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1 1.Prince Akeem r win I'm Taylor Swift mixed with Ruth Bader Gins' Liberation is the flavor that I'm savorin' it's mmm Fake breast and make-up they don't turn me on ... so talented)(What up Nolan?)(John go get'em woah!) We'bout to take i
2 2.Total Entertainment Forever Father John Misty-Pure Comedy2.Total Entert ... > Lyricist FatherJohn Misty Composer FatherJohn Misty Bedding Taylor Swift Every night inside the Oculus Rif
3 4.The One with My Friends(feat. NFJohn Givez Wordsplayed Social Club& Kaleb Mitchell) s(feat. NFJohn Givez Wordsplayed Social Club& Kaleb Mitchell)[Intro Marty] I think I'm the worst rapper on this entire song You know what ... homies are wylin' We all love Taylor Swift I'm eatin' with pilots they callin' me the chef I'm saucin' it up No directions we made it from scratch'Fear God' tee on Shout ... like I got nine lives[Verse2:John Givez] I came in this with like four friends Tube socks and Chuck ... friends Tube socks and Chuck Taylors on I
4 4.Recycled Romance my heart[John Mayer] We got this afternoon[Alison Krauss] Without saying a word you can light up the dark[ ... ord you can light up the dark[John Mayer] You got this room for two One thing I've left to do Discover me discovering you Your body is a wonderland Your body is a ... rything's going to be alright[John Mayer]'Cause if you want love We'll make it Swim in a deep sea Of blankets Take all your big plans And break them This is bound ... ] That's how much I need you)[Ta
5 4.We Flexin' ke'Ye did Taylor Swift Ain't that some shit really though Sealy Posturepedic ho When she in my bed but haven't even seen a video? Now shoot that who' ... no brings the sushi they doin'John Belushi So stupid but they cutie s

6 1.The Worst of News2009 st... and Taylor Swift But Rhett& Link where I really see the news media failin' Is every time anyone mentions Sarah Palin They dispatch a dozen came ... rother. Think his name is Don.John.John
7 93.Half of My Heart(with Taylor Swift) John Mayer-暫存193.Half of My Heart(with ... 193.Half of My Heart(with Taylor Swift) I was born in the arms of im
8 2.Power(Remix) feat.Jay-ZJohn Legend Swizz Beatz][Intro~Jay-Z~] Is this thing on?* Oh I thought they silenced us'Ye Power to the people We're living in that3 ... truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift Tell'em this![Kanye West:] No one man should have all that power...{*echoes}[ ... ve all that power...{*echoes}[John Legend:{Kanye}] Yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-YEAAAAAAA-EAH OH OH(And is it?) YEA-EAH(And is it?) OH OH(And is it?) YEA-EAH(And i ... en fuck that the world's ours[Joh
9 14.Hopelessly Devoted To You Taylor Swift-暫存114.Hopelessly Devoted To You[** Olivia Newton- ... d To You[** Olivia Newton-John Cover] Hopelessly Devoted To You*
10 24.There's Your Trouble Taylor Swift-暫存124.There's Your Trouble Should have been different but It wasn't different was it Same old story dear ... nt was it Same old story dear john And so long Should have fit like a
11 9.Half Of My Heart- feat. Taylor Swift(Pop Mix)(約翰梅爾) rt- feat. Taylor Swift(Pop Mix)(約翰梅爾) Lyricist John Mayer Composer John Mayer I was born in the arms of im