lip No telling ... boy watch your lip No telling they might trip My mind twisted like a Dutch wrap issues you don't want that Promoters playing with my deposits where my funds at? A ... 't wanna see these other guys They gon ride when they want not when I say so Managed by some OGs I promise they don't play ho And we ain't telling threats you wasn't placing bets Interscope was talking bout money .
89 12.My Dawgs my dogs I say careful cause we biting if we bark Me and my dogs me and my dogs That's hype though[Verse1– LightSkinMac11] No[?]with my pimp wa ... Mac11] No[?]with my pimp walk they shell shocked when them shells drop I been out of town stacking my money and making my rounds You cuffing your ... ng my rounds You cuffing your bitch you can't bring her around I build up her feelings to break em back down Yeah that ... break em back down Yeah that bitch bad strai
90 1.Take Kare very time they hate I throw them bands like a bouquet I ain't RayJ but you can be my Kim K Feelin' like Lil Flip in love with green don't look ... ll never believe what Lil Kim say Water like Phelps and you can jump in my lake Run into my head like a deer when it's late Man everywhere she go she ballin' Yeah ... r at?' She don't gangbang she say she bang gangs And she'll fight might knock'em out the ring Out of cold Pepsi she'll whip it like a waiter I just wanna nut she ...
91 2.Ain't Gonna See It ry niggas they'll kill you every time Think I'm triple six8 ball MJ LilJon Crunk off in that pussy leanin' in it tryin' kill some She workin' ... some2 things I don't like: A bitch who can't shut up and one who wanna stay the night Whatchu ... wanna stay the night Whatchu say you playin' right? You been hit the blunt and tell Uber to meet you at the light hoe Back to where you came from that's just how ... e dice roll Uncle Quentin man they raised me don't take shit
92 14.Bill Gates told that bitch to save my number in her phone under Bill Gates ya heard me Uh ya heard me I just need you to do for me what I need you to do ... come through when you need me bitch Ya heard me bitch Bitch ya heard me bitch![Verse1] Silk sweaters dirty Berettas and petty vendettas Niggas is jealous I get it bring it when and wherever Court dates an ... Feds across the hall I got a bitch who licking balls my back against the wall All black photographs that s
93 13.Mrs Mary Mack is in the buildin' Rich niggas in the buildin' Fired up[Hook: August Alsina] Mrs. Mary Mack all rolled in pack roll up With that sweet kush all down her back Mrs. Mary Ma ... ck And oh I think I love that bitch I think I love that bitch I think I love that bitch I think I love her And oh I think I love that ... er And oh I think I love that bitch I think I love that bitch I think I love that bitch I think I love her[Verse1:JuicyJ] Fuckin' with he
94 1.Coco roof Then they come through and sit it on my coffee table[Verse1] Who kept this shit together? Nigga me that's who Who was there when niggas l ... takin' over Think it's over? Bitch I'm thinkin' forward I'm sippin' lean out a glass nigga All I got is Young Money no more Cash nigga[Hook2] And this that Sorry ... t thawed out I'm still in the buildin' I just have to knock a couple walls down Have to kick y'all out Life is a movie but sometimes a nigga get too tired of watc ...
95 12.When In Rome ad little bitch with her tongue out Told her go long it's a touchdown Do this for the city and the state Buster better bring me to the safe We ... eating that case Motherfucker say it to my face Say it to my face motherfucker go and say it to my face Trippin' now everything straight Rappers all wanna drop it now and ... ers all wanna drop it now and they can't even get a date Feeling greater than a meth head If you got a problem don't stand here In the middle of t
96 7.AintNuttin ' nigga I say one time and one time only nigga Cuz to me really it ain't nothin' nigga I wore that shirt one time it ain't nothin' nigga I pay ... t ain't nothin' nigga Project buildings to the Trumps it ain't nothin'' nigga Hunnid racks lil pocket it ain't nothin' nigga AP balenciagas it ain't nothin' nigga ... in't nothin' nigga Your dream bitch I done call it ain't nothin' nigga The dope boys in the Forbes it ain't nothin' nigga Dope deals sneaker deals it ain't nothin ...
97 8.Be Real k in them bitches start filming They sittin' with a man thotty ass still grinning it's on Honest so hot mind on a comet Fast life sometimes feel like I'm in a comic ... n a comic I don't give a fuck bitch with or without a condom Fat joke pockets lean back like a recliner I'm in this representing West Side Lotta people try to tel ... in gang over here no neck tie Bitch you know I'm all about the business From beginning to the ending never simpin' never slippin' Sippin' P
98 11.Tuna Roll p in this bitch Hear that errr smell the scent Bitch I'm all all in One hit and leave a niggas nose twitchin he wished it would What I'm smokin on I sware to god I'm floatin in a ... but it look like we from Asia Say I don't be in my city? Who the fuck is you pholasin Lets go! Yeah! Well Alright![Verse2:] It go peter picked them peppers nigga ... my ass head up look at me now bitch! Back on immense stack on stack I'm rackin' em' in Sware that ... I'm rackin' em' in Sw
99 4.Pots And Stove Feat. Boosie Badazz& Quick ung nigga they like'How he still alive?' Pots and stoves yeah them pots and stoves Pots and stoves pots and stoves Pots and stoves yeah them p ... your cook stealin' Apartment buildin' and I'm feelin' like the people close Get the light and light the dro damn knock at the door That's Wendy and she a loyal c ... ke a[?] If you real you don't say you real cause it's automatically gon' show Sugar cane thing freeze up I kept a side of that snow You see it in my eyes and the ...
100 6.Bet That I Will omen That say I ain't shit cause of Nicki and IggyThey downplay the lyrics delivered I'm killing I'm hitting but have you seen them? Only way that Imma kill it get a booty like Selen ... that what I'm supposed to do? Bitch I'm a Mexican While you bedazzled I'm fighting embezzlements I be in court and I'm not one to settle it Y'all owe me money I w ... pin you like Pinterest Cause they don't know English they won't get a sentence Cause we couldbuild houses no

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