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1 1.Big Racks y coke in trees Stickin' your bitch like a porcupine I rock that white while she s
2 3.A Portrait of the Trequartista as a Young Man Of every tree in every woods. In ink red blood can you imagine? While wearing his head as a hood. I'd take life for a crime of passion Lies t ... blind A balloon artist kisses porcupine(!
3 1.Russia On Ice Porcupine Tree-Octane Twisted1.Russia On Ice
4 2.Russia On Ice The Pills I'm Taking Porcupine Tree-Octane Twisted2.Russia On Ice
5 3.Pet Angel rough the trees Step to a one and a two and a three Step to a four five and six Spin your little girl three times on her love And your lover p ... rom ol' Bill The man with the porcupine face You grabbed my little wr

6 8.Meanest Man Montreal-Porcupine Hill8.Meanest Man You're the meanest man I've ever seen keep your eyes peeled like a tangerine you talk about peop ... nd of guy that would cut down trees just so I have less air to breath
7 9.Porcupine Came9.Porcupine I drive down to Pine Ridge pull up to ... down to Pine Ridge pull up to Porcupine Saying here I am you lead me I'm ready to fight Like all the light skins before me my baggage is heavy Will my good intent ... he branches of all our family trees. The skin that I live don't tell all my story some of the people I come had to run from people who look like me Light the matc ... down to Pine Ridge pull up to Porcupine saying here I am you lead me
8 10.Michigan Girl rowl the streets all by themselves I remember times that happened to me And how glad I was to be set free I wish that I could feel that way ri ... pine Walked the trails of the Porcupine Proud to call this home mine Well I heard they closed The Bridge last week Cause the wind was high where the water's deep& ... own Dancing red& gold and oak tree brown With a kiss of summer still
9 4.Panic Land up like a porcupine Oh yeah Welcome to Panicland Doncha know it's a trap Feel it snap Then you crack P-P-P-Panicland5PM see the lemmings flee ... icland Yeah That's right Up a tree P-P-P-Paniclan
10 3.Sleep Of No Dreaming Porcupine Tree-Signify3.Sleep Of No Dreaming
11 5.Waiting Phase One Porcupine Tree-Signify5.Waiting Phase One
12 7.Sever Porcupine Tree-Signify7.Sever Telepath Ca
13 9.Every Home Is Wired Porcupine Tree-Signify9.Every Home Is Wired
14 12.Dark Matter Porcupine Tree-Signify12.Dark Matter Lyricist St
15 13.Wake As Gun I Porcupine Tree-Signify13.Wake As Gun I Ma
16 15.Smiling Not Smiling Porcupine Tree-Signify15.Smiling Not Smiling
17 16.Wake As Gun II Porcupine Tree-Signify16.Wake As Gun II M
18 19.Sever Tomorrow Porcupine Tree-Signify19.Sever Tomorrow T
19 20.Nine Cats Porcupine Tree-Signify20.Nine Cats Lyricist Alan Duffy StevenJohn Wilson The butterfly sailed on the breeze Past a field of barbed wire ... e Past a field of barbed wire trees Where golden dragons chased aroun
20 21.Waiting Porcupine Tree-Signify21.Waiting Wanting.

21 2.Dislocated Day Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine2.Dislocated Day
22 3.The Sleep Of No Dreaming Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine3.The Sleep Of No D
23 5.Radioactive Toy Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine5.Radioactive Toy
24 6.Not Beautiful Anymore Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine6.Not Beautiful Any
25 7.Up The Downstair Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine7.Up The Downstair
26 8.The Moon Touches Your Shoulder Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine8.The Moon Touches
27 9.Always Never Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine9.Always Never作
28 11.The Sky Moves Sideways Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine11.The Sky Moves Si
29 13.Waiting Phase One Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine13.Waiting Phase On
30 1.The Incident Porcupine Tree-The Incident1.The Incident
31 2.Flicker Porcupine Tree-The Incident2.Flicker Noth
32 3.Bonnie The Cat Porcupine Tree-The Incident3.Bonnie The Cat
33 4.Black Dahlia Porcupine Tree-The Incident4.Black Dahlia
34 5.Remember Me Lover Porcupine Tree-The Incident5.Remember Me Love
35 6.What Happens Now? Porcupine Tree-The Incident6.What Happens Now
36 8.The Blind House Porcupine Tree-The Incident8.The Blind House
37 9.Great Expectations Porcupine Tree-The Incident9.Great Expectatio
38 10.Kneel And Disconnect Porcupine Tree-The Incident10.Kneel And Disco
39 11.Drawing The Line Porcupine Tree-The Incident11.Drawing The Lin
40 12.Your Unpleasant Family Porcupine Tree-The Incident12.Your Unpleasant Family Your unpleasant family smashed up my car Perfectly uncalled for Your unpleasant f ... re I found regret amongst the trees Snaps of a life we had in the gar
41 14.Time Flies Porcupine Tree-The Incident14.Time Flies
42 16.Octane Twisted Porcupine Tree-The Incident16.Octane Twisted
43 17.The Seance Porcupine Tree-The Incident17.The Seance
44 19.I Drive The Hearse Porcupine Tree-The Incident19.I Drive The Hea
45 3.Mesmer III Coma Divine Porcupine Tree-Metanoia3.Mesmer III Coma Divi

46 1.The Sky Moves Sideways Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline1.The Sky M
47 2.Even Less Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline2.Even Less
48 3.Stars Die Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline3.Stars Die Lyricist Steven Wilson The moon shook and curled up like gentle fire The ocean glazed and melte ... kies Stars die Blinding skies Tree cracked and mountain cried Bridges
49 4.Waiting Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline4.Waiting
50 5.Normal Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline5.Normal
51 6.Drown With Me Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline6.Drown Wit
52 7.Lazarus Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline7.Lazarus
53 8.Trains Porcupine Tree-We Lost The Skyline8.Trains
54 18.Something's Going Down Tonight ss from a porcupine{We keep it movin like a Hula Hoop}(Cause Einstein brought a loop that's tighter than a scuba suit)[No dress code no ID It' ... ld you're barkin up the right tree[Dizzy Dustin] I got moves like Tom
55 8.Who's Fuckin' With This On point) Porcupine hugs plug Meridian Bee high as bumble bursting who's buzz is the busiest?(Y'all want it raw dawg?) We'll give it to you sk ... 'all faggots is cartwheeling Street dreams XXL tales from Hell We dwell within the trenches still we prevail These niggas stale like buzzard food Shine for a time ... ll leave these niggas up in a tree Death costs ain't nothing for free Who's fucking with this? You ain't fully equipped You a let down like a bitch with ass and n ...
56 12.Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien top of a tree Looking down on me- too blue To be looking up to a dream of yours A painting of a room with a million doors The memory of a key ... sea of time The keeper of the tree is no friend of mine Falling down I'm falling down Sitting on top of the world Looking down on you- too blue To be looking up t ... e A painting of a shoe like a porcupine A painting of a wood in the south of france Standing by the edge of a new romance I'm falling down Isn't it true On days t ...
57 21.Suzanne g on the street as afar above him a gull swings with tiny razor-sharp onions taped to its eyelids and it screams'this is your pune!' And the b ... . it reminded me of christmas trees because it was so green. and i had a floatation device installed in my liver so i would not sink if i drowned. a En out of the ... ries. Have you ever smelled a porcupine as its thrown the air by a hu
58 9.Isaiah14 e cypress trees rejoice over you And the cedars of Lebanon Saying'Since you were cut down No woodsman has come up against us.'9'Hell from bene ... make it a possession for the porcupine And marshes of muddy water; I
59 18.Animal Planet sling in trees Elephants for security they move tons of leaves The bluebirds arrest parrots that love to talk Or eagles that stalk fresh-wate ... litant who strike in the dark Porcupines had a rep' for sticking ever
60 34.O Porcupine 存34.O Porcupine Lyricist GregoryJehanian Christopher Kleinberg Richard Mazotta Aaron Weiss Michael Weiss Without a queen the locust swarm Tur ... 't yet appreciate harmony' Oh porcupine low in the tree your eyes to mine You'd be well in
61 9.Little Apples ndering a porcupine in Bryce And in Stratavision Pro I'm designing where to grow Little apples when I build a hay bale house I heard on Ananov ... iches turn to truths Like the trees begin to lose Their leaves I thin
63 2.Porcupine Sheet ware2.Porcupine Sheet We made a boat out of your shoulders And wrapped your legs around our arms Blue eyes get choppier the further I ... black behind the trunk of the trees We can't go faster with this porcupine sheet We can't go faster with this ... We can't go faster with this porcupine sheet Porcupine sheet Porcupine sheet There's something under
64 2.The Human Torch .) It's a tree house somewhere We're a jungle affair With a ... We're a jungle affair With a porcupine fence And we're so present te
65 3.Animal Planet sling in trees Elephants for security that move tons of leaves The bluebirds arrest parrots that love to talk Or eagles that stalk fresh-wate ... litant who strike in the dark Porcupines had a rep' for sticking ever
66 2.Don't Test Me dem like porcupine CHORUS: Dont test me test me test me You dont know me Dont test me test me test me Dont play wit ma money(yow) SECOND: Nuh ... fi get a shake off a di money tree Wi in di club a spree everyone a d
67 3.Truth Cerium rough the trees* With a band of horses Dangling your keys to keep me in control Better keep me on my knees A velvet comfy cozy ... my knees A velvet comfy cozy porcupine A helmet to keep you safely o
68 2.Platforms ent o'er streets of coals. Yeah you could go straight to the war-torn wrapped in gauze And deep-freeze them with a worthy cause While the bree ... While the breeze through the trees gives applause. You keep walking while the healing thaws Through fields that Cezanne draws You change your feet to tiger's paw ... ing them to look inside their porcupine coats To see beneath their pu
69 7.Mainline nt like a porcupine My sensei say the way to make'em pay Is treat the motherfucker like a[unverified] I pack my funk harder than a[unverified] ... 's big I'm thicker than a oak tree And smalltime my fists come equipp
70 4.The Inner Man: Antimateria tween the trees between the fireflies Where he's trying to become one with the earth Letting the moonlight reflect his soul Too far away pushi ... appear As the awakening of a porcupine Painting red-violet walls abs
71 3.Porcupine(Acoustic Version) n-暫存3.Porcupine(Acoustic Version) Moving through the ... rsion) Moving through the trees Rolling through the leaves Make the wrong move and she'll bring you to your knees She's out of her mind Doing just fine It's i ... s and she'll stick you like a porcupine Drinking her wine She'll leave a man blind But you won't mind She's doing what she wants and shell stick you like a ... ts and shell stick you like a porcupine Every time I try to give her my deman
72 2.Who Wit Me r in the streets Who wit' me? Who? Who? Who wit' me? Who? Who? You must be dumb or blind If you can't see my kind Sharp as a ... can't see my kind Sharp as a porcupine We off the party line I'm so electrified I'm so electrified I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so electrified You know there' ... you goin'? Stupid We off them trees honey bees With that duel fluid Across the river Above the clouds It's where you find me wit' my people Is what I'm talkin''bo ... grease In the clu
73 1.The Twelve Days of Christmas to me. A porcupine in a pear tree. On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me.2 fireflies. And a ... gave to me.2 fireflies. And a porcupine in a pear tree. On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me.3 French frogs.2 fireflies. And a ... ench frogs.2 fireflies. And a porcupine in a pear tree. On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.4 hooting owls.3 French frogs.2 fireflies. And a ... ench frogs.2 fireflies. And a p
74 1.Anesthetize Porcupine Tree-Fear of a Blank Planet1.Anesth
75 2.Fear Of A Blank Planet Porcupine Tree-Fear of a Blank Planet2.Fear O
76 3.My Ashes Porcupine Tree-Fear of a Blank Planet3.My Ash
77 4.Sentimental Porcupine Tree-Fear of a Blank Planet4.Sentim
78 5.Sleep Together Porcupine Tree-Fear of a Blank Planet5.Sleep
79 6.Way Out Of Here Porcupine Tree-Fear of a Blank Planet6.Way Ou
80 1.Cure For Optimism Porcupine Tree-Recordings1.Cure For Optimism
81 2.Disappear Porcupine Tree-Recordings2.Disappear We m
82 4.In Formaldehyde Porcupine Tree-Recordings4.In Formaldehyde
83 7.Buying New Soul Porcupine Tree-Recordings7.Buying New Soul
84 1.Blind House Porcupine Tree-暫存1.Blind House If you wan
85 2.Seance Porcupine Tree-暫存2.Seance Under gas light
86 3.Strip the Soul Porcupine Tree-暫存3.Strip the Soul Lyricist Colin
87 4.Collapse the Light into Earth Porcupine Tree-暫存4.Collapse the Light into Ea
88 5.Time Flies(edit) Porcupine Tree-暫存5.Time Flies(edit) I was
89 6.Anesthetize(radio edit) Porcupine Tree-暫存6.Anesthetize(radio edit)
90 7.Gravity Eyelids Porcupine Tree-暫存7.Gravity Eyelids Lyricist Coli
91 8..3 Porcupine Tree-暫存8..3 Lyricist Colin Edwin Balch
92 9.Heartattack in a Layby Porcupine Tree-暫存9.Heartattack in a Layby
93 10.Shallow(Radio Edit) Porcupine Tree-暫存10.Shallow(Radio Edit) Lyricist
94 11.Lips of Ashes Porcupine Tree-暫存11.Lips of Ashes Lyricist Colin
95 13.Prodigal Porcupine Tree-暫存13.Prodigal Lyricist Colin Edwi
96 14.The Creator Has a Mastertape Porcupine Tree-暫存14.The Creator Has a Mastert
97 15.Mellotron Scratch(Album Version) Porcupine Tree-暫存15.Mellotron Scratch(Album V
98 16.Deadwing Porcupine Tree-暫存16.Deadwing Lyricist Colin Edwi
99 17.Shallow Porcupine Tree-暫存17.Shallow Lyricist Colin Edwin
100 18.Open Car(Album Version) Porcupine Tree-暫存18.Open Car(Album Version)

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