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1 1.My Room 我的ROOM No alternative feeling別無感覺 No alternative feeling別無感覺 Your dust smell
2 1.Hold Back The River back the river Hold[Alternative line:]Hold back the river[Acoustic version's line:]Hold back Lonely water
3 4.Fallin(feat.6LACK) it's holdin' me ooh Alternate reality reality I been hoping I been praying Someone else could feel this p
4 1.Come Back To Earth el like living Some alternate reality And I was drowning but now I'm swimming Through stressful waters to
5 3.Guilty y faith Thought the alternative looked so crystal clear Drowned in the muddy waters And I'm living in my

6 1.Pure Comedy re she divines this alternative We emerged half-formed and hope that whoever greets us on the other end I
7 6.Hallelujah I Love Her So n parentheses() are alternate words depending on which gender is singing the song.] Let me tell you'bout
8 6.Ready For The Victory(Alternative Radio Version) ady For The Victory(Alternative Radio Version)(Countdown) You're in our heartsJust from round to roun
9 1.Ultimate candidate Ultimate alternate you are the opposite Stop this shit chop your esophagus Bitches be bopping
10 5.Ten Miles High ou can hang down An alternative never given very much for you Never be ten miles high We'll defy right by
11 15.Never Stop the Show y ought to look for alternate jobs Now lick a shot for those watchin' the clock Or pick a lock if that's
12 11.Hear Me(Alternate Mix) et By11.Hear Me(Alternate Mix) When I watched you walk away I knew I'd gone too far I'm on my kne
13 12.In Every Heart(Alternate Mix) r>12.In Every Heart(Alternate Mix) In every heart there's a name Under the perfume and all the blame
14 14.Just As Strange(Alternate Mix) >14.Just As Strange(Alternate Mix) I can't leave that urge alone When I lay it down it says'Come on!'
15 5.Good Times s are restricted to alternate Fridays And you know what they say it's my way or the highway' Well Doug sa
16 7.Two Kings they didn't have an alternative So Elvis armed the switch and MJ followed the launching protocol The cabi
17 6.Images Single Version e well worn path of alternity Appearing here once more It's gone now It's gone now Twist the soul Turn Fl
18 9.By the Mark(Alternate Mix) eg9.By the Mark(Alternate Mix) By The Mark When I cross over I will shout and sing I will know my
19 14.Lonely Soul The Law(Prelude) but I ain't have no alternative I told him to think smart he told me get it how I live Point taken lord W
20 11.Escape from Hell falls no alternative I close my eyes I see the stars. Darkness surrounds me darkness surrounds me I think I glimpse a flash in the tunnel fal ... in my hands My body falls no alternative I close my eyes I see the stars. Darkness surrounds me darkness surrounds me I think I glimpse a flash in the tunnel fal ... in my hands My body falls no alternative I close my eyes I see the s

21 4.Mud se3 Homeboy and Aes alternating] Swap a ace out for a joker Rise with the rebels feisty feral My poker fa
22 5.The Aha Show(Alternate Theme) m5.The Aha Show(Alternate Theme) Is you ready or is you not? Is you cold or is you hot? Is you fa
23 5.The Grand Turmoil soul Showing me the alternative way making me whole Was it the act of despair or revelation I'll never kn
24 3.Don't Let Go(Alternative Version) )3.Don't Let Go(Alternative Version) I need your inspiration in I feel you're everything now I fe
25 2.Bright Enough to See You- Alternative Remix Enough to See You- Alternative Remix It's lonely up here on the moon The last place to look for you
26 1.Horns gle)1.Horns[Alternative-rock music] Hey! In her heart there's a hole there's a black mark on her
27 9.Electricity- Alternate Version d9.Electricity- Alternate Version I was looking up to heaven it was right under my nose. I had tr
28 10.Native American- Alternate Version 10.Native American- Alternate Version Whoah- ho your red heart rages. Cut down burned out and put in
29 13.Generation Z re Cause there's no alternative Kings and queens ruled the land There's more and more lines drawn in the
30 10.Cruel Ways here's an alternate meaning behind the words you spoke I can hear that now Well I know he wants you back but I don't wanna let you go Can you ... to your cruel ways There's an alternate meaning behind the words you
31 1.Angel's Son Sevendust-Alternative History1.Angel's Son Life is changing I can't go on without you R
32 15.And They Watched Him I'm independent I'm alternative I'm an artist Righ
33 1.The Silver String urchell)] Alternate the day(and let go) Scream the last charade and let it be(and safeguard) The fragment that anchors it all(into the wall) S ... Anthony Green(Beau Burchell)] Alternate the day(and let go) Scream the last charade and let it be(and safeguard) The fragment that anchors it all(into the wall) S ... Anthony Green(Beau Burchell)] Alternate the day(and let go) Scream th
34 6.Alternate Universe ough6.Alternate Universe I'll create an alternate universe inside my mind Where all the dreams I have come to life Here lovers never lie Fools are free and dreamers fly Oh ... y Oh let's get lost inside My alternate universe Waiting here just for us My ... e Waiting here just for us My alternate universe Come step into my world My world I'll create an ... world My world I'll create an alternate universe inside my mind Where all the stars I wish on are al
35 1.So Close(Alternative Version) By Seven-Alternative Versions, Remixes, Covers and B-Sides1.So Close( ... ers and B-Sides1.So Close(Alternative Version) Last night I t
36 3.European Me(Alternative Version) By Seven-Alternative Versions, Remixes, Covers and B-Sides3.European Me( ... and B-Sides3.European Me(Alternative Version) It's good to b
37 4.Oh! Dear(Alternative Version) By Seven-Alternative Versions, Remixes, Covers and B-Sides4.Oh! Dear( ... ers and B-Sides4.Oh! Dear(Alternative Version) You are the sw
38 6.EatJunk BecomeJunk(Two Lone Swordsma Six By Seven-Alternative Versions, Remixes, Covers and B-Sides6.EatJunk BecomeJunk(Two Lone Sw
39 7.A Beautiful Shape(Alternative Version) By Seven-Alternative Versions, Remixes, Covers and B-Sides7.A Beautiful Shape( ... -Sides7.A Beautiful Shape(Alternative Version) I'm gloomy as
40 2.Am Waldrand nd des Trauerns Die alternden Brüder der Freiheit am Tresen Des Zweifelns mit Nektar im Glas des Bedauern
41 4.Desihra Mogontiacum Schattenseiten'[Die alternden Kinder des Zweifelns] Das Leben schlug gern uns die Fänge ins Fleisch Denn
42 6.Tear Down Your Walls d res divinas evola Alternam formam corporis adsume Tear down your wall
43 14.Unconditional Love(Alternate Version) .Unconditional Love(Alternate Version)[Chorus] We could change the whole story of love Same old play
44 5.Rabies dd an organism from alternative environs A dozen pair of cartoon eyes in a thicket To see a neophyte get
45 9.Don't Touch That Dial feat. Ras Kass& O.C Recruiting from an alternate time another dimension I brought down the Earth with my scientific inventio

46 4.Don't You Ever Leave My Side re chorus(alternate version)'We've seen the world from a different phase felt heartbreak at far too young of an age and I don't think that I c ... if you'd let me return Chorus(alternate version) I would never ever l
47 11.Dab2 the Face w down trapped in a alternate dimension got me jumping over fences like a nigga on the run Gone off a dab
48 6.Null 別再嘗試對我說教了 Alternate it with something null試著用空無取代 ... 別再嘗試對我說教了 Alternate it with something null試著用空無取代
49 2.Without You(Alternate Version) ve2.Without You(Alternate Version) Composer Ariel Rechtshaid TobiasJessoJr Why can't you just love me? S
50 2.Un Giorno DI Sole ro a fasi alterne non si ama ciò che fuggi io per esempio odio quello che mi hai detto oggi Perché perché perché perché hai scelto un giorno d ... e sì da riparareÈ vero a fasi alterne non si ama ciò che fuggi io per
51 13.Ruba L'amore ei l'umore a giorni alterni dimmi se vuoi anelli o satelliti Cambia la vita cambi tu ruba l'amore dai mie
52 1.Then Came The Morning yin'[Chorus][Chorus(alternate)] Then came the morning It was lost when you left when you took what I felt
53 1.Echoes To Come t ignorant So naive Alternative things we have in abundance Sustainable actions to be taken So what you s
54 3.Funky Magus l salesman prosumer alternate reality. And it was using my life and my people and my love to convince the
55 9.Into Dead Soil d soil The roots of alternation grow Piece by piece day by day The one with the darkness i becom
56 5.Abduction ansmission from and alternate earth. A message received from the depths of space. With instructions to el
57 1.Black Mass asure we bury; pain alternates with pleasure in beautiful waves and you've been watching me— you say I em
58 12.Gravity ust come back down. Alternating the reality you heart is blinded by the that lies you told. You want a li
59 4.Ask.Me I fall beneath your alternate ending you were as I'd like to be prayed upon. I already told you to take y
60 15.Bow and Arrow(Alternate Version) br>15.Bow and Arrow(Alternate Version) you're a bow and arrow a broken guitar while the rainwater was
61 3.Losing Haringey rabble Dutch houses alternative with square60s offices and the white pavements angulated with cracks and
62 11.Alternative: Forgiveness tors-In Dream11.Alternative: Forgiveness Alone to face a hostile place A moment's peace ain't com
63 12.Alternative: No Harm tors-In Dream12.Alternative: No Harm I boil easier than you crush my bones into glue I'm a go-get
64 14.Alternative: Our Love tors-In Dream14.Alternative: Our Love All eyes on you now The cigarette burning the taste of ash
65 15.Alternative: Life Is a Fear tors-In Dream15.Alternative: Life Is a Fear Wait around here long enough you'll see Another junct
66 5.Fernsehshow feat. Morlockk Dilemma R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D.& Absztrakkt rlockk schlägt dich alternativ in die Klapsmühle Oder auf acht Litern Schnapsüber Dachgiebel Deine Hoe gi
67 6.Deadlock them behind[Chorus][Alternate Chorus] It's all that you're seeing It's all that you're feelingJust look w
68 20.I Don't Want to Be Nice(Alternative Take) n't Want to Be Nice(Alternative Take) Here he comes now... The fast fingers the expert eyes And the s
69 11.Kingdom Come ection I suggest an alternative rout
70 2.Lost in My Own Little World nd It's safe in the alternate reality So stick your standards where the sun doesn't shine They're for the
71 5.100% Shang Tsung from an alternate dimension Giving the soul back to the rap but I'm still killing abusing The
72 11.Ultimate candidate Ultimate alternate you are the opposite Stop this shit chop your esophagus Bitches be bopping
73 12.Hypotheticals(Alternative Mix) br>12.Hypotheticals(Alternative Mix) Been told a thousand times We're making plans While all the gods
74 1.Monday Feat. Mac Miller ed up Wifing is the alternate to nutting off in all the sluts They love whoever they around but probably
75 16.Couple Bands yeah[x2][Alternate Hook] A couple bandz on my left and my right I'm just riding through the city all night I don't even know if I'm living th ... h Gotta get it yeah yeah baby[Alternate Hook] A couple bandz on my le
76 8.I Saw My Twin belonging withough alternative The waitress jumped over the table and begged'Can I take your picture?' W
77 12.Mr. Montana… Thank You orldwide sterilized Alternative media radio stations got fired All these little rappers still got dreams
78 3.Elan(Alternative Version) wish-Elan3.Elan(Alternative Version) Leave the Sleep and let the springtime talk In tongues from
79 19.You're a Woman(Alternative Mix) r>19.You're a Woman(Alternative Mix) Tonight Be no darkness tonight Hold tight Let your love light sh
80 14.Alternica tes14.Alternica I made it I made it outJust in time to hear the engines stop I made it I made it back Long enough to sail across your ... ind you Now I'm whole This is Alternica Desert and the plains And the ocean waves Oh brave ... And the ocean waves Oh brave Alternica Remember what you know And you're not alone All hail ... And you're not alone All hail Alternica What you learn is gone And we
81 18.Alternative -8318.Alternative Something's happened what's gone wrong Going down the dole got to sign on Millions of kids with nowt to do You bette ... r watch out they're after you Alternative I don't wanna join the army Alternative I know it's a waste of time Alternative No alternative is what they say Alternative The choice is mine Politicians what do they care They're all money grabbers they're after their share They don't even ca ... ere Do you really want to
82 16.Runaway(alternate mix) Years16.Runaway(alternate mix) Cooke-Shannon1. As I walk along I wonder a-what went wrong With ou
83 10.Turn This Around memberin' ALTERNATE: Used to think we could do anything Now I sit here just remembering Sometimes we thought we knew everything Now I sit here ... ou can't get through the pain ALTERNATE: If you really noticed how mu
84 1.She's Kinda Hot(Alternative Version) r>1.She's Kinda Hot(Alternative Version)[Chorus All] They say we're losers but we're all alright with
85 10.Dreamer this transformation alternation. And I am singing this message to you all. Message to you all non believe
86 10.Alternate Endings Mega Ran-Rndm10.Alternate Endings feat. Open Mike Eagle Lyricist Matt Hammerton Michael Eagle& RaheemJar
87 4.Head And Shoulders Leftfield-Alternative Light Source4.Head And Shoulders Head and shoulders dandruff warr
88 15.Classic Male Pregame hots and we chasing alternate DJs And that we pray cause[Hook1: Lil Dicky] And we all get drunk And we ge
89 6.On The Importance Of Disappointment agination inventing alternate scenarios before they happen upcoming events play out in detail in my head
90 1.Regular World 1.Regular World[Alternative indie music] A regular guy regular size Regular drink regular fries A reg
91 5.Fuel To The Fire Terravita-Alternate Reality Part 15.Fuel To The Fire Started at a low no catalyst No we
92 9.The Key And The Gate(Alternative Version) he Key And The Gate(Alternative Version) From darkness we came To let our souls transcend The bounds
93 22.Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand(Alternative Version) With the Shaky Hand(Alternative Version) I danced with Linda I danced withJean I danced with Cindy Th
94 36.The Remembering High The Memory(LP Version) e rainbow Alternate tune In the days of summers so long We danced as evenings sang their song We wander out the days so long And I do feel ver ... eeing ground Whispers of clay Alternate ways Softer messages bringing light to a truth long forgotten on As we shall speak to differ also the ends meet the river' ... y move time Rainbows Sunlight Alternate tune Alternate tune Rainbows Soft light Alternate view Sunlight Tell me Someone Alternate view Alternat
95 68.City Of Love(LP Version) this good treatment Alternative line by line So the street guys so observant Take him for a ride Have a g
96 10.Black Dahlia ze that shit is the alternative outcome Never wanted you to save me I just wish I count some I just wish
97 25.When You Were Young Alternative Version When You Were Young Alternative Version Look at the fool you have been They drained the pool while yo
98 6.Don't Let Them In bout that couple In alternate ribbon of time My dances were sacred My lisp was evidence I spoke for both
99 9.Moral Compass -box No recourse no alternative No regrets and no accidents Shaking head to toe No recourse and no try ag
100 5.Punishment By Design poisons in the sky Alternative belief Paranoia in denial What are you waiting for now We all confide unt

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