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1 4.A Crawling Ingression as words Empty oath worth all but dust Mans conviction to greed overbearing the remnants of truth ... bearing the remnants of truth Empty oath worth all but dust Face the winds and discover the putridity of man Shed your lust to hunt shed your lust to empower SHED ... alised You have exhausted our hearts Branded feral humans but we are not part of your animosity governed race And we will not abide within your restrains We run as hunters Your ... trains We run as hunte
2 9.Your Devoted Victim lged your feral temptations. You've awakened and you say that you've had a vision of enlightenment that you wish to be cleansed and saved. Was ... a confession. You can't just empty your sins into a pit of salvation. The guilt eats you just as you devoured your family. Why do you need a savior when you coul ... ind you consume my desiccated heart and drain the consciousness from
3 5.Toward Truth and Reconciliation riking my heart with a cold whipping chill O the mountains' moan The cackling of the crows Singing the forest's refrain Winds whistling throug ... ich has no name An Ode to the Feral Heart The wild one who roams Without shame or guilt or fear God and Man at once The king without a throne His spirit strikes you wit ... He speaks her words into your heart:'I know the place Where memory sleeps And secrets hide It is not far Or hard to find Or too ancient to recall' Heaving
4 1.Siren's Song ightening empty stomachs wept For nowhere else was land in sight To sail on or sail blind Fighting just to stay awake As tired bones began to ... e Let these words compel your heart All pain and sorrow will depart Their song had cast an enticing allure Rendering all their judgment obscure Into the mist the ... e Let these words compel your heart All pain and sorrow will depart When ageless beauty seeped aboard No one cared to raise their sword Glistening naked bodies sw ...
5 2.Once Inside the Tomb Feral-暫存2.Once Inside the Tomb No longer inside the tomb Fueled by the dark Driven to consume And defile the pure of ... onsume And defile the pure of heart Impelled to mutilate those who disbelieve Mangle and lacerate to get my feed My only goal is to still my hunger The hunger for ... one knows that the graves are empty Once inside the tomb but I will n

6 1.Theme From Carjack Fever ght Let's empty all the mini bars And leave this town in flames He's starving for attention She's swallowing her pride Bitter gall for bleedin ... The stars are a guardrail My heart is a sand pail And you're Toluca lake' Stop the traffic bend the time We're heading into territory Too ugly to explore But the ... ghborhood Earthquake survivor feral youngsters smoking tea Spit in yo