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1 12.Fall Back irty bird like I'mJamal Plug count the babies when I saw him said awh Bitch call my phone I'd decline the call Make ... one I'd decline the call Make like a season bitch you need to fall Niggas ain't shit you need to change your drawls Broke niggas got a reason took a plane baby I ... from nothing rich so spending like a Tasmanian You walk around pockets smaller than a[?] I got owls in my house but I'm not Canadian[Hook: Quavo] Bad bitches boss ... the fooliness Slanging ba
2 6.Highway85 r> Producer DJ Mustard& Travi$ Scott[Intro Quavo] Take it back to the north side Migo N.W.A nigga[Verse1: Quavo] Woke up quick at about noon just tho ... Beamer to see my moms my mom started trippin' but my[?] Stopped at the gas station get it pumped by the[?] See some niggas that ain't ... ?] See some niggas that ain't like where I came from I grabbed my Glock then I dialed one number Tell my brother that I'm slipping and I'm in trouble So the nigga ... trouble So the nigga I
3 1.Goodnight Feat. Fat Rel& Skarr Akbar][Hook] The night has a thousand ears listenin' to your cry's The night has a thousand eyes and there all on you The ... n' to your cry's[Verse1- Fat Trel] I was born broke but I'm a rich n*gga So it's night night to them b*tch n*ggas Glock small but the clip bigger Got30 shots for ... escription I am so determined like a German in the trenches No Nazi just aki I'm blessed to be this gifted I'm so optimistic my pivot changes positions Went from ...
4 3.Weekend Alvin Stardust-暫存3.Weekend It's Friday night and ev'rything's right for the weekend. We propose that anything goes on a weekend.Jo ... he weekend. Know a spot and I like it a lot on the weekend. Took the road to look out hill The view up there is sure a thrill What a night to hold you tight on a ... ight and nosey Said holy mack'rel there what is all this. Car top dow
5 1.Fuck Love > ytoiure like a lollipop i wanna lick you you rel lieke a hottub i want to sleep in you bubble bubble rumble rumble i dont even p need a cuddle bubble rubble crubmle rub youre ... bble rubble crubmle rub youre like a microchip hottie youre like a spaceship meet me up starlight boom boom swish sw3ish i dont wanna kiss i hear dand enough i felt too much so large and see the in satans touch i heard e ... d enough i felt too much it's like boom boom fuck love l

6 12.Still Fighting u know we like we like crabs in a bucket out to get what we need. We hate to see the next succeed cause we too bent on greed. That's why we ... bent on greed. That's why we stare at each others pockets all we tryna see is what's in the next ones wallets. Trap our selves in mental containment greed ignora ... nd the law began the bill and started doin the knowledge they hide on the back of the bill.99 aluminum not even filled as soon as the ball drop we be up under the
7 3.I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight. >3.I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight. I FEEL LIKE HANK WILLIAMS TONIGHT Well I could live my whole life without a phone call The ... life without a phone call The likes of which I got today. It was only my wife said“hello” then“goodbye”. And told me she's going away. Well I didn't cry It was al ... stereo I walked to the window Stared at the storm clouds outside. Chorus: And I play classical music when it rains I play country when I am in pain. But I won't p
8 5.Messages From the Stars(Atjazz remix) From the Stars(Atjazz remix) For those who come to San Francisco For those who come to San Fran... Fran In in in in to the streets of San ... ng Downtown Filmore something like Brooklyn Uptown Harlem yea we ballin Frisco Frisco home of the brave I don't know about ya'll but we gettin paid All over tv st ... ied to the block you just got relations And you gon need a doctor to play with my patients You hatin you'll get it in broad day My neck shines ... t in broad day My n
9 2.TheJourney o sustain Like I'm playing video game To maintain my aim In this multi platinum ... my aim In this multi platinum Like a contested radium Aftershock hitting the spot With this dynamic explosion Competition taking over this illustration With a str ... all the hatters get squeezed like a tooth paste Truly electrified With this high voltage ... rified With this high voltage Like Nicholas cage Flipping a new page I'm freestyling on the stage'Cause I ain't coming hard to c