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1 4.A Potion of Lust doors are open The coast is clear I feel you near me It's all so sincere We kiss and we fall Away from it all Away from it all Into the beauty ... eside me So pretty so clear I open my eyes And I watch you disappear Away into the night Soon ... pear Away into the night Soon you'r out of sight Tomorrow you'll be g
2 3.Wake up say Stay you're not gonna leave me This place is right where you need to be And why your words gotta mean so much to them And they mean nothi ... ey mean nothing to me So stay you're not what you're hearing Cos I've been watching you changing And who said youre one in a million anyway? Cos you see only what you want to You ... keep sleeping through the p.m Eyes wide open when you're dreaming You're sleepwalkingJust keep talking Maybe you can talk your
3 3.The Best That I Can heart is open for you Don't need anything to shine Such blessing of H eaven You might be the reason I'm alive Because of you... Everything ch ... an a song The best that I can You're growing with every sunrise Faster than you know Staring at the world with your mother's ... the world with your mother's eyes Because of you... Everything chang
4 7.Around Your Heart find what you're looking for when you stop looking All your Exes were lessons and Talk about them again you keep on settling Wonder if love is ... ight Then you came in my life You'r you you'r different than them I'm used to them playing pretend Im used to' ... em playing pretend Im used to'you'r only a friend' Feel deeper each letter you send I'm questioning loving again I'm questioning when it will end Then till I brea ... bing on my face told me'Focus you're not
5 1.BigJim's Mistake thout you you'r lying tongue cant spit filth now my how the weather changes hiding your knives behind your back to strategically place them in ... lies i see your failure in my eyes tears burn an open wound burn away the memories of you tip toeing to avoid your selfish sob story after everything we've been through we've got to ... and now you get two thumbs up you're gettin two thumbs up you get an F for effort no more sunday migraines your ... no more sunday migraines

6 1.GALAXY y with me you're my love Imma free~~~~~ Far galaxy Ya gotta see壞脾氣溫柔了讓我 free I got my wings2 galaxy已奮力在追(:醉)夢裡 Now I can sing2 enemy也因為抗拒心(唱:e ... utro] Who am I trynna believe Open my arms and receive Hold on me tight cuz we need Rasurrect my ... ight cuz we need Rasurrect my eyes to see You r the one to believe Yo
7 16.Still In Love With You 曉雪 When I open my eyes I always think about you and me. the time we used to have I am still in love with you. People come and go but I am still like m ... pray. Many years I hope. but you'r gone for this moment as true. my darling I am still in love with you. I write this song for you hope that oneday you will be h ... y years I hope(miss you). but you'r gone for this moment it's true. m