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1 1.Winter Bane in carnage- Unleash chthonic Darkness Scud stochastic vortex- Blitz vicious bastards Sheath blades in car
2 6.The Motherhood Of God red space Chthonic powers descending grace Supreme Mother to the orphans of god In the shadow lands of the world your deities abound Nebulæ sw ... known Holy bosom sacred space Chthonic powers descending grace Supreme Mother to the orphans of god In the shadow lands of the world your deities abound Blessed b ... God! Holy bosom sacred space Chthonic powers descending grace Suprem
3 4.Dormancy of the Ancients nes from the depths chthonic unknown enclosed nether tales untold in clandestine sleep everlasting deep b
4 2.Supreme Pain for the Tyrant Chthonic-Bu-Tik2.Supreme Pain for the Tyrant Endless nightfall swallow the su
5 3.Sail into the Sunset's Fire Chthonic-Bu-Tik3.Sail into the Sunset's Fire Claim thine birthright freedom u

6 4.Next Republic Chthonic-Bu-Tik4.Next Republic[ Lyricist 林昶佐][ Composer 林昶佐劉笙彙][ Arranger 閃靈]雨落袂停雺霧袂散數百年的壓迫凌遲袂煞家己的命運家
7 5.Rage of my Sword Chthonic-Bu-Tik5.Rage of my Sword[ Lyricist 林昶佐][ Composer 林昶佐劉笙彙][ Arranger 閃靈]刀保庄頭顧鄉土武裝!規暝日武裝!刀拼地盤殺
8 6.Between Silence and Death Chthonic-Bu-Tik6.Between Silence and Death Shadows closing in echoes of the e
9 8.Set Fire to the Island Chthonic-Bu-Tik8.Set Fire to the Island[ Lyricist 林昶佐][ Composer 林昶佐劉笙彙][ Arranger 閃靈]孤島頂咱連心海攏揣沒岸鐵壁內咱
10 9.Defenders of Bu-tik Palace Chthonic-Bu-Tik9.Defenders of Bu-tik Palace Walls collapsing all around Heads
11 1.Approach the Beyond ng a hellish thirst Chthonic beast lures down its prey Possessed hell bent on execution Deceived treed to
12 2.Chained in the Damnation Asylum edrals riddled with chthonic pulse Beyond the breaking point of human conceptions(Through the) dark embra
13 5.Chained in the Damnation Asylum(Live) edrals riddled with chthonic pulse Beyond the breaking point of human conceptions(Through the) dark embra
14 3.Ixaxaar ntediluvian terror. Chthonic beings entering reality pernicious untold sermons by grinding teeth and tong
15 1.Hive Mind Gardarika-Chthonica1.Hive Mind Oh what a sudden miraculous escape Right from Mouth of M
16 2.Chthonica Gardarika-Chthonica2.Chthonica We grew up full of boldness Unaware of our own ignorance We kept in mind our goal To live for something more But how w ... make the ground more fertile Chthonica... Chthonica... Enchained and sentenced I'm lying defenseless And gazing at the uncaring sky How proud should we be If our destiny is E ... below The hecatomb is rising Chthonica... Chthonica... Enchained and sentenced I'm lying defenseless And gazing at the u
17 3.The Night and Unbending Intent Gardarika-Chthonica3.The Night and Unbending Intent Sunset's burning down Cold streets
18 4.Nevertheless Gardarika-Chthonica4.Nevertheless Endless rails Empty space The train is hurtling throu
19 5.They Live Gardarika-Chthonica5.They Live Not a single voice Only croaking of hired toadies So you
20 6.Sleepwish Gardarika-Chthonica6.Sleepwish There's no reason to remain here There is nothing left t

21 7.Of Pigs and Men Gardarika-Chthonica7.Of Pigs and Men I am collecting a strange puzzle of vision Fragmen
22 8.My Veiled Kingdom Gardarika-Chthonica8.My Veiled Kingdom The wounds are bleeding and in need of treatment
23 1.The Sixth Adulation Of His Chthonic Majesty agoth-The Chthonic Chronicles1.The Sixth Adulation Of His ... >1.The Sixth Adulation Of His Chthonic Majesty O great and luminous ones who came from beyond the stars To slumber serene beneath the earth of the third spher ... Z'xulth the Praxeum Codex The Chthonic Chronicles I now know that the
24 2.Invocations Beyond The Outer-World Night Bal-Sagoth-The Chthonic Chronicles2.Invocations Beyond The Outer-World Night Many thousands
25 3.The Hammer Of The Emperor Bal-Sagoth-The Chthonic Chronicles3.The Hammer Of The Emperor Sinistrous legendary fulgurite
26 4.Return To Hatheg-Kla agoth-The Chthonic Chronicles4.Return To Hatheg-Kla(The Sixth Key The Omega Axiom) Some would call it an epiphany others would deem it ... sphemies contained within the Chthonic Chronicles? The Aspirant: I kn
27 5.Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu Bal-Sagoth-The Chthonic Chronicles5.Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu Hear me O' Thou that
28 6.Unfettering The Hoary Sentinels Of Karnak agoth-The Chthonic Chronicles6.Unfettering The Hoary Sentinels Of Karnak Fragmentary delusional recollections from within the confines ... 0) What oblations to the grim chthonic deities of the ancient world were once offered solemnly beneath the stygian skies of this sweltering place I wonder? What s ... lt the sinistrous lore of the chthonic... he insists no good will come of such delving into nighted realms. Ha! The path to elucidation is seldom devoid of thorns ...
29 2.Legacy Of The Seediq Chthonic-Takasago Army2.Legacy Of The Seediq I feel your dying breath Fall li
30 3.Takao Chthonic-Takasago Army3.Takao[English version] Vultures fly circling the dark
31 4.Oceanquake Chthonic-Takasago Army4.Oceanquake The demon clouds rise in the sky Hear sava
32 5.Southern Cross Chthonic-Takasago Army5.Southern Cross Under the southern cross I am just a s
33 6.KAORU Chthonic-Takasago Army6.KAORU[英譯] Through the red fog May the empire transcen
34 7.BrokenJade Chthonic-Takasago Army7.BrokenJade[English version] Steel ocean winds Fly to
35 8.Root Regeneration Chthonic-Takasago Army8.Root Regeneration Elu ludan sepiyaul ka rii Bbaran pi
36 9.MAHAKALA Chthonic-Takasago Army9.MAHAKALA Mahakala calls to you Souls are burning powe
37 10.Quell The Souls In Sing Ling Temple Chthonic-Takasago Army10.Quell The Souls In Sing Ling Temple Fire and ice- at
38 2.Blooming Blades Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution2.Blooming Blades Bloody mirror of retribution
39 3.Hearts Condemmed Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution3.Hearts Condemmed Supreme power leads the way
40 4.Venom In My Veins Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution4.Venom In My Veins Beyond the River of quicksa
41 5.The Aroused Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution5.The Aroused Rush across the erodent Dark Clou
42 6.Sing- Ling Temple Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution6.Sing- Ling Temple Lightening strikes upon sin
43 8.Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution8.Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains He made it through
44 9.Rise Of The Shadow Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution9.Rise Of The Shadow Axes Swinging tridents cra
45 10.Bloody Waves Of Sorrow Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution10.Bloody Waves Of Sorrow Waxing waning The moo

46 11.Spell Of Setting Sun: Mirror Of Retribution Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution11.Spell Of Setting Sun: Mirror Of Retribution
47 12.Unlimited Taiwan Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution12.Unlimited Taiwan Limited vision limited unio
48 1.Atrium Mortis I shall triumph all chthonic illusions. Through the winds of dissolution above eleven sides Into infinity
49 2.Onset Of Tragedy Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic2.Onset Of Tragedy Bree
50 3.Revert To Mortal Territory Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic3.Revert To Mortal Territor
51 4.Grab The Soul To Hell Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic4.Grab The Soul To Hell
52 6.Floated Unconsciously In The Acheron Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic6.Floated Unconsciously In
53 7.Indigenous Laceration Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic7.Indigenous Laceration
54 8.Bloody Gaya Fulfilled Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic8.Bloody Gaya Fulfilled
55 9.Quasi Putrefaction Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic9.Quasi Putrefaction Se
56 11.Relentless Recurrence Chthonic-Pandemonium Best Of Chthonic11.Relentless Recurrence
57 1.Crusades g life out of death chthonic breath meristemJubilee I am free so I rise from debris Other seeds who are w
58 1.Banished Into Death Chthonic-Seediq Bale1.Banished Into Death Clans destroyed and broken Motherla
59 2.Exultant Suicide Chthonic-Seediq Bale2.Exultant Suicide Poso Kofuni's woods witness Countless
60 3.Progeny Of Rmdaxtasing Chthonic-Seediq Bale3.Progeny Of Rmdaxtasing Sacred Mountain of White Spiritu
61 11.Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten vilizations of Man. Chthonic Retribution Shall Ascend. Amidst Universal Pandemonium and Those Who Slither
62 1.The Ignition Legion rt of the chthonic ranks Truth inferno; shining burning we tear through the shroud Attack under cover of the winged warriors Scything a crease ... sion; pierce the heart of the chthonic ranks Truth inferno; shining b
63 9.The Nephilim Rising Dusk I heart ov all chthonic hearts vulture eye fallen one proclaim: this great world is a mirror ov my s
64 10.Demigod m before all things Chthonic gods! those from beyond the stars Commander ov hosts devour the flesh ov man
65 9.The Halcyon Days ve gone without now chthonic life has set its sights on making me a slave to its ways i wait for return u
66 7.Halcyon ve gone without now chthonic life has set its sights on making me a slave to its ways i wait for return u
67 7.Dominion of Abysmal Crypts oaths of the blood Chthonic Forces Bail our bood black with seething hate To grind upon our enemies We s
68 3.Thy Venomous Coils from thy chthonic quarters thy retribution cometh Through fathoms of spoiled azure the torrents of the abyss The bane of all existence the sc ... must suffer'Emerging from thy chthonic quarters my retribution
69 1.Midnight Trial al Gallows survival Chthonic revival Dwelling in a twilight state Driven by relentless hate Haunter of th
70 6.Crusades(Live) g life out of death chthonic breath meristemJubilee I am free so I rise from debris Other seeds who are w
71 3.Terror of a Perilous Quest lete this chthonic test The hostility of a vicious hellbeast That is the terror of this perilous quest Though difficult it be we shant not con ... ions aligned To complete this chthonic test The hostility of a viciou
72 4.Another Hell Unearthed t When this hissing chthonic prophecy Named them stars And stole my heart With the glimpse Of love and de
73 6.Catharsis Of Sea-Sleep And Dreaming Shrines caress me with thy chthonic hands Steep my mind with the beauty of a vision-world And bury me in temples
74 5.Chthonic Gateways sentomb-Misery5.Chthonic Gateways The angelic descending onto barren realms Sent to reclaim what
75 5.I Am the Leviathan f life. Unchain the chthonic beasts
76 1.Fires That Light the Earth ice. This chthonic howl echoes across Metachthonia. Somewhere in the distance it is answered. Look to the sky look to the hills to ground you ... . Metachthonia! Metachthonia! Chthonic times are gone. Metachthonia! Metachthonia! Meta ... tachthonia! Metachthonia! Metachthonic times live on. Look not to these modern times—where diodes shine over the sun—to solve questions older than life for the ti ... cern with themselves. II: The Chthonic Call Lost in urban sprawl.
77 2.Dead of Winter 'Hail Metachthonic! You there! Chthonic human in this post-natural world. You stand in isolation from the verdant Gaian nation. All you! Welcome to Metachthonia! T ... like the dead of winter?''Metachthonic you are weathered not broken.
78 3.Hypochthonic Remnants 3.Hypochthonic Remnants I Subterranean Glastonbury shapings; Carnac arrangings. Hypo ... pings; Carnac arrangings. Hypochthonic remnants summon Metachthonic tenants. Songs of ages past lived and died still neolithic. Lore of ages past has waited for years to come to you. Raknehau ... hexadecimals. We are the hypochthonic; we will give you voice. To yo
79 5.In Mist We Walk shadow of chthonic millennia. Is this progress? As we sit our waking hours in worship at diode altars. Diodes only displace darkness; they nev ... on the wind. I can smell the chthonic climes as the vernal rains begin. You! who would spend waking hours with life immense in passion pulse and power. You! who ... on the wind. I can smell the chthonic climes as the vernal rains beg
80 6.She Who Names the Stars unfurled? Think Metachthonic where does it end the reach of'lecric nets? Look at present past and future
81 1.Defenders Of Bú-Tik Palace Chthonic-暫存1.Defenders Of Bú-Tik Palace Walls collapsing all around Heads hig
82 3.Funeral For a Continent lent death A frozen chthonic empire lies In crystal pressure draws cold breath Awaking slowly beneath the
83 1.Maxims are betrothed to a chthonic ring
84 3.We Are Not To Be of This World neself My chthonic mind everlasting In self preservation lies The soul of our thoughts Our meld our legacy We are not of this world We are not ... n The discovery of oneself My chthonic mind everlasting In self prese
85 1.Chthonic sing1.Chthonic To the Land of No Return Goes the Daughter of the Moon To the Land of Kurnugi Through the Seven Gates of Kur To the Dwe ... sease of the Head to her Head Chthonic Sleep of the Goddess By Oath R
86 38.Halcyon Days ve gone without now chthonic life has set its sights on making me a slave to its ways i wait for return u
87 4.Dagon's Bell l Brooding fishhead Chthonic scholar Contaminant Moontide philosopher My body bursts and swells In unknow
88 10.The Odius Gospels ill Within infected chthonic viscera an unsung song once heard Two horns made in the image of both life a
89 3.震洋(feat.唐鳳)[DnB Remix]- Live2021大港開唱 CHTHONIC-台灣閃閃爍 MEGAPORT 20213.震洋(fea ... 佐 Composer 閃靈 Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC、KITrust(王聖方)萬里積妖雲大南洋猖狂振軍威大東亞聖山
90 4.破夜斬(feat.唐鳳)- Live2021大港開唱 CHTHONIC-台灣閃閃爍 MEGAPORT 20214.破夜斬(fe ... 佐、劉允墨 Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC、KITrust(王聖方)烏雲罩月茫茫的暗暝困佇這咧無聲無說的
91 5.天誅(feat.唐鳳)- Live2021大港開唱 CHTHONIC-台灣閃閃爍 MEGAPORT 20215.天誅(fea ... 佐、劉允墨 Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC、KITrust(王聖方)童顏童子心笑面笑天命火星起湠舌風雲飛
92 6.暮沉武德殿(feat.唐鳳)- Live2021大港開唱 CHTHONIC-台灣閃閃爍 MEGAPORT 20216.暮沉武德殿( ... 佐、劉允墨 Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC、KITrust(王聖方)厝崩橋㽎眾生掣攑頭面正徛乎在霆雷爍爁
93 7.火燒島(feat.唐鳳)[DnB Remix]- Live2021大港開唱 CHTHONIC-台灣閃閃爍 MEGAPORT 20217.火燒島(fe ... 佐、劉允墨 Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC、KITrust(王聖方)孤島頂咱連心海攏揣沒岸鐵壁內咱連腦門
94 8.烏牛欄大護法(feat.唐鳳)- Live2021大港開唱 CHTHONIC-台灣閃閃爍 MEGAPORT 20218.烏牛欄大護法 ... 佐、劉允墨 Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC、KITrust(王聖方)紫雲罩天玄武緊翻身雷電閃爍朱雀肖飛啼
95 9.皇軍(feat.唐鳳)- Live2021大港開唱 CHTHONIC-台灣閃閃爍 MEGAPORT 20219.皇軍(fea ... 佐、劉允墨 Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC、KITrust(王聖方)海鷗展翅高迴遠飛直直召喚阮綴伊遠洋赤
96 1.破夜斬(2020 Rearrange) feat. Matt Heafy Lyricist CHTHONIC Composer Freddy LimJoe Henley Endless nightfall swallow the sun Void of silence cho
97 1.烏牛欄大護法 im&劉笙彙Jesse Liu Arranger 閃靈 CHTHONIC嘉賓歌手何韻詩 HOCC Hiân-á Violin/趙甦農 Su-Nung Chao紫雲罩天玄武緊翻身雷電閃爍朱雀肖飛啼血臊滿坑白虎驚吼喝孤魂過溪青龍怒
98 10.Idealist(feat. Freddy of Chthonic) ist(feat. Freddy of Chthonic) Lyricist 魏伯羽、Freddy Composer Beyond Cure我攏藏袂起來欲大聲嚷我滿滿的想法甘講你攏聽袂到聽袂到嗎?我嚷閣卡暢甘講你攏無看到x2我互你的
99 6.鴉夢 頹落侵蝕苦痛換夢綻(ChthoniC- Freddy)千年光影日頭赤焱(ChthoniC- Freddy)烏焦雙翼孤飛的運命風雲飛捲黑氣漫天( ... 命風雲飛捲黑氣漫天(ChthoniC- Freddy)千年光影獨身長夜(ChthoniC- Freddy)雪白火熏風霜透骨的罪名景緻如舊故土卻異換頹落侵 ... 烏焦雙翼孤飛的運命(ChthoniC- Freddy)千年光影獨身長夜(ChthoniC- Freddy)雪白火熏透心血的罪名綑綁( ... 熏透心血的罪名綑綁((
100 3.第二節幽游冥河 幽游冥河 Lyricist Freddy Composer Chthonic塵捲揚細風微嘯暗霧飄天蓋灰陰冥河穿深似無底幽冥界萬里死寂驚雷響幻空併裂天驟降死靈數萬落冥河波激濤起急翻騰浮靈密漫景斷戰景影暫刀影亂變翻情柔腸撕扯慟驚心驚心

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