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1 10.FRIENDS ubt it My database of narcotics It's growing long But I'm aggravated without it My saddest days are without it My Saturdays are the loudest I' ... I dabble later I doubt it My database of narcotics It's growing long
2 13.Royalty FeatJeremih& Big Sean day? All up on your database I just had to see your face Last time I see your face Netflix weed Patron Th
3 1.Vigilante Genesis ts cook book Entire databases every crime every crook On every continent every website every book But can
4 7.A-Life Omega Point vely interconnected database triggers Multidimensional aarrays Metaphysical immortality Terrestrialists c
5 3.Next of Kin akeJust a name in a database who must be notified It's not a phone call I wanna make A stranger answers I

6 6.The Bear Coltan as Cotton duty Hack into the database Hold it in the subconscious The panel marked'survival' Hack into celebrity H
7 1.Data_M1nefield ntralized database A hand that knows no privacy Construct the centralized ... acy Construct the centralized database Overriding human dignit
8 15.Medicine Man ur name in all they databases Girls be thirteen acting twenty-two Niggas be forty-four acting half they a
9 11.Database(Log Horizon Opening) 1911.Database(Log Horizon Opening) Counteraction rising Yeah we are ready for the punch line There's no use with all your gimmicks SO ... hibike We say Wow Wow Wow Wow Database DatabaseJust living in the Database Wow Wow The wall of pure fiction's cracking in my head And the addiction of my world still spreads In the ... my world still spreads In the Database Database I'm struggling in the Database Wow Wow It doesn't even matter if there is no
10 8.Expressions ft. Will Is Chillin' shment Raced to the database to erase every document quick They say that knowledge is a weapon that can o
11 6.Paradise(Extended) crash up the whole database I bring it home like I'm base to base to base Closet lookin' like Planet of
12 6.War On Freedom proved innocent DNA database expansion Maintained without consent War On Freedom![4x] Iris scanners biome
13 15.Medicine Man ur name in all they databases Girls be thirteen acting twenty-two Niggas be forty-four acting half they a
14 19.Clean Slate old spam back up my database acquisitions i back it all up on truecrypt partitions type in dd in file dev
15 16.All About The Paper n the Internet Your database is a disaster You're waxin' your modem tryin' to make it go faster Hey fella
16 7.Digi-Christ ire To put it in my database A Digi-Jesus is among us To talk about the new cybernetic faith But don't wo
17 1.Dithering . I got a database Behind my face Of dithering information Ask me anything About anything I got a lotta shit in rotation I got a lotta shit in ... s conclusion Ah ha... I got a database Behind my face Of dithering in
18 7.Cheat Code 8's now update your database So many Roc Raida tapes not enough functional dual cassette decks Who will y
19 2.All Of The People emory to add to the database. I saved a little bit of money I put it in a vault hidden behind the face on
20 3.Computer Guy nformation from his database He says I'm gonna fall in love with him But I'm telling you I'm not in love

21 3.The Grand Façade cked and traced and databased Running in circles inhumane race) For you are the I in me(Innocence lost bu
22 7.Negus a plan to crash the database and hack the national bank I'll give it back to black owned businesses suppo
23 13.The Galactic Quest for the Mystic Ten Volumes ersal informational database First step to make the catch every planet was dispatched Screens started lig
24 4.Bain de Soleil than is lines in ya database Placing rappers in endangerment who's reckless With this food for thought so
25 7.Surveillance Society ICATIONS Networking databases are being mapped Under their secret eye trapped forever NO PRIVACY Surveill
26 7.Random Verse f game to make your database crash We can face to face clash leave you laid and straight slashed With a r
27 3.I Am the Narrator antisocial network Database'o smack coke an' crack smokin' experts Without it they'd go outta business t
28 6.A New Hope of Worms e in the imprinting database Blanket of the worms in the family fault Meaining of serenity and bliss rede
29 5.Mercy hoot you up in your database I fell in love with drop tops I fell in love with shotguns Our guns bigger t
30 6.Haters Anthem Remix ough your psychical database Until you glimmer our hope's gone I prolong your faith until your faith kick
31 8.Krazy olice got me in the database Before I drop it in the water get it get your taste'Bout a quarter thing of
32 5.E-Police n their files their database There'll be no trial you have no case(Take care for the E-police are near) T
33 5.A Bright Cold Day In April xed and neat in the database.Just looked the same as any old letter in it drop tear the top and a card in
34 4.YOU processed it in my database I realized that you haters ain't shit to me My future's my destiny my presen
35 5.Cybernetic Circuits(live) tes I eat Databases networks and websites I got vicious viruses that devour these satellites Encryption deciphering all that you read and writ ... drives with89 gigabytes I eat Databases networks and websites I got t
36 5.All Rights Reversed egas Mainframes and databases Pay's great but I hate to say this It's a case to case basis And I hate to
37 11.Kodachrome Earth ace the whole earth database Kodachrome shots our astronauts were hiding Nomadic tribes networks and beat
38 9.Biel could say the holy database is not to date. Now the new God is ready to be heard We'll debut the new ONE
39 3.Original Digital Gangsters e we got a bunch of databases think you get the gist don't get angry don't get pissed'cause you see us pu
40 3.I'll Handcraft Ya Fate the mainframes and databases Tried to hit me with a virus called playa hate'n I got hardware Every shot
41 3.Poet Laureate Infinity raph we have in our database No emcee could rhyme like this there's no challenge30 His Poet Laureateship
42 3.Cybernetic Circuits tes I eat databases networks and websites.--- these satellites encryption deciphering all you read and write. Ignite with five million horses ... hard drives89 gigabytes I eat databases networks and websites.--- the
43 1.Bellissimo s shpoatz scattered database passengers Panic and stay form of your And I believe in love I believe in lo
44 6.Transitions& Eras I'm in their e-mail database So they invited me On this Poseidon adventure in a cabaret And I had to take
45 11.Speed breath and clear my database It's afternoon I'm talking shit to my alarm clock'Cause I gotta face this wo

46 15.Soap Boxin vibrant inside the database I made a fatter face to fit the mad hatter bass That we pack like a weapon w
47 4.It's All About The Pentiums n the internet Your database is a disaster You're waxin' your modem tryin' to make it go faster Hey fella
48 2.Rancid confusion peculiar database Open up what am i? It's all in the book babe line after line Easily voice on
49 5.Information e it's squirting666 database investigate Entire race headed for a cyberspace Riots breaks inside of empir
50 11.Plastic Soldiers interpose passages Database entries slip through the fingers you're forgotten A faceless figure shall pu
51 13.Rollin' ker Grimy by nature database maker Play em out like sega saturn Blow your blocks in patterns for about ni
52 3.Our Dying Island[7:07] bition we kneel Our database deities--they cannot save us Microchip miracles only enslave us. The high pr
53 2.Communication p your number in my database Turn it onto audio Communication Say the words Are you there? Can i be heard
54 6.Neuron Gutter Neutron Star ridge fuels up on a database Of souls and ignorance Making room with a view.[White Pestilence. Eyewitness
55 1.Database(Assemblage23 Reconstruction) PTI-Exhaust1.Database(Assemblage23 Reconstruction) The cities falling down sick with concrete
56 13.Restaurant Wars at street straw any database truths TTC ears R's dz R's R's r dz R's ridgecrest HFA hi he hello Bob got h
57 3.End of the Show Base An interactive database of band tourdates links articles and contact info. Today's Shows Search Link
58 1.Hear Them Talking attack the school's database and get grades replaced john's friends took their sentence from the state bu
59 2.Cipher Punks Ft. Remington Forbes(Studio) thal Injecting your database with a shot of SQL This is not a sequel you scream give me more I'm old scho
60 5.Watching You ing movies in their databases like an own private video store. They know your name and they know you're w
61 5.The Overseer y did. Making their database a tool For predicting the changing trends Individualizing all aspects of the
62 1.Groundhog Day(feat. Cee-Lo Green& DJ Craze) stem on some matrix database[Chorus: x2] It' just the same shit different day We pretend to work while th
63 1.Trilogy Of Terror ing Annihilate your database quick before you come in Or maybe summon gods of lyrical warfare Shine like
64 6.Firewater and laid within our databases. From that paste we make our mortar quickened with the firewater.(where is
65 12.1984 rters there's a big database With black and white photos of the side of your beautiful face And your libr
66 2.Mattson Is a Flake Flake Database_Exception#1064:You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the ... C' at line1 SYSPATH libraries Database_Mysqli_Result.phpSYSPATH libraries ... i_Result.phpSYSPATH libraries Database_Mysqli.php» Database_Mysqli_Result_Core->__construct(arguments) SYSPATH libraries ... (arguments) SYSPATH libraries Database.php» Database_Mysqli_Core->query_execute(arguments) MODPATH gallery li
67 8.Static Shattering forever effortless Database of decaying grey-faced cyborgs in seizures'Even streetlights and urinals flu
68 3.Computer Guy(LilDeuceDeuce Remix) nformation from his database hes says im gonna fall in love with him but im telling you im not in love wi
69 5.D.ex.m. owsing through your database Here's a contagious mind behind this face Good night- Sweet dreams this was
70 5.Quasineomacroantiprioritizationalisticism the telecom uplink database network center's gone awry IF YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY SAY IT!! The socio
71 3.Automatic e thought about the database that scares me'Cause eventually you'll tire of this silly game and set me fr
72 3.Windows98(street) stations deface the databases like a race for technology when deep inside the sectors of a one gig harddr
73 2.R.F.I.D. red and recorded in databases From passports to schools and hospital
74 86.Fuck Content ID tability within the database So if they're making complaints you can ignore these And keep on earning fro
75 9.Crack the Case With their endless database I wanna sit with my enemies and say We should have done this sooner While I
76 1.SpaceJunk l lines Filled with databases info and lies Once connected is it harder to see The pure simplicity of you
77 4.MindFrame ) Push my database I got a lot of space Don't you want me to get you in the mood?(How?) Mindframe(I wanna be your everything) Mindframe(I will ... ing you need(need...) Push my database I got a lot of space Don't you
78 4.Database Corrupted tion/Adventure4.Database Corrupted If you really wanted to go there were other ways to say so Wri
79 6.Breadcrumbs d-so past Check the database for slideshows and photographs You grow detached from your chosen path lose
80 9.Anarchist Cookbook(feat. Gamma Ray) d crew stations and databases Mortal hostile surrender are more than navy bases United Nations know solut
81 12.Give& Take Who wanna test the database for the knowledge? Too fast for college I catch bad reports Hit the nicotine
82 5.Good Life Salesman ng to get you in my database But I guarantee you one thing: You'll never meet me face to face So would yo
83 5.I Take Hearts own camera is candy database of envy I TAKE HEARTS I TAKE HEARTS I TAKE HEARTS I TAKE HEARTS I TAKE HEART
84 1.The Government Knows 're stored in their database They're all around they're all knowing The only dick they haven't seen is Ed
85 8.I Am a Database >8.I Am a Database I am a database I am a database I am a database and that is all I'll ever be. I am a ... t is all I'll ever be. I am a database free from redundancy. I am a database and all I do is aim to please. Hey baby wanna have a taste of my primary keys? I am a ... te of my primary keys? I am a database; I only speak SQL. I am a database communicating through a shell. I am a ... ating through a shell. I am a database and all
86 1.books of war(& rza) than is lines in ya database placing rappers in endangerment who's reckless with this food for thought so
87 11.Empty Nest end Here come that database again When did that become your best friend? How's that trickle down for you
88 13.Palm Deathtop pdate the database Daily from my laptop Using new vaporware: Palm Deathtop I'm starting to wish I could see my old friends again At the glamor ... riends again Let's update the database Daily from our laptops Using n
89 1.Co.UK ence1.Co.UK Database running around my head Got to get on the net or I'll be dead CO UK[x4] Progr
90 1.Storm Warning(ft. Charlotte Craib) ze the phrase in my database Straight spitting razor blades at a crazy rate Until my hair is a shade of g
91 5.Cyberspace Floats Through Me lk About in private database garden Computerised emotions digitalised instincts Synthetic labyrinths of i
92 29.5 Nights At Freddy's2 the Musical am a pedo from the database Or an endoskeleton without a face Don't have a moment to chill or snack Or I
93 3.Modern Man Intermission e with my database and my database is in cyber space I wear power
94 2.Sex Machine ex machine I have a database of every known love technique Once you get with me I will make you freak I c
95 1.A Pig in Every Home reference a central database throughout the nation Automated surveillance that can search for and identif
96 3.Shadowed Force No escape from this database Freedom is not in this place Repeat Chorus Solo- Lozon Solo- Klingbeil Solo-
97 12.Direction ra knowledge? Got a database to loan File it under couch potatos In the twilight zone Direction! Directio
98 8.Patty Cake ind of like a total database- phone that Apple makes With the quickness I got a little idiots putting the
99 6.Wolfman the chase? Internet database Webpage you're outta your face I'm in and out of space Wolfman It's giving m
100 5.Luxifer Meme reboot empty flesh database Faith unit storing His Will Concentration Organisation From tribes to the la

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