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1 7.Trash Bags t that Passion Angy Keshia Brandy Tangy paradise obsession and candy Lily butterfly What are you what am
2 2.We Got Tricked had to let it go Lakeshia Cole[?] They gotta go uh to the studio She lick my nuts and my booty ho I don'
3 1.Vibe can catch your vibe Keshia Alicia Lisa and Kim Melissa and Rhonda I'm lookin' all over searchin' for shaw
4 5.Womanizer(Benny Benassi Extended)(妮裳馬戲團) Benassi、Nikeshia Briscoe、Raphel Akinyemi、Benny Ben ... Benassi、Nikeshia Briscoe、Raphel Akinyemi、Benny Be
5 13.Pass Around andiJess? and Sandi Keshia and Shanani and I'm on with no panties I'm fucked up he fucked up I'm fucked u

6 1.Set U Free Keshia Chante-Night & Day1.Set U Free Stimulated cause your body's so amazing
7 2.Table Dancer Keshia Chante-Night & Day2.Table Dancer Lyricist Adam Alexander Alexander Greggs ... am Alexander Alexander Greggs Keshia Harper Alexander Vujic Thank you
8 3.Test Drive Keshia Chante-Night & Day3.Test Drive I found myself drawn to you* Looking fo
9 5.Edit Cut& Delete U Keshia Chante-Night & Day5.Edit Cut& Delete U You had me almost convinced tha
10 6.Victorious Keshia Chante-Night & Day6.Victorious I'm on my own on my own in the middle i
11 7.I Hope U Cry Keshia Chante-Night & Day7.I Hope U Cry[Verse1:] I gave you everything but wa
12 8.Shooting Star Keshia Chante-Night & Day8.Shooting Star I done been down there before and I
13 11.I Miss U Keshia Chante-Night & Day11.I Miss U[Verse1] Long sleepless nights And everyt
14 12.Hush Keshia Chante-Night & Day12.Hush Do you really wanna talk there's nothing lef
15 13.If U Say Keshia Chante-Night & Day13.If U Say Eh ey Oh no no yeah eh You promised me l
16 14.Ghost Love Keshia Chante-Night & Day14.Ghost Love In the midst of the night in the midst
17 7.Pussy Talkin he opposite Textin' keshia like man I think this nigga be cheatin' I'm late working I know I didn't come
18 8.Different Girls h the white six Lil keshia love role play but im a beast Looking at her body thinking'boy I'm bout to fea
19 2.Haikara•Satsubatsu•Haiso•Zessan Dokkaan rutsubo to Keshia Koutenteki senshin wa tada naranu kiken wo harami Kakushin ni kogareta zujou n
20 6.Numbers In Ya Pocket and tired Keshia Dana Crystal Lisa Every other day is a different number How many times do I have to warn you Erica Shayla Melanie Monica Ever ... ied but I'm so sick and tired Keshia Dana Crystal Lisa Every other day is a different number How many times do I have to warn you Erica Shayla Melanie Monica Ever ... ce of getting through to[x2:] Keshia Dana Crystal Lisa Every other da

21 1.Wassup gh if she ain't got Keshia riding All my niggaz need something So they can do their thing Although we mak
22 3.Oh-OH Yeah-Yeah Lyricist R Akinyemi Nikeshia Briscoe Keyshia Cole You know what I wonder sometime? Like do you know how far
23 1.2U Keshia Chante-2U1.2U Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Too many times unsat
24 2.Kiss Keshia Chante-2U2.Kiss I was working at the mall after school on a Friday You
25 1.Unpredictable Keshia Chante-暫存1.Unpredictable Everything i do is for you Your unpredictable
26 2.Life Keshia Chante-暫存2.Life keep the beat(ooooh) laugh...histericly jullie and me
27 3.Fly With Me Keshia Chante-暫存3.Fly With Me Come with me let me lead the way I will be the1
28 4.True Colours Keshia Chante-暫存4.True Colours Lyricist A Alexander R Gayle C Perry I needed a frien
29 5.Tonight Keshia Chante-暫存5.Tonight Lyricist Shawn Desman Rupert Gayle Christopher Michae Perr
30 6.Together Keshia Chante-暫存6.Together Lyricist Rupert Gayle Robert Gerongco Samuel Gerongco ... bert Gerongco Samuel Gerongco Keshia Chante Harper Oh ya Alright You
31 7.Bad Boy Keshia Chante-暫存7.Bad Boy Ring ring ring it's the same thing Always call me u
32 8.Little Things Keshia Chante-暫存8.Little Things Lyricist A Alexander Shawn Desman R Gayle C Perry Ca
33 9.Come Fly With Me Keshia Chante-暫存9.Come Fly With Me Lyricist Perry Alexander Rupert Lloyd Gayle Adam
34 10.Been Gone Keshia Chante-暫存10.Been Gone Lyricist Terence Abney Scott Carter Keir Gist ... Abney Scott Carter Keir Gist Keshia Chante Harper Simon Hayes ShawnJ
35 11.Does He Love Me Keshia Chante-暫存11.Does He Love Me Oh na na na na na na na na na Oh na na na na na na na na na Oh na na na na na na na na na ... ll in the parking lot He said Keshia lookin' good and you're lookin'
36 12.Spinnin' Keshia Chante-暫存12.Spinnin' Lyricist Perry Alexander Shawn Desman Rupert Gayle Adam
37 13.Singles Night Keshia Chante-暫存13.Singles Night Lyricist Paul Brown Alex Greggs Daniel O'donoghue M
38 14.Shook(The Answer) Keshia Chante-暫存14.Shook(The Answer) Lyricist Camara Alford Shawn Fernandes Robert Gerongco Samuel Gerongco Yeah yeah yeah When we ... n't expect him to be here And Keshia's got a secret He's the boy that
39 1.American Dream ets get it Look its Keshia Cole and the black Kenneth Cole Black Air one's all black soul Im'bout to take
40 17.Foolish(feat. Keshia) br>17.Foolish(feat. Keshia) can you be so foolish to believe that things will turn out just the way y
41 54.Womanizer(2009 Remaster) I RAPHAEL BRISCOE NIKESHIA(!
42 9.Take Me Down > Lyricist MINMI・Keshia Chante・Anthony Clemens・Junichi Ho ... o Composer MINMI・Keshia Chante・Anthony Clemens・Junichi H